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Dont try to change us
dont rearrange us
this is who i am
i was born to be me

people who do
try to change you
never seem to see
my D.N.A. is on view

so in this building
made up of clay
fashioned by the potter
moulding me his way

he has the design
do not interfere
i am only me
best to leave be

dont try to change us
nor rearrange us
leave us the way
dont mess our D.N.A
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2010

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Comments (10)

another wonderful piece of work from you serpico,,,yes,we dont have to change and nobody can change how we are molded by the creature,unless we do so to ourselves and be fake,,,well done againcheers teddybear
it's such a shame that A. people feel compelled to change those around them and B. some people spend a lifetime trying to change who they are themselves. kinda makes me want to chop off my little toe and speed up evolution, though. lol! sorry serpico, couldn't help it, the potter made me this way, you see. a thoughtful write, on many levels. cheers!
hi jeddah..yes it happens..people trying to change you say..we need to be ourselves and not be fake..thanks for your input..wave
hi gashly..yes its as you say.on both levels..being who we are is the normal and right true to yourself the line goes..dont touch the toe again for your input..and views..wave
Enjoyed reading this may I please add yours to my collection of poems and stories.
My unique..very well said and interesting idea..bouquet wine
Yes....we are all different, else life would be a bore....
As usual, a topic outside the square.....good one Serpico...
Makes one think...Niah
hi rollatide ..ys you can..thanks for your comments on the poem.wave
thanks keesy..yes your dna.and others too are all long as people dont try to make us they would want us to be..thanks for your comments..wave
hi niah..yes if we were all the would be..good job its not ..thanks for your comments.wave
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