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RE: Healthy Comfort Food

My mom loves fresh bell peppers. She also eats a cereal that really helped get her blood sugar down. It's called Uncle Sam's and has something like 10-14 grams dietary fiber.

Good luck. wave

RE: What you listening to - part one milliom

hello. I'd share youtube links but everytime I have tried it causes a total kerfuffle. me and technology just don't jive at times. laugh

RE: Porn Dating Sites

They must get an introductory package in the mail one day.

RE: What you listening to - part one milliom

Lisa Hannigan. . . just got her album and am listening to it all the way through. dancing

RE: Do you let dogs lick your face?

I am doing good. You seem to be peppy tonight, that's good. grin

By the look of it you are being the best baaaaaaad ewe ever. grin

RE: Do you let dogs lick your face?

not a problem here, but I brush his teeth too. grin

RE: Drug Free Addictions

Books, socks, blankets, music and movies. More books and socks then anything else though. :)

RE: pain and agony

Ignore the strange people, sending hate to someone in pain is irrational and, well, strange.

hug Licks from Bruce(the doxie dude). I hope she is able to let it go and allow you into her life. There's nothing worse then holding resentment or being the focus of such resentment. Especially when it comes from a loved one and a situation that is out of our hands. hug Take care hun.

RE: Places

The north west is only for those who like out door type activities, usually. And it can really wet or very hot/muggy. Not too many activities to attend during the summer months.


hohoo->idea We paint a nice little scene of a water fall on one wall in the kitchen. A visual reminder! professor I am brilliant. grin

RE: Man Rules!!

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing I work with a couple men who can only count to 1 also. it's so . . . . hilarious. rolling on the floor laughing

RE: pain and agony

sad flower hugs. I am sorry you are having such a hard day.

RE: Ethnicity

I don't believe there is anything wrong with stating what you prefer. It kind of follows the same line as religion some people find mixed religion/race relationships to be difficult or unappealing. Just so long as you're not rude or nasty to a person because of their race or creed, then all is well.

RE: Volcano in Iceland

Very true. When I lived in Ecuador there was always an eruption warning. We were generally on yellow, but one dya we jumped to red for some reason. Nothing happened, they were just really hugh on keeping the population updated because the darn volcano was literaly right next to Quito.

I can't possibly fully imagine what it's like to witness or live through such an event. But the thought of it possibly happening could drive us a little crazy at times.

Take care over there.

RE: Purpose/meaning to you, behind your screen name?

it is really what my old email used to start with. I have since changed it, but it's easy for me to remember.

RE: Older men and younger women

It depends on the person, but I wouldn't feel comfortable going older then 10 years and younger then 8. It would just be odd. But then again, it depends on the person.

RE: Your Picture, please

Way not. The pircture you post says a lot about your personality. I usually have on of my dog, and then there are those people who use pictures of other people. You just have to surround yourself with people who you feel are being true to theirselves. Use your head if something seems odd.

A picture can provide that insight. But maybe not.


Water is awsome. Though I go through stages where I drink far less then I should, I notice how my body reacts when I haven't had enough water in a day. And I work in a kitchen, you'd think that I'd keep hydrated on a regular basis, being that it gets so dang hot in there. But we get in a hurry to get stuff done and forget. doh need to tattoo "drink water" on the back of my hand or something. laugh

RE: Volcano in Iceland

A year before I was born Mt. St. Helens blew. I hear the story every so often, my mom making pasta at a friends on what was to be a sunny day. I think at the time her firends was pregnant (an ash baby) which was a hughe concern for all the family and friends at the time.

RE: Hi Im new

hello wave and welcome.

RE: whats that you're eating 09

Goat Chevre is sooooooo good in lasagna. oh damn, now I am hungery. rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Should the US pull out of Iraq Inmediatlly?

conversing That could be said of any leader thoughout history. The average person just wants to live a full life, but a charismatic figure can make you feel differently about that full life quickly.

RE: whats that you're eating 09

Hey Mindful!yay

I have cooked with it and prepared it for others ( as in cutting into steaks and roasts and such ). I can't get past the smell myself. I will eat it, but don't care for it.

Now goat, I like. grin Wild flavor.

RE: How Was You Day?

Mine was okay. Going to go home. Hang with the dog and then meet some friends for drink tonight. banana

RE: whats that you're eating 09

Lamb isn't so big in the us.

RE: Should the US pull out of Iraq Inmediatlly?

I was looking for their death toll, but I keep getting articles about the Bush administration and the deaths associated with that.

RE: Got Some Really Sad News Today And Need To know I'm Not Alone

hug hug

RE: Should the US pull out of Iraq Inmediatlly?

Concerning N.Korea - we had been to "war" with them, adn I believe we still have troops near by.

But other then that, yeah we know. The US attacked the middle east because of petroleum.

RE: Should the US pull out of Iraq Inmediatlly?

Very true. There is a lot of prioritising that the media does, even with stories within our own country. Many people have to be pro-active to find out what is really happening in their own states, let alone another county. It sucks really.

RE: Should the US pull out of Iraq Inmediatlly?

By dictator I was speaking generally. If we look at history. And yeah I have read the articles and stories of people saying it was a developing country. I have also read those stories of life before Sadam, they say much the same thing. This is all based upone the perspective of the people you speak to and the person who asks the questions. Ask the right questions in the right manner and you get the answers you want, or at least enough information to to support the idea you are looking to support.

Any time any head of state falls it is a bad idea. We were too damn intent on making a change, and Sadam fell into the bullseye of the target. I don't know that I believe he should have stayed in power, but I don't feel that I have enough information to make such a bold statement myself.

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