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RE: Investment dilemma

In all honesty I could provide you with some good advice if you were in the U.S., but I have no clue on interest, investment, and financial matters in Turkey.


I realize that not everyone can do this, but I have not paid to finance a car since 1994. It is far better to buy a junker, like I had in college, and have no car payment, and pay yourself to build up savings. Then you buy your car CASH. My Yukon Denali, for example, was priced at $48,000 when new. I bought it 2 years old when the list price was $35,000. I offered $22,000 cash money on the spot and the dealer took it. He probably made about $2,000 when it is all said and done (if that.)

I didn't just bang out the offer of $22,000 though. I listened to his offers, and continued to reject them, he had finally lowered the price to $24,500. When I could tell that was his bottom dollar, I pulled out a wad of cash and said, "I tell you what, I will pay you $22,000 cash money right now if you throw in a full tank of gas. and detail it up for me."

He took the offer. So just the fact that I had cash money on hand made the difference.

Hello all

Oooby, what is the definition of insanity?

Hello all

Hi, looks like there are still a few of the old guard here. How are you doing, man?

Hello all

Hi ooby, great to see you. Sorry to hear about your low back troubles. Did you do something at the start of the pain or was it out of the blue?

Did they only prescribe Prednisone? They didn't prescribe Toradol too? If not, check into that. The generic is Ketorolac. It is a very good anti-inflammatory.

Hello all

Been a long time since I posted on here and not sure if anyone remembers me or not.

For those that might, things are going well for me. I have regained 95% of my motion and speech after my illness. I am no longer putting in hours at the clinic and am enjoying an early retirement.

I married my best friend's widow a few months ago (You might remember I moved to her basement when the debts were too high to afford after he left no life insurance for her).

I spend most of my days out in the Pacific when the weather permits. Just wanted to say a hello and a how are ya to the folks who might remember me.

RE: Who is hotter??? Mainly for guys

Yvonne Strahovski
Ali Larter
Missy Peregrym

RE: 5 People whose posts you always read

So many people here have changed, I don't know anymore.

legally blond
Big John
Polar Butterfly

RE: Supreme Court Extends Gun Rights 2 All 50 States

For the one that said he has lived all those years in civilian life without a gun and he is still alive, what would you say to someone like me who came home at 2 a.m. to 2 guys who attacked me as I went into my apartment because they wanted my money?

Had it not been for my weapon they likely would have killed me.

Is it the fact that you personally have never been a victim of crime reason enough for guns to be banned? What would happen if you became a victim of crime?

What if your wife or child was a victim of crime, would your desire to protect them change your desire to outlaw guns?

RE: How quick do you come?

It is not possible to hold that much seamen with the amount of crap you are full of unless you are 400 lbs.

RE: Supreme Court Extends Gun Rights 2 All 50 States

Here are some examples of why you need a gun to defend yourself...

There are thousands of examples. Innocent people, in their homes or minding their business on the streets, someone wants what doesn't belong to them - or worse, wants to harm them.

I have seen it oh so many times.

There is another reason however for the 2nd amendment - it is a a check and balance against the rise of a dictator.

A dictator attempts to rise to power, and instantly the armed citizens of the united states can raise up and depose the dictator. That is why the forefathers put the 2nd amendment in our founding documents.

RE: Supreme Court Extends Gun Rights 2 All 50 States

Germany and Austria import just as many arms into the U.S. as the U.S. exports to other countries.

RE: Supreme Court Extends Gun Rights 2 All 50 States

All this law did was say that cities or states cannot outlaw handguns.

2 of the scariest places to ever go in our country is Chicago and Washington DC.

Ask any cop and they will tell you that you can go around the capital buildings and have some safety, but if you get out past that, look out.

Outlaws carry guns because they are OUTLAWS! They don't care about what the law is. The only way for law abiding citizens to be protected is to protect themselves.

RE: 007 DB5 for £3.5 million

If I was married I wouldn't buy it without my better half's permission. And if she gave me her permission I of course would let her drive it.

I doubt she would want to though.

RE: Who is the hottest woman on the planet?

None of em.

I like Yvonne Strahovski

RE: Strangest Encounters with Online Dating

Hey, I would not normally have left without talking, but she clearly misrepresented herself in her photo and her profile. If someone does that, they are not worth my time or my courtesy.

RE: SO..... would you date a man if he had kids...

I would not, with or without kids.

RE: Strangest Encounters with Online Dating

she had more piercings than I could count, and she was about 5'4. She bested my by about 150 lbs - and I am 6'3"

RE: ive been done dirty

Last thing that is healthy for you is to look for another relationship. you need to be comfortable on your own first before you can have a successful relationship.

Volunteer, be around people, try not to have an idle mind.

RE: What is your favorite ethnic food?

I am a sucker for Japanese

Ray Stevens has a new fan...

lol, all I could do was think, silly rabbit, trix are for kids!

I am doing pretty well. Staying busy.

Ray Stevens has a new fan...


RE: First place you ever consumated "the deed"

high school baseball dugout in the 6th grade.

Ray Stevens has a new fan...

yep, I love that one too, wish.

RE: Strangest Encounters with Online Dating

We met at a lovely cafe and had a nice time. When she went to pay the bill she dropped her purse and her .38 Revolver hit the floor. She was embarrassed. (joke)

Actually, I have not had that many online dating experiences. I had one girl that wanted to meet for drinks. We did, I got to the bar where we were to meet and I saw her walk in - scared the crap out of me. I left discreetly. She was some kind of scary.

RE: How do you feel about a woman who has children? Would you date her?

At this age it is impossible to find a datable woman it seems who does not have children.

I don't have a problem with children. They generally think I am a tree to climb anyway.

Ray Stevens has a new fan...

I guess you and I are the only 2 that find it amusing.

Ray Stevens has a new fan...

I have heard this guy for years, but his latest 2 videos crack me up!

something that has always bothered me. - Planet Name

Not by choice. Damn doctors.

RE: Is it hard sometimes not to be bitter?....After you have been really hurt?

Sometimes it is very hard. But then the joy of having gotten even takes over.

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