RE: Story telling? 4 words per post

and got Redex pregnant

RE: how do you foreigners see The Netherlands?

FWIW - Holland is a beautiful country & IMHO havinbg done it many years ago the Amsterdam & Keukenhof Tulip festival trip by coach from the UK is a must for all gardeners & tulip fanciers. Some tours like ours did I thing still include a trip to a working Windmill & a traditional Clog making factory where you can even have a pair specially made. . .

RE: I don't like or respect Donald Trump because....

Merely a typo We have no blanks in that bastards TV utterances here in the UK

RE: The ideal relationship?

No Darling K me iz fine wid da 1 me az Innit wink wink bouquet

RE: I don't like or respect Donald Trump because....

We don't need to meet the Trump to see that he is a two faced draft dodging fraud.
His Persona is Narcissistic & highly publicised misogyny, disgusting private life, treatment of his children & his every presence on TV since his election has been staged managed by his sycophants & bribed arse crawlers for his own ends.
He is the most contemptuous & obnoxious US President in history.

RE: Oxmoron's

Bible = Fiction

RE: Oxmoron's

Amazingly Awful
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Stay Positive always!

Good show Tom - Reading the recent bitter Female threads, the similarity of the neo Nazi "wording" in Schnook's & Schmiley's Ghost threads is plain to read -
Many civilian Nazi's managed to escape to South Africa after WW2 where Racial bitterness & ethnic struggle has always been a major part of its history and politics.
Maybe they're "Lebensborn" illegitimate SS Grand daughters of Irma Grese -
They both seem like Camp Kommendants & stir as shit up with anyone Male Or Female.

laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh cheers

RE: The ideal relationship?

Ello Gorjus - Wish U woz 'ere laugh laugh laugh laugh wine lips lips

RE: Are there any Genuine people left on this earth?

They're only brave behind the safety of a screen with insults & Pseudo psychological analysis !!

RE: Spam Emails

Easy - Use the block sender facility for each one wine

RE: Are there any Genuine people left on this earth?

Could be the reason for ghosting when / if they return - Text has some similarity laugh laugh laugh

RE: Who would you give a flower to here in CS on Valentines day?

I sent one to a lady who shall remain namelesswink

RE: Toxic & Negative People - How to get rid of them!

Could it be that she moved from Jo'berg to Capetown ? confused grin

RE: Gillette the worst a man could get

Judging by the adverse comments made by the;ladies on this thread it appears not to matter if a man prefers a Gillete Razor blade, Wilkinson Sword or any other wet shave. laugh laugh laugh laugh

RE: A Master who loves his work...

Absolutety - Well said Tom thumbs up cheers

RE: Country most featured?

Like the Bible - Theory based on statistics & here-say = insufficient actual proof for belief

RE: Handsome looks

We're not missing anything Cuz ' e's a miserable sod laugh laugh laugh

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