RE: Why do people lie

“Never tell the truth to people who are not worthy of it.”
? Mark Twain

RE: Do you have EGO???

Like Freud and Erikson, Jung regarded the psyche as made up of a number of separate but interacting systems. The three main ones were the ego, the personal unconscious, and the collective unconscious.

According to Jung, the ego represents the conscious mind as it comprises the thoughts, memories, and emotions a person is aware of. The ego is largely responsible for feelings of identity and continuity.

RE: What do you respond if your ex texts you to say he/she found someone better?

How could anyone respond to such a cold hearted basket? help

RE: Name three things that you are grateful for today

That’s puts life in perspective, great achievement!

RE: Name three things that you are grateful for today

I don’t take life for granted..
Help others achieve goals..
Value my strong intuition...

RE: Strive to be happy, you child of the universe.

The glories of our blood and state
Are shadows, not substantial things;
There is no armour against Fate;
Death lays his icy hand on kings:
Sceptre and Crown
Must tumble down,
And in the dust be equal made
With the poor crookèd scythe and spade.

Some men with swords may reap the field,
And plant fresh laurels where they kill:
But their strong nerves at last must yield;
They tame but one another still:
Early or late
They stoop to fate,
And must give up their murmuring breath
When they, pale captives, creep to death.

The garlands wither on your brow,
Then boast no more your mighty deeds!
Upon Death's purple altar now
See where the victor-victim bleeds.
Your heads must come
To the cold tomb:
Only the actions of the just
Smell sweet and blossom in their dust..

RE: Galway get together...

Will get back to

RE: Tattoos - good or bad?

I have one for a while now.
It is still the same as it was from new.
It’s a lil Rose and I love it.
No regrets! cool

RE: Tarot card reading

Yes! Its about how well the reader interprets
the cards and how well they can communicate the message.conversing

RE: Coming to terms with our most existential fear.

Think..... Colonel Harland David Sanders! Life is for living every day that you live it. If one enjoys wasting time then it is not wasted!

RE: If you were a millionaire would you live a modest life?

I think pretty much anything that you desire you can work towards achieving..
If I was a multi millionaire, I would own a beautiful quaint hotel in the country side beside water! Managing a business and employing others gives a real sense of community and sharing the wealth... I would keep reinvesting any profits into growing the business... fast cars and slow men don’t appeal to me!

RE: Be Honest, And see if you will be accepted?

A female Cross Dresser but I still prefer my frillies!! cool

RE: Coming to terms with our most existential fear.

Death is part of life. For the most part, people fear death less when they are less responsible for another human being ie a young child or a dependent adult child... otherwise it should be a time to celebrate a life that was well lived. If it was a life that brought you pain then the celebration (inner) should be even greater...

RE: Great Expectations

Every one on here is looking for something different ... love, respect, sex, ego boost ect!
An ugly man/woman on the arm of a beautiful 20 something is pure comedy!!!!

RE: Never forget, USA

Also, an estimated 1,000 victims had Irish-American links, and six were born in Ireland!
To all that died, RIP ...

RE: My ideal match !!

No joke when she says, lets run upstairs and make love,"
and you answer, "I can't do both." shock

RE: Guess What Is In The Chest....

Apart from Australian slang like

It is a Klipon!
Now, please send prize to me by registered post ASAP ....! dancing

RE: What happens when we die?

The blood that flows through your veins and the DNA of each cell are part of all the thousands of individuals DNA that made you who you are... So, for example, if there was a blip in the DNA seven generations back you could be influenced from beyond the grave....

RE: Which do you prefer: with makeup or without makeup?

Women wear makeup to feel feminine and good about themselves.
She also wants to look good for her significant other banana

RE: What happens when we die?

My belief is that my soul and spirit are my intangible image and personality! confused

RE: Have u ever told him/her?

He was adorable and I thought I was experiencing love in its most glorious form. When it can to expressing it, I just did not believe, at that time, that my love, which included my whole being, was good enough for this really special human! I could not accept that my love was good enough for him. I learned since that people have to love themselves first in order to be able to understand and accept the precious gift of another’s love and to be able to give your love in return. heart beating heart wings lips

RE: What happens when we die?

Energy doesn’t die! Our bodies go into the circle of life
but our Soul goes elsewhere! angel

RE: How many single moms are afraid to date again because they have kids?

Set you priorities and put your children first for these precious years.
Learn to love yourself by going to counseling and telling yourself how beautiful and special that you are! Use these years to build you! hug

RE: When was your last date...?

It's been a while since I dated, cleaning out my closet!!!!!!

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