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RE: Kamala Harris: Anchor Baby

Interestingly enough, since her parents don't seem to have obtained legal citizenship; did harris?

So many anchor babies could have went through the process to obtain it. Many have while others just expect it to be handed to them.

The left and demonrat party will do just that if it means they gain power and control. Although it will ultimately come back to haunt them. Hopefully, in most extreme and prejudiced way. Just like what they've put many of their constituents through.

RE: Kamala Harris: Anchor Baby

even obozo was said to have at least one U.S. citizen parent.

Immigration laws exist. If her parents aren't legalized U.S. citizens, then harris falls under the same laws as the 11+ million others.


RE: Kamala Harris: Anchor Baby

There isn't any indication mentioned that her parents became legal citizens. Both are from out of country by their birth rights.

If congress fully defined the laws properly, she wouldn't be illegible, unless her parents became legalized citizens.

Other wise, an anchor baby is being helped to usurp authority it shouldn't have.

RE: Look At This

Character assassination and immorality rules. Nothing else matters to those that say they care or pretend to know.

Common sense and reasoning went over the cuckoo's nest starting in 2012. Actually, it was going long before that. That's just the year the roots sprouted, held, and continue to grow.

RE: Will There Be A Presidential Election?

There is a law that Trump can enact in the event of catastrophe(which the demonrats helped create) that would legally allow him to postpone. So far he won't as the polls seem they will be open. He still may not even if they aren't. Mail in voting isn't panning out to well in many states. Lots of fraud is already evident and even uncountable ballots. Just what the demonrats want. A crooked party always needs a crooked election. they claim to want every one to vote yet more votes have already been lost due to mail in. That's a good way to truly suppress voters.

Since the house people are out by Jan. 3rd and many demonrats are fighting to keep their seats with many challengers, pelosi most likely won't be there. Even California seems to want to make changes to their failing "leadership?".

Tribe is telling one side of the legal prospects.

RE: Australia

I can't say much about Australia as I haven't touched ground with too many other countries and their politics(tactics) lately.

I do know sars-cov-2 isn't the end of humanity. Apparently it's just the end of sanity with people and the loss of life extremely light compared to the cry of wolf made. We don't know how many are actually from the political pandemic or falsified numbers to cash in on the virus itself in America.

Nothing about the masks proves it won't allow the spread. No studies or statistics. Nothing like riots and more across the nation to enforce the lies and double standards of wearing them.

No one should have to wear a mask unless they choose too. If riots and such can't be controlled, what the hell makes people think government mandates will control a natural pathogen of any type? It never has in the past and it's not controlling any thing now.

RE: Will There Be A Presidential Election?

Poor spungy. They have nothing connecting Trump to the russians. They never did and that's why many of the obozo regime are under fire now.

They carried out un-related prosecutions on unverified information. They continued to push the lie and still came up with the lack of evidence they started with.

Demonrats gave us a $3 TRILLION dollar bill for a poltical pandemic. they have done nothing but try impeaching and spend what we don't have. Trump was damned if he signed or not.

Did the demonrats help the failing health care capacity that has been falling for over a decade now? No!!! they blame every one else for their failures to address real issues.

economics don't work very well with out jobs. Trump brought many jobs back and more. The very type of jobs the demonrat party signed away decades ago and obozo tried saying he would have if he could have. obozo kept telling people that was going to be the norm. Trump's wand works and the demonrats don't like it when the nation and citizens can actually move up to get ahead. They've spent too long trying to tear it down. Nothing more obvious than obozo's imaginary son from 2012 when they started the riots, race baiting, and cop hating. Destroying history doesn't change a thing. It just helps the ignorance grow.

Trump has actually been trying to end our wars in the middle east. demonrat control spurred it on even harder and even made deals with known enemies. Even equipped them.

Trump has actually been working on securing our borders. We're also still a leading country in cutting emissions and more even as we've gained energy independence. Trade deals and tax reform to help create and keep jobs. Those reforms actually help smaller businesses. Competition creates lower costs and better wages. NOT B.S. LEGISLATION and criminal legislators such as the demonrat party has shown to be.

Spungy is among the pawn level for the demonrat party and doesn't even realize it. Read the fat in those demonrat bills before talking about what the republicans are rightfully denying.

The government doesn't have any money. They get from us, THE TAX PAYERS, and they can't even manage that right. No spending is done with out congressional approval and a bill presented. We're being spent into oblivion by demonrats and nothing worse so far than what obozo did almost doubling the national deficit and the demonrats trying to break the economy and more now.

RE: Will There Be A Presidential Election?

I'm not going to cast a vote on this poll.

The demonrat party is certainly trying to do something unconstitutional and wrong again with out doubt. If they succeed, it will change every thing in their direction and control.

I'm actually thinking more along the lines that at some point in the future, the U.S. might be coming to another revolution. Some say civil war. That's not true. Those on the side of the demonrat communism and left, are their pawns, knights, and rooks, to protect the kings and queens of the "party".

We'll have an "election". I'm just not certain how trust worthy the results will be if it isn't primarily at the polls where they should always be. Voter I.D. and registration required....

RE: Just wear the blasted mask!

There is nothing to indicate masks help stop the spread of the virus.

There are at least a few countries exemplifying and even questioning why countries are pushing them. They're also noting that no studies exist to support the masks.

RE: Hurry and Watch!!!Finally, the Secret Behind Forced Vaccination Exposed!!!! Get This Out!!!

seemed simple enough to me. fauci stayed at bat for demonrat damages and control along with those judges that should be done away with.

fauci was the double speaker in circles. Churches and other gatherings cause the spread of the virus but the rat wouldn't admit that protests and riots fall into that category.

Demonrat control has always exerted the highest levels of damage to the U.S. but their minions are too warped to note or care.

RE: trump says arrests are coming,lol.

It's certainly being worked on. How ever, we know if the people working on the investigations will have any more integrity than the demonrats themselves.

The people they prosecuted on false information, the very charges that had nothing to do with the campaign or russia, should be exonerated like it never happened. Those investigations had no basis to begin with. They dragged out every thing they could with nothing to go on but fabrications and continued to push them.

Here's yet another article where the author thinks the lies and investigations into the Trump campaign were "justified". When the dossier itself was questionable and so many people biased about the election in the first place, the only justifiable thing would be for the many pushing the lies and using them to investigate any one or any thing, to end up in prison.

RE: tyranny

It's not a matter of being an M.D.

It's more of a matter that the WH does have the right to information. The CDC is a branch of the federal government. Most of that information will most likely come from the cdc.

Who knows? Maybe some of those 20 other countries or so talking about starting the school year up might want to contribute some information as well.

RE: The Demands of BLM- Do you agree?

Another proposal along with the other: send the liberals too; since they're the only answer and people capable of making decisions for the part of the black community that refuse to make their own choices to work and improve their lives.

RE: The Demands of BLM- Do you agree?

It's not all of the black community by a long shot. A large part of the community knows it's a matter of work, education, and making better choices for themselves towards the long run.

I have a better idea for the ones that do want these unjust demands. One last tax payer funded trip to Africa where almost none of them have ever been in over a century and more. We can send most of the criminals posing as the demonrat party with them.

NO!! They won't be allowed to come back.

RE: Washington DC Has Fallen

I read earlier where the National Guard was disarmed against Trump's orders. I read that it was done by the pentagon. Still a wrong move either way.

Trump is in Maine at the moment. Or enroute. I hope I have the location correct but he's currently out of D.C.

Trump has full military authority and any attempts at the white house are a threat to national security at the least. That over rides any demonrat from any where with authority they abuse.

Quite frankly, I think many of these demonrats are hoping Trump will be killed or maybe helping to open a door for some one that might try it.

Headlines include saying Trump wants to turn D.C. into a battle ground etc. That's what needs to happen. These rioters and what ever groups they are, need to be stopped full force and permanently.

They're trying to martyr a criminal, again, and wrongfully being allowed to abuse a situation. It's costing more lives and damages than they're worth.

RE: how do we defeat racism worldwide?

You will never beat racism as long as political parties keep using it. They are the most racist of all. They use it as tool.

The better reasoning is through education and opportunity. Racism isn't as rampant as people think it is. It's kept alive and taught. Worse, some continue to buy into it and use it as a crutch as much as certain political parties use it as a tool.

You will never stamp out the occasional person. You will never stamp out the occasional small groups.

The people that know better, are the people that have used education and/or opportunity to make their lives better. They take control and change their environments. That is the only true equality that will ever be.

RE: Second Wave

I'm not so certain as much of the country would tolerate the demonrat damages like it was allowed this time. If there is a 2nd wave, it will again be, more last ditch efforts by demonrats, to again, become the wrecking balls they are. They don't care about people and the country. They only care about control and power. They and their supporters, hate Trump with pure passion. Things were never better before Trump, but now that can't be allowed.

Just watch the snakes spin their forked tongues then pay attention to the many swimming in the oils. One day, though it may not be them, their children and/or grandchildren will drown in it, as they pretend to know or care about so much now.


I think there are many in places they shouldn't be. fauci is one of many.

It's true they've taken this political pandemic way too far. That is exactly what it has turned into; a political pandemic.

RE: US Civil War 2 ?

If the state governments did their jobs, the riots wouldn't be out of control. Why are there riots in the first place and why aren't they being controlled in what ever manner is necessary? If punishments fit the crimes there wouldn't be so much incarceration and other issues.

A video showing cops murdering a black man isn't an excuse. The black communities kill more of each other every year on their own. Why do certain political parties keep racism and the idea of segregation alive? The cops involved will hopefully get the death penalty.

The "rioters" can't be allowed a free pass every time they want to "jungle out" in stupidity and illegalities. It costs much more including more lives. There's no justice of any type with such actions. Out of state or not, I doubt the groups are all from else where unless organized by another "institution". That would mean another group needs to be "checked" and put in it's place.

Trump should be touting the security of the White House. It could be the one place where things will be kept under control. That same force and security could be used at the state levels to protect WHOLE communities and districts but it has not. Of course it won't be secret service but the states have the resources and power at their disposal.

RE: Minneapolis

The police involved should get the death penalty. The rioters should be brought back under control by what ever means necessary.

Nothing gives any one the right to do what they're doing now. It's like the obozo years all over again. Funny that it's once again, at a time when politics has shut down the economy again. The only difference is that no one stirred them to be stupid this time. They're doing it on their own. That shouldn't ever be allowed of any group and there was a time when it wasn't.

RE: benefits from smoking...?

I would never say there is a benefit to smoking.

There are developed habits that some may or may not want to quit.

The habit(s) can make one think or maybe reason that they have gained certain benefit(s).

for example: maybe I'm wrenching on a vehicle or section of plumbing that isn't quite going as it should. It may not be a bad time to step back and re-examine or look at some different tools for the job while I smoke a cigarette.

Maybe the 16 year old is being extremely argumentative about what time the internet should be on or off in the home. Good time to step away out side to smoke before I pull the power plug when I come back in. What's an extra 10 minutes or so? Gives them time to say their "goodnights" to every one.


RE: ER Doctors Reveal Disturbing COVID Truths Media Won’t Tell You

It's not just these Er doctors. Birx said on national television that they were liberally reporting covid as the cause of death.

When you don't have the death count as infection rates prove to be as much as 50-80 times higher than imagined; you gotta keep the panic up some how. In the beginning, reasonable. Now? not even remotely reasonable.

Especially when it's comparable to recent years and still hasn't reached the same point. A new sars hits the scene and politicians keep trying to make the world stay on it's knees when so many were finally getting off of them.

You'll find some videos and information around the other sides of the virus but they won't make the news like the death scene they want continually portraited.


I've stated elsewhere that odds were on the 100% side nothing would happen.

In order to try giving things a reasonable doubt, Barr's choice of wording DOES leave open, a possibility he will act if evidence comes to light that can't be refuted.


There are some things with Trump in that I'm not liking either.

The "watch list" methods for starters. I know what it's supposed to be for and how it should be used. I'm also aware of how it's already been abused in the past and don't see any thing to stop it in the future.


Almost all headlines are "most likely wont", "doesn't expect", "won't use criminal justice department as a political tool", etc.

Some say Barr disputes Trump, blah, blah, blah.

If people are actually charged and put on trial as they should be, it could still openly lead to obozo. What then? We know what should happen but we also know with almost 100% accuracy that he won't be pursued as he should be.

They needed Flynn and others in the spot light. They didn't expect Trump to win, let alone their corruption to be caught. They really thought they'd be safe under killary, the first one to openly be covered for.

As long as we can keep Trump in, he'll keep changing officials and department heads until he gets people that will follow up on what they should be doing.

RE: Is Covid 19 the new HIV?

Kawasaki disease has been around and successfully treated for a very long time. They still don't know what causes it after all these years. Roughly 20,000 cases a year in the U.S. Much more rare than pneumonia. Sometimes there are deaths from it. Another illness largely unnoticed because it doesn't get reported on like many others that have come along and stayed.

At this point, the speculation is that the new virus is going to be seasonal like the flu.

What's creepy is how they try linking every thing they can to it with out actual merit or studies to back it. Even worse when they do it with illnesses and other side effects that have already been around a while or might most likely happen to people any way.

It seems more like a case of where they try playing on what most of us might not know or pay attention too.

Sars-cov-2 is real enough. How they're reporting and using it doesn't seem to be of the most sincere.

RE: Medical treatments and vaccinations

I forgot to mention another potentially important factor.

The CDC also seems to be pretty straight forward on what is in a vaccination.

Naturally, ingredients for a vaccination depend on what it's designed to fight against.

RE: Medical treatments and vaccinations

I'm only slightly over the fence line. Maybe childhood vaccinations are possibly okay. How ever, they didn't stop those illnesses. I remember going through the vaccinations and still having every childhood illness along with many other school mates.

If a child catches them at the reasonable ages, they're going to be treated and okay even with out vaccinations. Parents choice to no won't hurt unless those children catch some of those illnesses much later in life. That's where some of them might be at risk. I think most have had them by that time. About the middle of last year, a co-worker was out of work for while, with measles. He said he had his vaccinations as a kid but never had the illness.

If they can't guess the right strain or virus the vaccination is meant for in a region, they're useless. NO vaccine is a 100% guarantee. Other factors play in as to how effective a vaccine is as well, right down to age and storage. The CDC does explain a lot of this. It depends on how much a person wants to know and read about.

I'm more that vaccinations shouldn't be forced on any one. It's not about a parent(s) or adult saying no.

It should be kept available if people want it.

RE: Write Your Own Law Or Mandate

No member of congress, in the upper or lower chambers, can exceed six years of service in their life time.

RE: Seriously, do you know of anyone that got Covid 19?

The virus is real. All of them are.

As they've learned more about it, maybe really will have a vaccine by the end of the year, it just doesn't seem much different. They've already discovered a larger number of the population may have or already had it with no medical treatments sought. Combined with how liberally they label cause of death with it in the U.S., it just doesn't have the credibility it started out with. It does lend credit to their earlier mention of a high survivability rate.

It's a meaner strain than we've encountered but still not the killer they created a panic about. It's good possibility it went through my area earlier this year. We haven't been able to confirm it yet.

With out social media platforms like so many of the people I work with, I can't say yay or nay. A guy work with did have a sticker that said he survived the corona virus shortly before the shut down. I can't say that most of the workforce I work with aren't "jokers" of sorts either. He was absent from work for a while before that.

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