RE: This thread is for Trump lovers only

None of this happened over night but over time. obozo got a way with working in time lapse speed. Now that things are starting to get back to the citizens and nation while willing to also work with the globe; many can't stand it.

RE: This thread is for Trump lovers only

Since there are speeches even back in the 50's of how we would be internally changed Ralphy, it's not Trump or Putin. It's weak minded people like you, that when the nation starts to head back more on track your going to feed the propaganda machines with disinformation and support as much as you can along the way.

If the government upheld the laws, stood on the values and principles we lived by with truth instead of who has the deepest pockets, we wouldn't be such a mess right now.

It was obozo that got away with literally weaponizing federal agencies against citizens openly, while congress and the people did nothing.

Even now with muellers b.s., why are people that have been allowed to walk and work for decades, suddenly being prosecuted for things so long after the facts, if none of it has been an inside job, against a direction more in favor of the country?

The government, especially the obozo regime, never counted on the people putting an outsider in.

Let alone, an outsider in favor of the nation and citizens.

RE: This thread is for Trump lovers only

Interesting that it goes to immigration from some.

I don't feel bad about upholding the laws. No responsible parent would put their children in that predicament.

There needs to be as much verification on who's who to match any claims. The nation(s) the children are deported back to can become the problem of their own government and it would seem to me that the parents would be deemed unfit to be such under those circumstances.

When a citizen breaks the laws, no one screams outrage when any of their children are taken and then become property of the state. No double standards need to be upheld. If it's so harsh to poke needles to determine DNA or immunize them, then the U.S. needs to stop forcing citizens to have their children immunized for the 10-15 years we're forced to do it just to keep them in school. Paternity tests should be stopped too when a person is in doubt. Throw out all laws, common sense, and reasoning to push more lies and false "atrocities".

Some even tough on "economics".

No matter what, the economy will have it's ups and downs. With actual economic freedoms, the downs won't be so harsh. The doors are wide open for people to venture out and take up the slack with their own businesses and such if they choose. It's easier than ever. Dependency on trade makes for a weak, vulnerable country.

I can state that with the fact we have new supplies coming from other countries and they aren't even close to reliable. We actually have more problems and production losses from having to deal with the imported, sub par garbage. Cheap isn't so cheap when the true factors are added in. I've seen it a lot over the last couple of decades and have even watched a few smaller companies go down because the losses became too great to work through.

RE: This thread is for Trump lovers only

I think I'd like to see the list of the reasons people hate Trump. He's one of extreme few trying to uphold promises.

Not the bs of lies and such. Too many brainwashed, weak minded people are wrapped up more in smut than actual important issues. You'd have to contend with the lies of obozo and killary, bill clinton, bush, etc. Unlike hillary, obozo, and clan, Trump has dealt with his legal issues straight forward and settled. Trump still has a 98% success rate over all through out his business career. No government cover ups since Trump only seems to keep mostly military secrets and such which is serving every one well with every battle victory and more.

What are the list of reasons? Racism is false. Certainly no legislation of segregation or special job selections. He has a large number of female employees. True growth and job creation is up. Economy is way up. Upholding laws is greatly improved over obozo, even when they were created during the clinton to the obozo years. Every one is still crying a river over the upholding part. He isn't promoting division like the people in sports that started with in the last 2-3 years of the marxist obozo. The athletes themselves are solely responsible for upholding and supporting obozo's racism, fascism, and more.

We can't claim double standards as Trump himself has admittedly been using and doing things according to the laws. We should be happy he's trying to close the loop holes and more.

RE: This thread is for Trump lovers only

I don't love him. I do like the direction things are going economically, and even the foreign policies are much better. Many things to iron out but it's happening in better directions.

The wall is being built. So far it's being replaced in many areas and only about 33 miles of new, additional security. It all comes down to congress and how many demonrats with rinos we can keep out. By rinos, I mean demonrats in disguise. I like how the definition relates it to conservatives. If there were more actual conservatives, there wouldn't be so much uncontrolled spending and debt.

He's still far from perfect, but right now he's the best thing this country has had in decades. He's also still bringing many regions to the bargaining table and maybe, even making some realize they haven't been representing their own citizens well enough.

RE: 5 most important characteristics of the one you're looking for

My list isn't that big.

Not and alcoholic or drug addict are about it.

Any thing and every thing else is based on compatibility, communication, and time spent to know how deep or far things should go.

RE: "Saint" Hildebees, yeah.well to some people she is.......................

Interesting. Trump is even trying to uphold promises obozo made and didn't keep. Fighting terrorism instead of spreading it, along with creating jobs, and helping the economy, just to name a few of them.

The thread was more intended to be about hillary, of which many did post some information.

It's still stuck on Trump.confused

I think I'd like to see hillary and ALL of her cohorts enjoy their socialist utopia in Gitmo. No need to close it. If law and justice ever actually prevail, we're going to need the storage space and then some.

RE: State within a state in Australia

That highlighted part of the quote you used, was actually an add on from another quote.

Quoting went wrong so it looked like part of my comment.

RE: State within a state in Australia

It's happening all over Europe and other counties, people's heads aew in the sand.I'm aware of some things. I compare statistics and such when I'm thinking on certain matters. Sometime I check into some of the bigger changes taking place to see how they're moving along.

You're right about peoples' heads being in the sand. I think some areas are starting to dig out to look around. There does seem to be larger populations around the globe taking stronger stances in better directions for their regions.

I hope the Aussies are among those taking stronger stances.

RE: Obadman lovers? ..."There are none so blind as those who refuse to see"

I think there are some sort of cover ups during most administrations in one form or another.

obozo misadministrations don't actually qualify as cover ups. Eight years of all out corruption, destruction, and debt.

Hillary lost $6 billion dollars. An auditor says they found it and it was there. With all that has come to light, I'm not so sure they weren't cooking the books to cover that up either.

Such is the way of government. It's only when the country is doing well with a chance for better, that we can tell it's primarily in our favor. All others need to be in front of a military firing squad with their cohorts in order to stop wasting our tax dollars on them. Parasites all.

RE: Man Bag ... ?

Other than some things I can throw in a suit case or ruck sack for a short trip, I've never given thought to a "bag".

I like to travel "lite". I prefer to utilize pockets rather than bulkier items that require extra handling and space.

RE: If you won the lottery what would you spend the money on?


No matter how many times I've tried giving it any thought, other than immediate obvious things which aren't much over all, I'm not entirely sure.

I don't have much debt to worry about. I'm still going to keep my job. dunno

RE: State within a state in Australia

If the middle east is any indication, Australia's situation may not stay or be so nice in the long run. If a state with in a state is the case, I hope Australia says no.

Since I won't delve too deep into other country's politics and such; I'll have to keep a closer eye from other posters on how this one goes; if it gets off the ground to actually take flight.

RE: "Saint" Hildebees, yeah.well to some people she is.......................

As pointed out earlier; I love how so many condemn Trump with so much actual information and results to the opposite.

I can commend how many will try to defend obozo and killary.

It's just so sad the information and results leave nothing to defend and even more worthless to try.

RE: "Saint" Hildebees, yeah.well to some people she is.......................

You're trying to use wikileaks. You're trying to say obozo "underestimated" when it's well known he deliberately went against his own generals.

It started in 2010 when he was talking about "withdrawal" and escalated unilaterally through 2012 as the information and damages started pouring out.

RE: "Saint" Hildebees, yeah.well to some people she is.......................

One other point you missed Riz. No one knew for certain who was receiving the arms. Again, that goes back to hillary and her baby, "Libya". Yes, they are the reason that arms fell into the wrong hands. It has nothing to do with wikileaks or the election.

They are the reason they were pretty well trained in the long run. They are PART of the reason for the initial funding. They are a huge part of the reason for the global rise in the terrorism index for four years straight. They are the largest part of the reason for migrations that have affected the EU and other areas so harshly to date.

RE: "Saint" Hildebees, yeah.well to some people she is.......................

The war was already over. All we had to do was keep the door stopped for Iraq to continue rebuilding. Even when Iraq was requesting assistance obozo dragged his feat as he began equipping al-qiada in Syria. Another place we had no business in. How ever, he couldn't even remotely justify helping Iran with out injecting us into it.

Should we get into obozo's terrorists for deserters program? He freed as many as he could with any reason or excuse people would buy. 30% or more went back to what they were doing in the first place.

RE: "Saint" Hildebees, yeah.well to some people she is.......................

I think you'd better go back and read who claimed to end the Iraq war. You'd should also realize that even with Bush's "deadline", it's actually a window for negotiations, NOT a guaranteed "withdrawal". Further more, you should go back to LEON PENETTA. He was there the whole time. Even when Iraq said yes to continuation of U.S. forces, obozo put his own spin of which was spread with media. Even from 2012, you can look up the articles where obozo admitted they were funneling arms. You should stay out of u.s. politics riz. You truly don't follow remotely, accurate enough.

It was also the U.S. training and funding with out enough "discrimination" that we were fighting against much of our own tactics the 3rd time back in Iraq. We can thank obozo and hillary for all of it. The information was available LONG before wikkileaks. Your excuse and escape goat is irrelevant AND spun.

RE: "Saint" Hildebees, yeah.well to some people she is.......................

I know the Trump supporters I know, and there are many, are hoping he makes a run in 2020 to do it again.

We just finished primaries in my state. Most i know are trying to wash the dems out but there are some areas where only dems are competing against each other with no other choice. Not even a libertarian or "green" party representative and that is truly horrid.

obozo is the reason for isis; hillary is one of the largest reasons they were so well armed. she did it with obozo's blessings, consent, and help. He knew he could throw her under the bus later.

The real criminal actions go covered up and untouched as obozo helped terrorists in Syria, tried to provoke Russia, and helped Iran with a "deal". He opened the door for them in Iraq while he wasted an untold amount of tax payer dollars for mercenaries at the embassy instead of combat troops and equipment.

Meanwhile as arms flowed into Libya with no one knowing for certain who was actually receiving the weapons, obozo was also supporting the brotherhood in Egypt. Luckily, Egypt was already awake as they ousted them and obozo's "choice" of leadership.

As the U.S. continued to fall under internal sanctions forced on us by our own government in the form of taxes, fines, regulations, and mandates; we were also expected to support illegal immigrants and "refugees" in droves. That wasn't enough as the marxist racist terrorist supporter helped divide the nation along with every thing else.

I can promise you that I, and every one I know, did not, and will not vote demonrat ever again. Especially when even the Latino support for Trump is up as well. It's not just the economy. It's a very large portion of the country that know when we have an actual leader, that many "blue" regions are still becoming or staying red.

Of course, in my state, unless others are able to step up, there will still be a few dems so far no matter what. Mainly because there isn't any one running against some of them to have a chance at real leadership.

RE: Theft... I’m from the government and I’m here to help.... Socialism Explained

Socialism means if you're worth more, you'll never make any more. If you want to venture out on your own, it could be much harder than it should be since you have to take care of so many. Parasites suck money. Socialism makes them think it's okay.

Economics? It's not possible for the rich to support the globe, educational system, or any other system for long. It requires people that are capable, to work. Other wise, there isn't much of a chance to advance in any direction and the economy flat lines.

Thank the government for the current system. Many areas of industry had better starting wages for a while, or even better wages after the starting wages with ethics that showed a person deserved them.

When people were fighting to keep employed, employers could pay the lower wages because people needed their jobs and the competition was fierce. Once again, wages are starting to go up as employers are struggling to keep employees if the scale is too low.

There are many areas that charge to much for too little like the cities. Why is that? We have regions that regulate your soda pop intake and plastic straw use but none of those other types of parasites are doing anything to actually help the people.

Socialism is a farce, not sustainable, and certainly not ethical.

How many are going to take their household income, split with the neighbor that isn't doing near as well, maybe make your house hold members give up some of their items so the neighbor can have them, and put your own home in jeopardy with less?

The government is trying to do that same thing to every one else but not losing a thing themselves, at tax payer expense. Even the educational system is suffering heavily from it.

RE: Be honest.... Did YOU take care of yourself?

Nope. I work like no tomorrow and have since about the age of 12 or so. I still don't need medications or suffer from aches and pains but I know that won't last forever.

Even the years of military service. It's funny how people think military personnel are "fit". The truth is, if they're active; there's a point where they're fit before the point where they're tearing themselves down. The person generally just adjusts to the odd ball hours and any thing else that pertains to duty.

With in reason, I sometimes play pretty hard too. Even that doesn't require alcohol or drugs.

RE: Has the time come to invoke the 25th Amendment of the US Constitution?

What are we going to be saved from?

Better trade deals? An actual economy? Tax reform that's working? Deregulation? Better foreign policies and relations?

Who's going to evaluate the people that think there should be an evaluation?

If they're not on medications yet; it sounds like they should be.

RE: Your job or the love of your life.

I already gave up the job once. I've always chosen them by longevity, benefits, pay scale, further opportunity. Hours vary. Not every one can have that little office, cubicle, or morning to afternoon schedule. Not every one will always have that straight 40 hour week.

I know which is more reliable when you have it. I know which will be there when working through the "unexpected". I know which will help the move up according to your efforts and more.

I would have to question the so-called "love".

RE: If you were able to

I'd stay where I'm at. Maybe a different state at best.

I have ancestry from near and far. It has no bearing on mine, my children, or at least 3 generations before me. It's nice to know. It may even be nice to visit some of the places of origin. It doesn't change where the roots were planted and have grown to the present.

RE: Austria closes 7 mosques and expels 60 Imams

Damages are done and greater in some regions than others.

Reversal will be little to none in the more damaged regions unless drastic measures are taken. The respective regions would have to actually force and enforce their laws, protect their citizens, and literally kick the parasites out.

It's one thing to practice a "belief?". It's quite another to allow that "belief" to over ride the laws of the region and rights of it's respective citizens.

On the other hand, don't dismiss some of the "elected" officials to see it as a type of tool. In what manner? Can't fully say but it is a cult cruel enough to bring any local region to submission if left unchecked and fed properly.

RE: should motorcyclists be required to wear a helmet?

It ranks with seat belts. It should be user choice.

On a long ride, I would use a helmet. Up the road and a round trip back for a coffee? No.

High traffic areas I might but I would feel my vision would be potentially more obstructed and distracted with heat, sweat, other situations.

I have a lot of open road to ride in my area. Sometimes I do and some times I don't.

Of course I won't have a new ride for the streets until next year. Adjusting to a new motorcycle, I will use a helmet always.

RE: Trump economy.....vs. that of affirmative action Obama's...

It look as though the U.S. and EU are going to work together on better trade deals and practices. That will help the economy as well. Potentially, close some shady work arounds and loop holes with trade as well making it more reciprocal.

So again, it seems to be working that a leader on behalf of the country is doing as exactly as he can, to uphold promises.

We're doing to so much better than the liar that said if we liked our doctors, we could keep our doctors. If we liked our health insurance plans, we can keep our health insurance plans. He left out that it was only until his policies, taxes, fines, regulations, and mandates took effect.

RE: Trump economy.....vs. that of affirmative action Obama's...

It's not macro economics. It's common sense. When you regulate, fine, tax, and mandate an economy into stunted to zero growth, it's called debt and government over reach. Policies affect growth especially when the country allows a marxist terrorist and "party" to get away with it.

RE: Trump economy.....vs. that of affirmative action Obama's...

Look up the real evidence.

Most of the states voted for Trump. That means most of the electorals went to Trump.

Just because shitholes like california have larger populations doesn't mean hillary had the popular vote.

The difference in a republic is that every state counts. NOT just the warped majority where even the possibility of high illegal voting took place. Has any one seen protests from the democrats yelling for proof of voter integrity?

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