RE: Every politician MUST be investigated

In May it was acknowledged in the open that the hush money payments went through a law firm. It was also made known that cohen's employers, Trump Organization, paid and reimbursed him like the employee he was.

Cohen made the corporate donations himself? Or what corporation made illegal contributions that weren't reported? Corporations pour millions of dollars into candidates. Trump has no limit if and when funding himself. Nor is he required to stop running his businesses right up until he has won the presidency. We'll see how it goes but the house would likely be wasting more tax payer dollars on a losing battle.

There was no fraud taking place. The people knew exactly what they didn't want in 2016. Then either went back to stupid or lots of fraud taking place for the mid terms. I believe there should be a full audit of the election processes and registered voters for every state.

Don't worry Ms. Lindsy; I don't think we're done with hillary and obozo just yet either. Time will tell for certain. Comey's fighting his questioning pretty hard for a reason. We need to go back to see how many of obozos campaign members went to Iran, Russia, and more.

RE: Only Honest Answer

Neutral. That's what I actually think of them.

I don't know them. The environment isn't exactly the type to know any one.

They might mean it, they might not. Environment taken into consideration, let it all go with a grain of salt.grin

RE: Are race and gender pandering corrupting the universities and culture in the USA?

It's actually worse. They are starting this type of societal self destructiveness in grade school.

They use politics, sources like cnn, and worse to help push it.

RE: Distance relationships

I don't want any thing too long distance. Time and resources can become a major factor in it self. Something with in an hour or 2 away might be worth an effort. That hasn't happened so far to be tested.

There are research statistics and more as a base line. The problem is that we never know for certain which person or circumstance will beat the odds for a fully positive outcome. I don't think we can fully rationalize or afford risking all for every reasonable opportunity that might arise.

RE: Marrying for money

She did have her own money before Trump. An interview with Trump aired on television, revealed this. She didn't need him for money.

She originally didn't want any thing to do with him. Over time and what ever other factors, things changed.

I don't think it matters. All of Trump's marriages generally involve a prenuptial agreement. He'll only lose so much if money was her driving purpose in the long run.

The other side of the coin is that she does hold to better, and stronger values than what much of disposable America has become.

Either way, it's not my life for all of the years to come. What ever her reasons are won't affect me directly or indirectly. Like my neighbors and their personal lives, as long as no one is being killed, it's none of my business.

RE: Anyone have a favorite club they frequent?

Some where in the neighborhood of roughly 24,000 give or take. The farthest drive for me to most areas of the county are maybe 15 minutes. Roughly 20 minutes to surrounding counties.

The only things I miss about the city are the 24 hour restaurants, coffee/donut shops, matinees, etc.

RE: Anyone have a favorite club they frequent?

No more clubs. Mainly because they don't exist in my area unless you want to drive about and hour or more away.

The many bars in the area do have some sort of a dance floor in most. I like shooting pool so the pool tables are a nice place to hang out. It's an extremely rare occasion to ever catch me out on a dance floor any more(unless it's between the pool tables and the bar).


RE: Do Your Mail Settings Match Your Profile?

My mail settings are a little different. I opened the age range in order to not fully limit open conversation.

Why should email through the site be restricted to only potential partners? Occasionally, another person may want to go into a discussion off the forums and blogs. I have left room for that option. That option has been used at times and makes me glad that I did, no matter what may transpire.

However, I've noticed that my match settings may not seem to matter much for the profile settings. I've had supposed matches as young as 23 pop up in meet me. I attribute this to their potential settings not fully set for their profiles. Still, the site seems to disregard my profile preferences some times as they shouldn't be showing for me.

I take it all with a grain of salt and select no when too young or maybe too old. I make sure to set the age range when I look at matches as they don't seem to save automatically. I've often wondered if that is a part of the issue.

For the most part, I've chosen not to complicate it much.


RE: firefox google n facebook team up to freeze u out online/block n block ur free speech.

I left facebook a long time ago.

If it's like what I've seen happen to other pages I used to like and recieved email from(I don't get them any more because facebook blocked/banned them); they would have banned me too at some point.

No matter. I've read about a couple of other up comming sites. I might check them out some time. I never had a myspace account which is just as well since I've heard their security is worse than facebook. Skype was unreliable with my choices of operating systems and so dumped. Icq is outdated. Yahoo turned to crap. Msn was scrapped in early 2000. Never had twitter, whats app, and many more that seem to be available.

Like many "systems" and outlets, if enough people leave for better alternatives; facebook might eventually fall apart similar to myspace.

RE: Governor Jerry Brown agrees with Donald Trump about the California fires

It's going to be good all the way around for land owners and the environment.

The question that will not be able to be answered since the damages are already done?

If california had allowed these actions sooner, would there have been so much loss to date?

The environmentalists they helped feed and create are going to flip right out.

RE: What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to be a kid again, with no responsibilities.grin

RE: Brexit is a running farce under the tories & May is an Arse so Get her OUT NOW or leave her IN

Sounds like you know and remember things the way they might have worked best Mike.

I just can't get too involved with the foreign politics much. More than enough with my own region(s).

I hope your representatives work for you and your fellow citizens better than a larger portion of the representatives in the U.S. have worked for the people and country over the last 20+ years.

RE: BREAKING: Voter Fraud

Only the Senate can approve certain actions by the President: making treaties, appointing ambassadors and Supreme Court judges. ... Only the House of Representatives can impeach a government official, and only the Senate can convict them.

RE: BREAKING: Voter Fraud

Actually there are links to every thing important.

Must be your mind that can only comprehend sourced information as bs.

Article 1, section 3, clause 6 of the Constitution:

The Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments. When sitting for that Purpose, they shall be on Oath or Affirmation. When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside: And no Person shall be convicted without the Concurrence of two thirds of the Members present.

Clause Six grants to the Senate the sole power to try impeachments and spells out the basic procedures for impeachment trials.

I'll paste this too:

The constitution's framers vested the Senate with this power for several reasons. First, they believed Senators would be better educated, more virtuous, and more high-minded than Members of the House of Representatives and thus uniquely able to decide responsibly the most difficult of political questions. Second, they believed that the Senate, being a numerous body, would be well suited to handle the procedural demands of an impeachment trial, in which it, unlike judges and the judiciary system, would "never be tied down by such strict rules, either in the delineation of the offense by the prosecutor, or in the construction of it by judges, as in the common cases serve to limit the discretion of courts in favor of personal security." (Alexander Hamilton, The Federalist No. 65).

RE: BREAKING: Voter Fraud

Actually, you're the one crying.

I didn't say it was going on in those countries. I have said that there are circumstances that should be investigated.

I have talked about voter fraud in general.

I have talked about situations and issues with the allotted ways of voting that aren't reliable.

I have brought up ways that fraud is in action no matter what. Sanctuary cites and more.

The only one full of shit; is you, trying to put words in my finger tips.

The one crying and whining is actually you.

RE: BREAKING: Voter Fraud

Actually, I think I read that only 18 states allow recall. That could be updated.

Here's a basic guide to start with.

RE: BREAKING: Voter Fraud

There was voter fraud in Michigan too. Precincts with more votes than voters and more in 2016.

It was supposed to go under audit but I lost track of that a long time ago. Over 700 at least. 37% of detroit precincts.

There can't be prosecutions or discoveries of voter fraud if it doesn't exist.

The senate has more power than the house. Look it up. Andrew Johnson and bill clinton couldn't have been acquitted in any from if it weren't true.

RE: BREAKING: Voter Fraud

By the way, with out an absolute full audit and verification, there isn't any way any one can say no voter fraud.

RE: BREAKING: Voter Fraud

Of course they and we are. The reason for Trump is because people were sick of the riots, race baiting, cop killing, economical killers, taxation/regulation/mandation kings, corruption, and cover up. That's still not all of it.

They're still getting away with it. Luckily, the house is under the senate so we still have a chance to keep the rabid dogs down.

As the dems turn into circus clown extraordinaires; I do hope states remember we have recall rights. They will try abusing their positions for political power instead of the nation like they always do.

RE: BREAKING: Voter Fraud

Dems are crooks. always have been and always will be. Crying hacking in 2016, always extra ballots coming up suddenly, then tell people the computers are safe and no fraud takes place.

Funny crap. It only never happens if they win. When they lose, it what ever they say. And redistricting is now gerrymandering.


There's a lot more than digital election that isn't reliable.

I've been wondering since the 2012 election how extra ballots suddenly appear and never republican. People can call it what they want but elections are already more rigged. Some reports even indicate as many as 200,000 non-citizens may have voted just in Florida alone, in 2012.

There's a lot that can go wrong with electronics. Think about it. If it's so secure then how come the dems lose on 2016 and scream hacking? You think that most of the flipping going on with electronic computers is by accident and calibration? Why does it mostly seem to lean demoncraps? Why is it always them fighting to hardest when any one stands up to their wrongs?

Just as I read through blogs and threads; the amount of brain washing and one sided hate has never ceased to amaze me. No matter how much truth or evidence is lacking; those lackies just plain hate Trump but have no reason other than parroting the media and any snippets they've gained.

The senate is more powerful than the house. Subpoena power in the house means nothing if the senate decides other. However, the senate could subpoena house members and have investigations followed up with if Trump would allow those affidavits and statements released from Nune's special counsel.

RE: New Acting Attorney General to Oversee Mueller Probe

Let T be abrasive.

It's not enjoyable but places like this shouldn't have the hold on people that many have allowed.

Trump did know Whitaker. He was very public and vocal with what was right. Even Mr. Gowdy has shot down the idea that the mueller circus should be allowed to go unchecked with no boundaries. With no proof or proven "collusion", it should have been shut down a long time ago. Hillary and many more had lots of evidence against them and walked with in months.

Demoncraps are that crooked that they will reach as far as they can to destroy something they can't control. Yet want to, and help cover up anything that supports them keeping and being in control. That's why they like liberals and illegal immigrants so much. More votes to hold power at tax payer expense. Too bad so many can't understand what they allowed and helped with during the obozo years, which is carried over even to now, is just a taste of the damages they want to inflict and build on.

Trump doesn't know Whitaker because he hasn't had to work with him directly or spent any time at length. We often forget that Trump DOESN'T speak "liberalinese" so people like T can twist at will because blatant common sense, reasoning, and language is beyond his grasp. Much like acosta and many other reporters keep trying to do.

RE: Background importance in relationships...

That's a wide range of doors that can be opened or shut.

There are some things that could be majorly important. Especially with/concerning legalities.

Medical and mental background could also be important. If certain conditions need upkeep, maintaining that support matters.

Was there a lot of promiscuity?

There's a plethora of things in a person's back ground.

There are many things that would actually help to know vs. being hidden like some, may be inclined to do. With the right person, I know I can over look a lot short of a few select abuses if they should show back up in my face. Not every one can and I don't blame them.

Overlooked, rejected, and avoided? Yes I have been. Most never actually take the time to know for certain. They mostly assume they know.

RE: BREAKING: Voter Fraud

There are studies that point out how voting fraud can happen, has happened, and can continue.

Enough to fully influence elections, districts, and number of representatives.

RE: BREAKING: Voter Fraud

Yes, I do believe there is more voter fraud than some parties and areas will ever admit too.

That's why I voted against automatic registration when a person gets their driver's license.

Too many chances and odds that people with a driver's license will be allowed to vote even if they shouldn't be. There are already reports of this happening.

There wouldn't be prosecutions for voter fraud if it didn't exist. The question of how big the scale is that it happens, needs a definitive answer and not a brush off to be swept under a rug.

RE: BREAKING: Voter Fraud

There will be recounts in florida. I think some are already under way.

Broward needs new officials. Scott and ALL other politicians should be more than concerned in any election at the way things are handled in some areas.

No matter if they turn out how a person wants or not, they can't be trusted.

Arizona's mass mail in ballot system is also something that should be questioned. No way to fully verify in the long run. It's not the same as an absentee that can't be there for some reason. Odds are high that the mail ins haven't physically been there in a long while to be verified.

Trump and others are right to call foul. With a percentage issue, understandable for recounts and verification. Whole precincts with repeated problems need to be fully looked at and investigated.

Loosing a few seats will still keep the proper majority in the senate.

RE: BREAKING: Voter Fraud

Of course, the more that comes out, the worse things are going to be when it comes to weighing in the results of florida's "election process" in some areas.

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