RE: Shall I write a book ?

OK - a lethal injection is less violent laugh laugh laugh

RE: Shall I write a book ?

I think Snooks answered that in another thread - There are some so called men who habitually dish out Violence to women and kids. They are utter cowards and the only punishment they would learn from could come from a man sufficiently trained to Kill but to do sufficient damage to leave their target sufficiently alive.for interrogation, and it would appear that her ex is one such, who needs that "education" wine

RE: Medicare/Medicaid scam, NEVER give out your ..Sociala Security Number

Take a look here

Standard communication for all Services, Civvy emergency services, and properly trained telephone operators.
Used in Public F- O is diplomatic language for F...k Off if they don't understand what should be learned in all schools.instead of how to use Instagrope Whatscrap f*ck and Shitter laugh laugh laugh laugh wine

RE: If you don't tell him i will!!!

Oi tongueTiny Todger scold very mad
That insult is my intellectual property and copyright SO cut out the threats and use your single Essex Brain cell or in your case 1/4 - to invent an original of your own !! .very mad!!
boxing boxing boxing

RE: Medicare/Medicaid scam, NEVER give out your ..Sociala Security Number

My reaction to ALL cold callers and especially any Sales & Marketing has always been silence to hear what they say initially. - Then I ask where they got my details from. More silence or evasive crap. - Then I use just two words very loudly - Foxtrot Oscar) only much less diplomatic.


Either that or from what I have read the brain damage could be a scam. laugh laugh laugh

RE: Grandson on the way...

Nothing creepy meant except to your head.

RE: Grandson on the way...

My daughter has been in slow labour since last night and things are coming along nicely. Her waters broke good and proper at 6pm along with 3 strong contractions. It's now 8pm and time to place your bets on time of arrival and weight./quote]

Congratulations on being arguably the most Beautiful & Glamorous Gran wink GILF on CSrolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing wink wine wine lips kiss

RE: Bitcoin

A few years ago I had a meeting with a local bank manager only in his late 30's.
After I bitched about saving accounts crap interest rates and managers on a thousand a year salary increase. My parting comment was **I'll keep mine in a f.. in tin box and my replica Baby Colt handy as safety insurance and I know it works as I made it **
as I showed him a photo and he nearly called the police for offensive language so I said "So offering crap interest rates is not offensive - get a life" and left. That NatWest branch is now closed.

RE: Age differences.

Seriously - The ladies I know some of whom are in their late 20's and others are in their 40's and early 50's, All of them say the Age gap means nothing and I've known some since they were born. wine

RE: If not ordinary..........

h*rny capable and openwink for chats laugh laugh wine

RE: Bitcoin

I agree - Since it was introduced there have been many cases where many folk who invested via supposedly authentic accountants, qualified Financial advisers, agents. Lawyers etc have ended up being conned into losing their life savings and made bankrupt. .

RE: What Pisses You Off

They are financed by Trump and intended for Dykes who want a Russian bird with big tits in a Kini:
laugh: laugh laugh

RE: What Pisses You Off

Not enough Tits (Birds) to look at laugh laugh laugh


One thing I have noticed recently is that CS is gradually being inhabited by MMG's
Many Malicious Ghosts. laugh laugh laugh laugh

RE: Sad Day

I too love cats and agree with You darling lady kiss

RE: What's you're best talent...?

My A.S.Os

RE: This isTomcatwarne

You're just jealous that he'll have 2 Large Pillows to rest his Head on rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: This isTomcatwarne

Welcome back cheers

RE: Are there any hypocrites here who is either pro-death penalty or anti-multiculturalism?

Most Americans I have met here in the UK have variously been over weight, far right Republican, Anti democratic, pig-headed Know it-alls, racist and ill-mannered towards us of all colours who were born in the UK ragerdless of us being law abiding, so how the politicians, Mainly US big Mouths can say we are their allies, on the basis of firtst nhand knowledge about WW2 and afterwards, and when I served in the RAF and was forced to work with USAF ignorant white trash in the 1950's I refuse to accept that dictatorial statement as we have never had a referendum on it. Since 1957 aged 20
I have held no respect whatever for the US flag, National Anthem or US General.
I am extremely proud of the fact that I and 4 other Aircraft tradesmen who defied one, as did all my Squadons Officers after an Incident during a joint exercise which included extreme Violence by them against Us ans we won, after the court martial we were officially banned from ever entering the USA by the anti Red Penta-Goons .

RE: Profanity – do you swear a lot in real life?

All Religious & Political Tub Thumpers, Sales & Marketing parasites.
The words No Cold canvassing on my door and the full list don't work.
Go away and No thanks have to be spelled out in the most Powerful two words in the Englsih Language as semi-literates don't even understand the polite version Foxtrot Oscar.

RE: What color banana do you like?

Hello Twenty wave
FYI Banana's are listed as an aphrodisiac - No 1 here - QED

My Joystick is still working well too so WTF....- wink wine wine hug kiss kissbanana banana

RE: Will planet earth get sucked into a black hole before you die?

JMO Its all academic bullshit to get folk stirred up.
The only hole I want to be sucked into and die in is a woman's. laugh laugh laugh laugh

RE: Why do nipples get hard?

Darling Whispy - Have you heard from Tom Sprog yet?
as I appreciate ladies with lovely fuselages and lovely assets its not kinky.
I am happy with the UK equivalent of Australain Bra size 20 (as you quoted yours ) 2 years ago and even 18 - laugh laugh kiss

RE: Why do nipples get hard?

Not in my experience. My late wife was a 40D

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: How far off are you from

Darling K Thats a lovely new pic but why have you blocked me hug kiss

RE: Why do nipples get hard?

WOW I bet that's a lovely sight wink wine One each kiss kiss

RE: Building a City on and under the sea

The sea has already been built on in the Middle ( MUDDLE) East where there is so much conflict there. - The theories I read involved building new Utopia's in the North & South Atlantic starting with the Falklands and the North Sea all of which would cause political problems with the EU and the US - NO and the Indian & Pacific oceans are a non starters too for the same reasons POLITICS & RELIGION

RE: European Mass Migration

I'm all for it if the bastards who have come here to rip our benefits system and NHS apart f*ck off back to their own CUNTries

RE: Ladies

Even worse when shit head Yank founder Zuckerberg allows members details to be sold to Spooks !!!

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