RE: Does the Americans in USA need to see Mueller Report?

Nothing in the report that can't be worded how the dems and mueller want it to be.

Nothing they can impeach for because it was all a lie from the start.

Lots that need to be investigated and prosecuted but again, still not related to Trump since many abuses and other illegalities took place.

There are testimonies and evidence from the the other side much more deserving of investigation and prosecution. Too many are sick with the demonrat diversionary tactics. With all of that sickness combined with the corruption, the full circle will never be completed where it actually leads.

RE: Further proof that Trump is insane

Maybe you should look up the history of the deregulations and trade agreements under billy. Then read up on how our job markets began to leave while bush concentrated on foreign policy in stead of domestic. then you can actually read and see how obozo did nothing to lift the nation up but drug it down. Terrorism got one hell of a helping hand though. Foreign AND domestic.

Out of touch means you can't see and accept the basic facts and truths as they've slapped you and the rest of the nation, in the face over the years.grin

There's still more in the details. I didn't praise bush for any thing. In fact, quite the opposite. Your other hero, obozo, was worse is all.

RE: Further proof that Trump is insane

Ralphie is still as deluded as ever. The financial crisis was set into motion during the billy clinton years. Bush was the one that used tax payer money to bail out banks and businesses in 2008. obozo did nothing but double our debt and usurp control that no government should have.

Bush didn't reverse the gears and obozo kept driving as many nails into the coffin as he could before it couldn't be voted in any more. There was no true growth or economic upswing. Every thing was menial and government subsidized as he destabilized regions of the globe to help grow and spread terrorism in many forms.

Your head certainly isn't on right. You've been praising and upholding traitors, communists, and terrorists as long as I've been here. no telling how long before that.

The economy is finally experiencing true growth. Still, the very party of criminals you support, just doesn't want to let the nation grow and stabilize. We watch the monkeys throw their crap almost every day as nothing gets done for the nation unless Trump uses his executive authority.

How ever, the senate might finally understand that they'd better start working in the directions to support the nation and citizens. They almost act like it any way as they pretend to posture against the house majority criminals.

RE: Further proof that Trump is insane

What's insane, is that people think the tax bill known as mostly as obamacare is about health care. Nothing "affordable" doubles and triples like the national deficit unless is has "obama" attached to it.

There was nothing in the bill passed about healthcare as much as government control for more taxes and control. Hence the reason it was passed as a tax.

There was little to nothing in the bill passed that wasn't already being worked on or reasonably available at state levels. I don't want my child on my health insurance until aged 26. I expect better of them by the age of 22 as far as independence and self sufficiency. Pr-existing conditions were also things handled case by case at state levels and other systems available between doctors and patients. It destroyed many people's existing plans and healthcare.

Premiums tripled and more as well as rising deductibles which were mostly required before the bulk of the "plan" would step in for much. Wait!! That was only for people working being FORCED to pay for something, many truly couldn't afford. Government subsidies all around. Only the working people paid for the false healthcare for others that may or may not be able to work but refused.

Those that didn't get the "plan" were fined. Those fines would go up every year into more thousands of dollars.

It more than doubled the nations healthcare costs and did NOTHING to curb some of the most damaging costs. It was another lie meant for government control and theft. Coverage went down as costs went up.

The mandate is dead however and there will be more of the UNaffordable taxcare act taken away as time goes on. The government can't even run a brothel. As long as congress keeps lieing and spending what we don't have, NOTHING is affordable.

Once something is truly in place to force competition among actual healthcare providers, pharmaceutical costs addressed, and less government involvement; healthcare might have a chance to be affordable. Until then, there's a great working economy with more people in the work force, more employers offering coverage, and actual better revenues to work with for people that might really need it.

With out an actual working jobs market with the TRUE growth created by Trump; there can never be anything but more debt with zero chance to climb out. The last hoax in office for eight years, may well have succeeded in putting us over the edge of no return.

The tax payers ARE NOT and endless supply of cash. If we were, there wouldn't be a deficit and a bunch of criminals calling themselves "democrats" continually trying to take and control more of it, for buying a voter base.

RE: Relationships - Are you open-minded enough?

Open minded to what? Claiming to be so "open" basically says you may not think for yourself. You may not know how to live for yourself, let alone, with or for some one else.

There has to be some differences between individuals. There has to be some reasonable foundation for each person to stand on.

I don't claim to be so open minded.

I have a solid foundation I stand on. That means I can't be so open to a person that doesn't stand on any thing or much. That's where, " to each their own life", has true meaning.

Acquaintances, friends, and even family, have their own lives. We don't have to be heavily intertwined. Just reasonably acceptable that people are different and we may only truly mesh with a few in our life time.

That doesn't mean card night at the Euchre table, beverages by the bonfire, or a night out on the town doesn't ever happen. It just means there's great reason to know a certain levels of personal interaction isn't going to work too well for long.


All reports say no collusion, no indictments..etc.

demonrats and demonrat supporters are crying, talking about fat ladies singing, and still denying all of the senate evidence that the obozo regime were the true interferences in the election trying to sway the outcome.

However, while so many "Americans" are needing tissues, Ukraine certainly has it's running investigations of collusion starting up. That was intended to help hillary.

It doesn't surprise me that a foreign entity knows who and what, should really be investigated while criminal supporters in my own country are clueless.

They say Trump supporters are clueless and blind. Well, as long as the nation and citizens are thriving and doing better than the demonrat control ever wanted or allowed, maybe we're more on the right track than the "falsely educated". They seem to suck up every lie and coverup as long as it's for the sake of their own demonrat party. Nations and citizens with rights, opportunity, and freedom, doesn't quite fit into their preferred communism and criminal cover ups.

RE: Any upcoming concerts?

Actually, a reasonably scheduled concert headlining Breaking Bemjamin, just finished over this past weekend.

I went. I still enjoyed Skillet, much more than the headliner. Fight the Fury and Underoath weren't all bad either.grin

RE: Do you prefer to know where you stand with someone?

I'm not sure it matters. Most will cross paths with both types and more through out their life time.

You can't control them. You can control yourself and how you address it.

Walking away, or at least maintaining distance, while keeping minimal contact isn't a bad idea for the insincere.

For the direct, let's hope they can take as good as they give.

RE: America’s Second Vietnam... what are we fighting for today in Afghanistan?

Good question.

The POTUS wants us to hurry and finish up what ever so we can leave. Politicians and generals seem to want us to stay but give no real proof or evidence as to why except to avoid another Iraq like what started in 2012.

Afghanistan has many seasoned generals and veterans as well. Why do we have to stay? It would seem that they are fully capable of training and fighting by now, on their own. We don't control their economy and rebuild either.

Is there another proven threat from another country or worse, we're not being fully being made aware of, if we leave them to their own?


RE: The Equal Rights Amendment!

This was another b.s. demonrat moment that you bought into hook, line,and sinker.

Women have and exercise the same rights as men for salary negotiations when going for professional positions(No illicit puns intended or welcomed). In most work places, they work side by side with men, both making the same pay for doing the same jobs.

In other every day areas it's mostly women doing the managing.

My place of employment had a woman plant manager when I hired in. Not sure how long she was in charge before then, but she retired at 52 by my 6th year there. It must have been an awful nice salary. We still have women in charge for many set positions. If the pay was that unfair, they certainly have the opportunities now, that didn't exist much from 2008-2016, to take their experience and education some where else for better pay.

Yet another sucker, succumbs to horse manure at the demonrat beck and call.

RE: Question for men – Do you prefer a woman with or without make-up?

Doesn't matter.

They generally wear it accordingly to what they're doing.

I'd actually have to say "with out heavy make-up". Even as a kid, I wasn't too find of clowns.


RE: What will eventually win: Tecnology or Nature?

Nature it is.

Humans in large populations have certain "natures" too.

Even when we continually improve and misuse technology, possibly to our own demise, nature will still be there to recover.

RE: how do you foreigners see The Netherlands?

I've never been there.

Of course there are many places I've never been too like most.

I can look up information, statistics, even acquire some visual aids of the respective regions I question or wonder about.

Here in an international site, what I truly try to rely on, are the residents of those locations. Living in a region gives more accurate, first hand, information.

RE: National Emergency on the Southern Border

Congress can't declare emergencies, martial law, or any such act. ONLY the POTUS has that authority. Military personnel aren't allowed to be enacted over local law enforcement...etc.

Congress might be able to rescind such acts. They need more than 2/3 majority and signature from the president. Hard to do if the proper laws are enacted to declare and emergency.

Under the proper laws and codes, no honest court system would undo such a declaration with looming proof that the border is capable of being stormed, has been, and may be impending more.

The U.S. is finally trying to pull itself from these foreign wars and people are still crying like they've had too much alcohol. Iran is a staunch allie to Assad and Syria but no one complained while obozo was giving them a deal that helped them AND their other factions for the long term on every front.

We had zero business in Syria to begin with but obozo threw us into it so he could help Iran and more.

Any one want to explain what flexibility obozo had after the 2012 election cycle that Russia was able to obtain Crimea back with in a couple of years or so?

Of course not. The real puppets get a free pass so they have to lie and project onto some one else. And the people feeding from the spoon are still gullible enough to fall for it. The U.S. is doing pretty darn good for some one that must have a magic wand. Working on all of the things obozo said he would do
but didn't. Still doing all the things for the country obozo said wasn't possible or he would have done it.

While the truth flies in the face of those crying treason. If Treason is actually working in favor of the country and citizens, I'll buy a ticket for the trump train. If it's not treason, then the obozo regime, DNC, FBI, and many others have a lot of 'splaining to do. Wait, that would disturb the spoon fed sheep because actual justice might be dished out where it belongs.

RE: Liberal Teachers

I made mistake in reading the name on the quote.

Any one can take one piece of a pie and mangle it up how ever they want it to be.

That is EXACTLY what's done with fire arms all of the time. The whole story that warning signs were ignored, or certain prescriptions, and other "treatments" were gong on, doesn't matter.

I read some where about a drop in fire arm related death rates in Chicago. They don't attribute it to laws. They attribute it to expansion, technology, and better strategic placement of law enforcement.


He's taking his time because because the 200 or so other people and witnesses warrant an investigation of the DNC, obozo regime, FBI, and more.

RE: Liberal Teachers

A friend of mine had a .357 magnum unloaded on him in the mid 90's. Preventable if the local law enforcement would have done a back ground check on the shooter from the first report of a fire arm. He lived and fully functional but not entirely flesh and bone any more.

Literally just a few weeks ago, another friend was shot to death in my area. I'm still waiting for all of the details on that. He didn't live.

Don't tell tell me I don't under stand. You don't under stand because you haven't looked up the other crimes and types that have drastically risen in some of those countries. I have.

RE: Liberal Teachers

No denial. The 80+ million gun owners are still not rampaging and taking out the government or the brain washed.

Stack the statistics up properly. Then tell me about denial. Even the suicides. they're not murders committed by another. If not a fire arm, no telling what other method they might have used. Stats indicate that was well over 50% of the total death rate involving fire arms.

With at least 80 million legal fire arm owners; it doesn't equal to taking people's rights away by a long shot.

The laws work. It's been proven time and again that lots of people error. Still, the weak minded try pushing the fire arms and the system.

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