RE: What are the biggest dating profile No-No's?

I think one big no-no is exactly what I'm guilty of in another site. No bribes or sales pitch. Just the primary schedule and views. They don't need to know the other side unless they're potentially serious and actually want to know.

I've seen some similar with women but they're often too far away to inquire.

RE: How Donald Trump is singlehandedly destroying the economies of the world

China is in rough shape right now. The currency value is down. It's going to force them to the negotiating table.

I could care less about poor Ford's plight. They didn't mind all the workers they put out during obozo when it was cheaper from every where else including importing more of their vehicle related products.

Good for them to be the worthless two-faced whiners they are.

Any workers laid off right now; according to the jobs reports, there are plenty looking for workers since it seems there may be a shortage of such people. Again, good for ford to keep whining and cutting their own throats.

I drive mostly ford vehicles. Since toyota has moved up considerably as a U.S.manufacturer as well, I won't mind changing preferences when I need another vehicle next.

RE: Kavanaugh, hurray. Justice is served

This midterm election is very important for the country. For my state, I'm hoping John James will win. There are others but John James will be an important for state and country if his values are true. I just pray that his judgement and wisdom will almost always make the right decisions should he win.

Although your statement has truth to it; we must remember what our judicial branch of government is for.

It's not supposed to be political. They are supposed to uphold the Constitution according to the powers granted and the laws built on it.

Every election when judges are running; it's not their politics I look at. It's their Constitutionality and record for upholding the laws.

Kavanaugh was a good choice and the U.S. needs him there. I hope the nominees, being held up by demoncraps, for other seats will be approved soon.yay

RE: Kavanaugh

obozo has never been investigated, hillary's crap was watered down and swept under a rug, and that still doesn't account for other acts, lies, and destruction.

Trump wasn't around for the beginning through to the riots, spying, lies,taxes, regulations, weaponizing federal agencies. He was only present when they let the DNC and hillary skate for rigged elections, security risks, and negligence.

They couldn't yell Russian hacking and collusion with Seth still walking around.

It ALL needs to be investigated but we need a new FBI agency. One purged of the obozo left overs.

RE: Kavanaugh

Clinton was guilty. comey watered down the report. obozo was in charge and his A.G., loretta lynch needed hillary to win to keep her spot. It's still available to read and only a true criminal would dismiss it as innocent, especially when many others not rich from the tax payers or chosen, have been charged for less.

It's interesting to always be called nazis for wanting true criminals prosecuted while those criminals walk free and waste tax dollars on false, unprovable, accusations. unlike the obozo regime, in every investigation involving Kavanaugh, there has been nothing. No one can say that about hillary as as she was allowed to walk time and again. With obozo's abuse of power and more, here's to hoping Kavanaugh gets to charge them properly and send them to Gitmo, to enjoy their socialist utopia at tax payer expense.

RE: Kavanaugh

Now we have a leader.

No court of law would touch them because they had control. The leaders we have now aren't stopping any rule of law or investigations the that the party of criminals keep using for diversionary tactics.

That party of criminals are the same ones trying to make people guilty then prove their innocence. Trump was guilty but being prove innocent. Kavanaugh was made guilty but proven innocent.

Hillary and obozo were guilty but allowed to walk. Awan, and many others. Poor Seth was murdered( I still think he was the inside leak to wikileaks and thus the reason why he had to die).

With the leadership now, many are being investigated not being talked about much. There are transcripts from these people being questioned. We just might see obozo, hillary, and cronies taken down yet.grin

RE: Kavanaugh

Because they were guilty. They were in charge with power. No one was there for the country or people. Yet they are still allowed to be humored with their diversionary tactics by the party in control now. As you can see, no collusion, no proof of wrong doing by a nominated judge, yet they still get to use the law accordingly.

Our legal system did nothing when they should have and now it's being abused by the same people with nothing but accusations to hide their own criminality. It is coming out though. I'm interested in those transcripts yet to be released from the very people that helped obozo and cronies skate.

RE: Kavanaugh

On the contrary, the U.S. legal system is supposed to presume innocence UNTIL/UNLESS PROVEN guilty.

They tried to make Kavanaugh guilty with no evidence. We should just take every one at their word and destroy other people's lives with no evidence or truth.

No, I don't think blasey was accurate in her accusation. The "friends" she implicated, couldn't even help her with her story. I don't think Kavanaugh was guilty of any thing. Seven FBI investigations now and he is clean.

It's good to see he has a back bone. It wasn't just about him. The Dems didn't care about his family or even blasey for that matter.

I hope the hear good news on the radio tomorrow by the time I get out of work. Kavanaugh sitting on the SCOTUS.

RE: What is your trump card?

Very commendable.

Perseverance covers many aspects in one.

Sometimes it really is just being stubborn. Luckily, it can't always be readily discernible, as to which it is. grin

RE: What is your trump card?

Patience. I don't have to have it or every thing now.

Taking my time with long term planning, work, and at least some preparation for unexpected changes that could moot much.

RE: Need practical advice - how to get rid of a rat?

I didn't read through 6 pages of every thing. Just the first one.

If it hasn't been mentioned already, use a live trap. You don't want the rat to have more breeding time. You also don't want ti kill any of the local critters you like.

A live trap will help you catch only what you want to be gone and allow you to set any thing else, free, in good health.

RE: Kavanaugh

I wish I could answer that question. I'm certain it can be found through politics and their "antics" to gain more power for control.

RE: Kavanaugh

He was given a clean bill of health the other 6 times before too. I still think the whole "blasey" thing might have been the plan if Romney would have won in 2012. Kavanaugh was on his list as a SCOTUS pick too.

Apparently, some one remembered the plan AND the stooge to start it with.grin

RE: Brilliant three minute speech by Le Pen

I had actually forgotten about Le Pen. It didn't seem like she was going to win her election quite a long while back and IO never followed up again.

I see she is still hitting some home runs with straight forward addresses. Good for her and the people paying attention.grin

RE: Communist Party USA

I love how many complain about U.S. and political threads. They must not be too bad since many still look and post about how much they don't want to see it. Hypocritical much any one? If people don't care or want to be involved about something, they won't look and even less likely to post. That is common sense action that signifies some truth of a person's character.

Brexit does affect more than one country and so do U.S. policies, other wise, no one has any one else to blame for all of the things they say are goofed from said target. Apparently blame has a way of showing hypocrites and worse as well.

If it suits a purpose use it. If it doesn't, gripe about it even more. If it's false with little to no evidence but suits a purpose, use it and stretch it. If it's true with lots of evidence but goes against your personal narrative or view, ignore it, and continue to gripe and stretch.

The democrats are strong with many.

A globe of over 7.5 billion people. Each country with their own populations. One policy one many things, won't fit all, but each should practice policies that will help their majority which allows a little more time, and possibly resources, to better help the ones they can't.

Trump has done this as we get back to the country and citizens. I'm not sorry to say that socialists/communists, are going to have to take a back seat for while longer. I guess that means obozo failed every one all the way around on all sides; especially his own.

RE: Global Warming! Climate Change! And the Sun! What do you think?

Climate change has been taking place since the dawn of the planet. No way for us to know of the full cyclic pattern of the Earth for certain. For all we know, all solar systems and life sustaining planets actually have a short life span compared to what we might think. To think that none of this system can never end is true stupidity. Solar flares, meteors, natural disasters, even man made destruction created from and for war purposes; only one isn't natural as man tries to control all. Trying to claim understanding, knowledge, then attempt to control nature is a huge mistake

Controlling waste should be a concern. Careful conservation measures for wild life and natural resources should be a concern.

To stop development on/or using what we know and have is wrong. But some of the very things mentioned are the exact tools many will use to do just that.

RE: Bash Me Thread!

I've not used any of those words towards another member. I can be harsh but still never think ill of or against any of the people here.

If I use a "metaphor", I'll stick with the most common here and there.

When it comes to politicians and such, I know I've stated much worse than anything I have referred them as here in the forums.

I agree with Herbal. When you give permission, you take the fun right out of the secret gossip, whispers, chats, emails, and even part of the threads.

Damn you for killing every one's self righteous quips.grin

RE: Was Adolph Hitler too far gone on drugs to believe Germany could kick the USA’s rear?

I think he was trying to uphold the treaty with Japan. The treaty, in part, was that they would support Japan if the U.S. attacked them. Not the other way around.

Hitler wasn't under any obligation to declare war on the U.S. when Japan started their attacks that dragged us into it. We were even held back from helping our allies due to legislation that prevented us from getting involved.

Many countries and regions can be thankful that hitler did make that fatal mistake. I never understood what reasoning made him ally with Japan but betray Russia while wanting global dominance. He had a well above average chance of succeeding if he hadn't, continually, made such horribly bad decisions. Not only did he create defections with in his own cabinet and departments, he also spread too thin to be effective until their defeat.

RE: Is Jesus Christ God, Prophet or Michael the Archangel & where in the Bible is Trinity mentioned ?

Interestingly enough, most of those same lessons, teachings, and guidelines were brought forward again in the New Testament with the recognition of the changes made for atonement, grace, and mercy.

Still, they seem to go largely disregarded at times.

RE: Is Jesus Christ God, Prophet or Michael the Archangel & where in the Bible is Trinity mentioned ?

There is a lot of good information and confirmation ion parts.

There is another important factor.

To simplify part of the question; you find the holy trinity mentioned in Matthew chapter 28. It is in instruction concerning baptism.

The arch angel Micheal is a different part. Recognized as Jesus in the early part of Revelation.

Sorry. I know a lot of what's in the Bible even though I can't pin point directly. Rather than pinpoint, I've always looked at the lessons along with how they can and should be applied in every day life.

Lessons that Jesus exemplified yet many seem to have forgotten when they try to be like him. Or worse, unaware of how completely he upheld every thing God outlined through out the Old testament with all of those lessons, examples, and teachings.

RE: Cleaning Up After POTUS Obama

When he says the dems will destroy what's been accomplished so far and more, he's telling the absolute truth.

I watched cbs and some of the wall street journal for a large part of the day. I still can't believe how twisted so many are when it comes to reporting and commentaries.

In spite of all of the positive progress, there was almost nothing positive mentioned. Praises for obozo from some of that, all negative, rhetoric.

RE: Cleaning Up After POTUS Obama

I watched some of obozos garbage this 7th day of September 2018.

It is sick and sad that the whole party still seems to be based on fear mongering and racism. That's all I could stand to hear knowing that obozo , his cronies, and his regime, are the reason why the debt is so high, the nation is so divided, and terrorism has been so hard to get back under control. He did absolutely nothing for this country. Neither did Bush but at least he didn't openly try to destroy it with a free pass to do so.

Trump had some coverage too. Except Trump's coverage had positive results for the nation and citizens. The only thing to do with race was that every nationality in the U.S. is doing better with the economy growing instead of being taxed, fined, regulated, mandated, and sold out. Still room for improvement in some areas openly admitted. Trade deals will be settled and made.

While obozo is still race baiting trying to make people believe every thing is so bad, the actual truth and results stand out above all if people would actually read and care about issues.

It's not just the U.S. doing better. At varying degrees, so is the globe.

RE: How America was almost destroyed ..............see and listen

That's what we wanted. We wanted some one that would actually help the country and citizens and not kiss butt all over the globe at our expense.

We wanted some one with experience in "negotiations". We wanted some one that would and could actually fire people. We wanted some one that wouldn't lay down and rollover to have their belly rubbed by the rest of the globe at our expense.

Actually, there is a larger portion of people through the years that say he is actually nice. We're glad he's not so nice when it comes to getting things done.

It might get annoying but with twitter, we have pretty darn transparent government now.

Even as the economy is predicted to be sustainable for at least 8-10 years, things are settling better around the globe, and promises are still being kept or worked on, I don't have to worry. I don't have any of that chat crap and read more than I listen to the news(there's a lot more all around, than the news will tell). I get to listen to every one else cry and hate every thing Trump instead.

RE: Democrats are in jubilation: Impeachment is close at hand for Trump

The people did act like an ant colony, against invading colonies, by removing the rock blocking the way called "democrats", "socialists", "liberals", and some other names.

Trump is getting the job done according to what the other pebbles allow, and as soon as more people quit playing the brainwashed, following sheep act, and actually look at the real issues being dealt with; there would be less bickering.

obozo and cronies started this mess at a triple time speed. Ol' Bush didn't do any thing for the country either. Trump is actually cleaning up the messes they left all over and the weak minded can't stand it because they refuse to see it.

Keep right on feeding that division that started from obozo's imaginary son that escalated to riots and cop killing, while the average American and the country floundered from a lack of economy. Terrorism got a huge boost and while many sit there talking about what and how much they hate Trump; no one before him in the last 25 plus years has actually done any thing to raise the country up instead of tearing down.

I say keep feeding the animals. The U.S. can't afford any more democrat or career politician control. The more fodder people keep entertaining while the results show the truth, the less likely many will be to put more of those demonrats into office.

I'm voting for John James in my district as one of those very movements against career politicians and demonrats with nothing but destruction and debt. Let's hope he has a similar understanding with Trump when it comes to the country and citizens.

RE: Democrats are in jubilation: Impeachment is close at hand for Trump

I'm still wondering why the obozo administration and it's DoJ aren't under investigation for using falsified information to illegally obtain legal use of the laws. Mccain was one of the first to have his grubby hands on it. He was never country first. He was what ever obozo and the rest wanted.

So apparently hillary's security breach(es) were going to China and may have caused about a dozen deaths of U.S. agents.

obozo's wire tapping and spying aren't legal when used against citizens, let alone, a presidential campaign. Apparently, a security clearance revocation, was to help hide the plot against Trump.

As all of this comes out, mueller himself had some trouble with his Mar-a-Lago membership and a few other conflicts of interest so how did he become the criminalrat party fixer?

Yes, ALL of the investigations are going the wrong way and against the wrong people, with the wrong people doing every thing but following where the investigations actually lead. A certain party of criminals, deserves a military firing squad as their last visual memory. They started hot and heavy in 2009, with the obozo regime.

RE: Democrats are in jubilation: Impeachment is close at hand for Trump

There's more. Always more.

Apparently there's evidence of comey's cover up for hillary surfacing.

Dershowitz is stating the truth when he says the biggest crime some one can commit, is being associated with Trump. He goes even deeper of how business people may forego running for office to avoid a "legal colonoscopy". The government will go after them and stretch as far as they can. It's certainly true as well.

Democrats will still have some offices but it's not going to be the "blue wave" they speak of so far. People are sick of their corruption and rhetoric.

Thank god they're killing their own base with their corruption and stupidity. No one wants to go back to the obozo economy and marxist, terrorist supporting, dictatorship.

Maybe America is staying awake this time, better than last time.

RE: Sen John McCain Passed away, a true Republican.

Right. In case you ahven't noticed, Trump is the only one in about 25+ years that has ACTUAL:LY elevated the country.

Why do you think even CNN's report of democrats that voted for Trump would still vote for Trump again?

Stop the trash swallowing and actually pay attention to some actual issues that matter.

One thing that matters most at the moment, even though there are at least three more to move into it's place for the same damages, at least the nation is one person safer with mccain gone permanently from government.

I tried to keep quiet but some times the sick, twisted minds claiming to rise above, are actually, too low to keep silent for long.

RE: Christians flee Germany

There have been reports through the last several years at least, of Christians being persecuted by the influx of migrants and "refugees". I think the muslim converts may experience some of the worst of it from their own.

Through reading here and there, it seems most had to keep their conversions secret in their home lands and thought they were free with the migrations. Many more would convert on the journey to their destinations. Still more might convert once reaching or settling in their destination. The influx of refugees seems to have killed a lot of that prospect and dream for many. I'm not so sure the rate of conversion is all that high over all. It's been readily notable.

I haven't been able to find too much updated information. I think the last I read was pertaining to Sweden back in March of this year, 2018. As far as the fleeing part, can't say. Persecution continued from migrating over, has certainly been happening for quite a while.

RE: Why are a lot of my threads in the CS forums deletedso often?

Maybe it's Ukraine. They're still reeling from all of that help and support obozo gave 'em. dunno

RE: This thread is for Trump lovers only

None of this happened over night but over time. obozo got a way with working in time lapse speed. Now that things are starting to get back to the citizens and nation while willing to also work with the globe; many can't stand it.

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