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RE: The 7 "I Am" Statements Of Jesus

This is awesome! Very well put together! applause yay joy dancing cheering heart wings angel comfort hug

RE: 10 Reason Why Women Fall Out Love

The biggest reason why woman leave a main is Better the lack of it!!
Western woman want a stressfree and comfortable status. If the husband can't offer that she simply takes action herself ...bye bye husband. wave
They do not like losers for themselves and her offspring. It is an evolutionary and natural reflex. And as women count more on their intuition as on their common sense the bill is fast made....bye, bye loser! wave
I know a case of which a married couple for 20 years did split up. The man a truck driver and the woman a half time teacher in elementary school. They grow apart, yes, but lived together.. until the man asked his questions about the excessive monthly expenses!!!
It prompted her to look for sources to maintain her lifestyle. She found a wealthy older loner, offered him her services, the spark struck and... her problem was solved. applause
In addition, she forced her ex to pay high alimony and moved out with the children who are always placed in the custody of the woman by conservative the limping judicial system. doh
Lesson of the story: Girlpower always rules !!! head banger (= cynism)

RE: Top 10 Problems Most Men Have Pursuing Women...

Fascinating. I read your ten and see your problems not the woman's.
So you get upset when a woman does not find you her gift from the world. Wow. We don't think much of ourselves do we? LOL
I read your list 1 to 10 and see a woman trying to be polite and kind but for some reason you can only hear your desires and not hers.
Your wants is only half the equation in a relationship. Try Listening to her not just yourself. I am sure she feels like she is being stalked.

RE: Favorite books

The stories of John Cheever

RE: The Benefits of Laughter

This is awesome! Thank you for sharing! heart1 peace laugh joy rolling on the floor laughing head banger bouquet cheers yay

RE: Qualities Of A Good Friend

A friend is the first person you turn to when misfortune befalls you. He is always there to hear you, so choose your friends carefully.

RE: The Top 10 Most Powerful Nations

Hello dear,
India is a most powerful nation

RE: Benefits of Prayerp

I love this list! God Bless you! angel joy heart wings yay applause innocent bouquet

RE: 10 ways to have a friend and be happy in life

Thank you for the post. I totally agree! Healing....

RE: Top 10 ways for a man to score BIG points with a woman

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RE: top 10 reasons women confuse me :)

They expect us to know what they want! LoL!doh

RE: top 10 reasons women confuse me :)

I believe that the arsenal of the relationship lies in honesty, what we build on truth and honesty is like that, and what we build on falsehood will be falsehood and lying will never succeed, no matter how much we try to forge, it is ultimately false. In conclusion ((honesty is the basis of every relationship and love comes later))comfort

RE: Top 5 traits of a good man

Correct, but we have to remember life is a two way street, respect, empathy, ,Compassion, and politeness, are connected to both souls communicating with each other. . handshake

RE: Top 10 Problems Most Men Have Pursuing Women...

Hey guy, this is just how women says "no" while being aware they weight probably half of you and learned to be afraid of some men.

RE: 10 things which will help women feel better!

Good food, flowers and sleep are underrated. Highly recommended.


I would love to learn that art no place to learn it here in Oregon.

RE: Top 10 GOLD Consuming Countries

Let me be the first to post on this ancient post, on an ancient topic. Gold is mentioned in the Torah. It has special properties, and is worth owning. I have panned gold from rivers with my own bare hands. But what else do people have to say about it? Please reply, but do not reply vulgar, as is the way most here on CS reply, here in 2023. Oy vey!

RE: Top 10 quotes about religion

But how do you know that, RobertMJ? Can you hear John Lennon and George Carlin singing from where you are? Or is that just some of your hogwash leaking out of your brain?

RE: Top 5 traits of a good man

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RE: Top 5 traits of a good man

What's wrong with computer games? My ex-boyfriend was a streamer and made good money doing it, but it's a pity he gave up on it and stopped developing. I'm thinking of getting into it myself.

RE: My top 10 best Cities to live in the World

Don't make any declarations until you have spent time in the places you are naming.
I have and can tell you there are quite a few negatives in those countries that aren't exposed on the internet. Second hand information can be flawed.

RE: 10 qualities about a man that good women like

I realized men are only after the outside appearance but not the inner soul , they forget that the out appearance fades away , they run for big buttocks , big legs , big breasts etc these things the more you look at them every day the more you get used to them and you start seeing them as every day thing but which is not the case with the inner soul , good character and good morals .

RE: 10 Best Beatles songs

What do you think of the following songs:

The Night Before
The Word
You Won't See Me
She Said She Said?

RE: 10 things I don’t want to hear.

Regarding number 9

I was in a group of guys
One took out a cigarette and said to another
"Have you got a match"
Other replied
"Not since Erroll Flynn died"

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