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I understand from an other post that you may have solved the issue, please tell, as service pack 2 did have a number of issues.

A good site when access to internet, is

OEM issues of the install CD was particularly troublesome, and extracting the PID did not work in most cases.


RE: Lesbianism and Homosexuality is more of a sickness than whatever you take it to be.

This is the place to write this:

Why are homophobic people actually afraid of homosexuality?

If I remember right, some 5 to 10 percent of the men in Sweden were said to be gay, openly or in a closet, but still.

In pure numbers that meant that out of my gender group there were up to 400 000 less contenders in the dating game!

It too meant, that apart from all other distinguishable groups, we had here one very attractive consumer, as gays seemed to spend more on keeping up with current fashion, design and health care than other high income earners, as men traditionally been.

An uncounted for motor in our commercialised society, who would never care to flirt with my girlfriend.

No, I just don't get it, it doesn't make sense...




RE: Why close eyes while kissing?


My answer would be - it's too damn close to maintain focus on both eyes, instead of looking like one is straight and one is bent, I rather just close them and enjoy the ride laugh


RE: Lesbianism and Homosexuality is more of a sickness than whatever you take it to be.

And you are ... confused

RE: If you were granted Three Wishes, what would they be?

Kåldolmar? sigh Miss them...

RE: If you were granted Three Wishes, what would they be?

Hey.. -> cswelcome


RE: Farmerama

I signed up and am trying the game out - as you say, great game to loose 5 minutes now and then during the day, except I tried out a little day-trading on the market laugh

RE: destination

Breakfast-picnic by the sea

Come-alongs - her and our baby

RE: destination

wine rolling on the floor laughing

RE: If you were granted Three Wishes, what would they be?

Obviously not; you wrote it and you are here laugh



Nice, we got some order in the play-pen again wine



Nice deletion of a post there laugh

Great news and kudos for a change of attitude thumbs up

(This comment is not meant for any member here...)


RE: Italian KILLS a romanian woman by hitting her, in Roma ...

You forget I live in Spain... I am also an immigrant here. I also voted for EU and I supported the Lisbon treaty, so to me, this is working the wrong way.

But then, I never supported killing people of any kind, friends or foe, guilty or innocent.

Maybe I join that Hippie thread after all laugh

Signs of war to come

Actually, it is a connection I do between what is written here and what is going out in the real world and media.

I was not talking about the event in Italy, as that is an open aggression between two people, whose relation I don´t know and not very different from other useless violence we have seen from time to time in other places.

Reason? The economy, of course, as always. The ugly face of hatred feeds from the relative insecure times we have.

What is similar now to back then is that it is global, with small outbursts of intolerance and political foul play happening at the same time in different parts of the world.

Narrow minded voices gets access to airtime and are let to whip people into some scary frenzy. Same as the trolls manage with people in here, but even when it is not a troll, just an insecure lonely persons bad choice of word and language, the rabies finds a footing.

This is what worries me - it's the echo from the past I see.

All I want is for more to keep it in mind before they let their blood boil. It's rough enough times for people to spend energy on such crap.

RE: Italian KILLS a romanian woman by hitting her, in Roma ...


RE: Italian KILLS a romanian woman by hitting her, in Roma ...

And to you my friend - it's a well known fact that Italy got a serious issue in staying in tune with the rest of Europe when it comes to our right of movement across borders.

It is something we need to come to terms with, fuelling verbal crap like here will not lead nowhere but deeper into it.

It's too much of this in Europe at the moment, I am seriously worried by it, because it is spreading like wildfire.


RE: Italian KILLS a romanian woman by hitting her, in Roma ...

Doamna - ai grija, ca nu castiga inimile nici voturile cu comportamentul dvs.

Fii bine


RE: Which country has the most attractive women.

I have got a solution for this:

Create 20 polls, then a semi final of two polls, in turn leading up to one Grand Finale at the 23:rd poll - Voila!


RE: Italian KILLS a romanian woman by hitting her, in Roma ...

Well said -


RE: ex-pats what do you miss?

Haven´t seen you before here, don´t know if you have got a proper cswelcome before, but there you have it wine

To the topic - I missed a lot of small things from Sweden, but I did not find out I did until I found it on Ikea and a local importer shop. Generally it's things like some spread for the sandwich, a spice-mix or some ingredient for baking, all of it connected to Christmas or similar.

But what I've always missed is the nature up north; the fresh green of the spring, musty dark green of summer, dew and calm of a summer night and the colourful autumns.

Signs of war to come

Reading through the threads here have an echo of something past, hostility, the want to disagree just to let out frustration and anger, to poke and entice folks into a raving mass of roaring, drooling but angry fools.

Get some papers and clips from the years before the WWII, read the tone in them, and compare.

See what I am saying?

Bite your teeth together, do not get sucked into this soup of worthless muck, we're past that and way beyond.



OK, let's hope people invited by them do see why they went of the radar and still show up.


RE: Dodgy net connection.....

Win 7 self healing in action, they did good this time around.

Just be happy laugh

Are you on ultimate?

In case you are, try out the Unix subsystem in Win7, finally something to write home about!

RE: Multiculturalism has 'failed

The big challenge is not to be drawn into it, mighty difficult at times conversing laugh

RE: Multiculturalism has 'failed



The Vikings kept slaves among themselves.


RE: sex V romance ..

I must have completely misunderstood the word "romance" - to me it is way before, in between and after sex and love, it is a time when everything is as a mist, not physical but lighter, not intrusive nor demanding. A feeling of feelings worth to explore deeper with someone particular, a feeling not tainted by lust.

Here I read romance as something less pure, more direct and physical.

Do I stand corrected?

RE: Multiculturalism has 'failed

I can understand that, wondering how long it will take CS to figure out a filter to sort such disease out.

Well, it's time to meet the bed now anyway, stay strong bro, I´m diving wine

RE: Multiculturalism has 'failed

(White all that blame all over the place, next you would be crucified)

RE: If you were granted Three Wishes, what would they be?

I think you read it and act / react as you see fit, since I clearly wrote I rearranged it the way I saw it - a way of commenting on your post.

My apologies for stepping your toes, I did not want to put words in your mouth.

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