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when freddie stepped off the pavement
he did nt use his loaf
avoided the latter in bravado he
got flattend by a bakery truck
but he still survived
and cursing his luck
kicked over the ladder
and broke his toe
and he did not see
the man on the ladder come down
davy broke his fall just great
still he survived
and cursing his luck
tripped over the ladder he kicked
it went through a window
and he followed too
into the bakery black and blue
still he survived
cursing his luck
he missed the custard pies
that on the pavement lay
heading down to the ground again
cursing his luck..
was what they heard him say.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010

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Poor Freddie seems bound for the ground...LOL. At least he has some custard pies for company... doh
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