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RE: Tried a 1200 calorie diet?

There's a website called that has all kinds of advice, trackers, articles, suggestions, recipes, meal plans, forums, groups, etc to use, and it's 100% FREE! I've been a member for two years now and have lost a total of 70 pounds. Quicker is not always better.

RE: sexy accents

I have a southern accent, but I've always been a sucker the British accent. love

RE: First days of your broken heart

Can't say my heart was really ever broken. I cried the first time for about an hour, but then just said screw it and moved on. The second I celebrated. cheers The third I forgot about until I realized one day that I hadn't heard from him in over a week. dunno

RE: Warning: Macabre Thread Inside

I'd like to die peacefully in my sleep like my grandpa. Not screaming and hysterical like everyone else in his car.


RE: What A Woman Can't Do

Strike that. My cousin Judy used to play the town Santa when I was little.

RE: Say 'I LOVE YOU' in your native language


RE: running away from home....from everything

I think it depends on the problems. I tried running away many times as a child. When I finally turned 18, I left for college, cut ties, and never looked back. My problems didn't follow me, but they left scars that took years to heal.

RE: Say something nice to Big John......

laugh mountain ridge runner

wave hi wixie!

RE: Say something nice to Big John......

Watch out BJ! He'll tie bricks to ya ankles and throw ya in a bog!! uh oh help holelaugh

RE: Say something nice to Big John......

thumbs up Gramma used to say "you can't keep a good man down". hug

RE: Happy Birthday Tina / sxc666

Crap, I'm late. Happy Birfday anyway. grin gift

RE: Say something nice to Big John......

Here, this should make you feel better:

beverage delivery pizza elephant

What? I thought everyone loved the pink elephant. dunno grin

RE: After Abuse do you find it hard to trust again...

For a long time, yes. But not anymore. I won't give him that power over me anymore.

RE: What song are you right now? PART 2.

Goo Goo Dolls - Sympathy

Stranger than your sympathy
And this is my apology
I'm killing myself from the inside out
And all my fears have pushed you out

And I wish for things that I don't need
All I wanted
And what I chase won't set me free
All I wanted
And I get scared but I'm not crawling on my knees

Oh yeah everything's all wrong yeah
Everything's all wrong yeah
Where the hell did I think I was

Stranger than your sympathy
I take these things so I don't feel
I'm killing myself from the inside out
Now my head's been filled with doubt

It's hard to lead the life you choose
All I wanted
When all your luck's run out on you
All I wanted
And you can't see when all your dreams are coming true

Oh yeah it's easy to forget yeah
You choke on the regrets yeah
Who the hell did I think I was

Stranger than your sympathy
All these thoughts you stole from me
I'm not sure where I belong
Nowhere's home and I'm all wrong

And I wasn't all the things
I tried to make believe I was
And I wouldn't be the one to kneel
Before the dreams I wanted
And all the talk and all the lies
Were all the empty things disguised as me

Stranger than your sympathy
Stranger than your sympathy

RE: What song are you right now? PART 2.

Not the lyrics, but just the sound of the song...

System of a Down - Spiders

RE: What song are you right now? PART 2.

laugh Yeah, they were quite interesting. They don't play much anymore since the lead singer became a cage fighter. moping

RE: Opinion from men and women please...

The guys who get "pissy" only want sex and aren't worth your time.

RE: What song are you right now? PART 2.

Well... I think one would have to have someone in order to have an "our song". dunno

Let's try this one:

RE: Don't Buy it

thumbs up I learned the hard way after college.

RE: What song are you right now? PART 2.

Hi Merky. hug
It's just one of those days, lol.

RE: What song are you right now? PART 2.

For the first time, there really isn't a song that could describe how I feel right now. hole

RE: do u think that at times u passed up your other half?

There is no other half of me. And if there was, he should be tranquilized and locked up for scientific study. uh oh

RE: okay boys and girls...who is lucky enough to have a cleaning lady

Yep, Mom moved in almost 4 years ago. grin

RE: Think before you ink!

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing No pain today, but there will be soon. I'm getting braces. hole

RE: Think before you ink!

That's what happens when I go to the dentist. I miss all the good stuff. mumbling

RE: Think before you ink!

I thought this was gonna be about bad tattoo experiences. confused

RE: Have u ever think people using DEAR for impressing some one?

Where I'm from everyone says dear, sweetie, or honey when talking to others, even strangers. Maybe it's a Southern thing. dunno laugh

RE: Why do you love your country?

Well, I don't really, not much anymore anyway. Country's not too bad, as my Grandma would say "it's a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there." Want to relocate... someday... :)

RE: Why the next President of the USA should be a woman?

applause Bill was my fav president. I don't care who he screwed, I would've voted for him again. thumbs up

RE: Greatest fear in life!

Falling & being buried alive

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