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  • Chilling58

    RE: top ten guitarists in history

    Stevie RayVaughn
    by Chilling58 May 26 OceanShores, Washington USA
  • banaras

    RE: 10 reason to get married

    Hi How are you you are very beautifulapplause
    by banaras May 17 hassanabdal, Pakistan
  • Chris8739

    RE: top ten guitarists in history

    I can't believe you forgot Chet Atkins !!
    by Chris8739 May 8 Durango, Colorado USA
  • sravald

    RE: top ten guitarists in history

    lol gilmore hendrix petrucci knopfler bonnamassa not in the list
    by sravald May 4 MARCH, , Scotland UK
  • whitelily1

    RE: Classic and Opera

    Hey, why dont you insert Chopin there ?

    Mine is

    Chopin The Nocturne's composition
    Edvard Griegg
    Andrew Lloyd Webber compositions
    Gershwin & Gershwin
    Oscar & Hammerstein

    heart beating teddybear
    by whitelily1 Apr 17 Jakarta, Indonesia
  • whitelily1

    RE: My Top Ten Jazz Pianists

    May I adding mine ?

    The "Duke" Ellington (#take the A train, Satin doll..etc)
    Oliver Jones (great , still a living legend !)
    David Benoit (a fusion king!)
    Carlos Jobim ( a Samba king !)
    Bill Evans
    Keith Jarret
    Chic Correa ( not a fans but talented!)
    Dave Brubeck
    Dave Grusin (grp)
    Who else ?

    I like Jim Martinez too a Christian jazz pianist
    by whitelily1 Apr 17 Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Chambella

    RE: Ten Reasons To Date An Older Man

    This list makes me laugh... amusing to say the least...Most of the things you mentioned are simply regular courtesy.. nothing to do with age... roll eyes

    how about a mention of Sex?? Fun?? and a few other real life stuff...
    by Chambella Apr 15 Batemans Bay, New South Wales Australia
  • alamincom

    RE: Top Ten Animes

    I Love you
    by alamincom Apr 2 dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Dreamer1027

    RE: My Top10 Turn-Offs on a First Date


    Please please please- Good Listening Skills. I don't care if you're awkward at it- you"re trying! Tons of bonus points- NOT a common problem for women.

    Knocking me down to open the door? My father did this because I walked faster than him. I find it very sweet & kind. Open the doors as much as possible fellas- manners & respect are hard to find.

    Grabbing the check? Sure- I'll let ya. Especially on the first date. Again- signs of a gentleman.

    & I have experienced both crotch grabbing & nose picking, albeit trying to be subtle about it. Okay- please just go use the bathroom- unless you would like me to do the same...........

    Trying to make me laugh is also a good bet-

    Let's hear it for the Gentleman out there! applause
    by Dreamer1027 Feb 17 Fresh Pond, California USA
  • AuggieWest

    RE: top ten guitarists in history

    All great rockers, try acoustic like Leo Kottke
    by AuggieWest Feb 8 Brickerville, Pennsylvania USA
  • CountryfarmermanHidden Profile

    RE: Why men FREAK OUT after one month of dating ???

    It depends on what the situation is and being that I don't know what is happening. I regret to inform you of what his intentions are, but the best answer is to ask that person and if they don't want to communicate with you than it wasn't meant to be in the first place and it's there loss. so no need to worry yourself
    by CountryfarmermanHidden Profile Jan 25 Jonesborough, Tennessee USA
  • incidentaltrvlr

    RE: Why men FREAK OUT after one month of dating ???

    Different issues create different necessities(also s*xual) in people and our societies never ever were as uneven as are these days.
    by incidentaltrvlr Jan 23 viamala, Switzerland
  • incidentaltrvlr

    RE: Why men FREAK OUT after one month of dating ???

    The truth is that very few men know what they want..."don't know what to want" is a social disease(epidemic).

    If man you get in relationship with doesn't know what is it that he wants(unless he wants to jump in your pants and right out again), you will suffer confusion(this can cause quite a trauma in an individual, but on average less in males vs females). I suggest you to keep calm(please smile also and not only keep calm) and continue to do what you do(date) till you find the right one or the right one finds you(its the same).
    by incidentaltrvlr Jan 23 viamala, Switzerland
  • gndsmile

    RE: Rock Ballads

    Good selection...
    by gndsmile Jan 19 Panama City, Florida USA
  • CommanderSpacey

    RE: Top Ten Animes

    With over 12,000 Japanese anime episodes and 360+ movies on my home server, its hard to pinpoint just ten, however here are 20 of my favorite series:

    1 - Last Exile
    2 - Vision of Escaflowne
    3 - Ghost in the Shell - being made into a live action movie in 2017
    4 - DearS
    5 - Rogue Hero
    6 - Attack on Titan - also has a live action movie
    7 - Black Lagoon
    8 - Read or Die
    9 - Tokyo Ravens
    10 - Unbreakable Machine-Doll (wish they would anime the entire manga series but they only did the first 3 of 20)
    11 - Romeo x Juliet
    12 - Asobi ni Ikuyo - Bombshells from the Sky - aka Cat Planet Cuties
    13 - Fate Stay Night
    14 - Infinite Ryvius
    15 - Karneval
    16 - Moon Phase
    17 - Moribito Guardian Of The Spirit
    18 - Seraph of the End
    19 - Sword Art Online
    20 - everything done by Studio Glibli

    I have been collecting Japanese anime for over 20 years after renting "Neon Genesis Evangelion" in 1995
    by CommanderSpacey Jan 5 Tallahassee, Florida USA
  • tMickeyMann

    RE: why i'm proud to be welsh!

    I love anything Celtic.

    Ever heard of Welsh Lovespoons?

    I am not too fond of Welsh mens fashion but the women's fashion is fantastic!

    Thanx for the great list thumbs up
    by tMickeyMann Jan 3 Bay St Louis, Mississippi USA
  • tMickeyMann

    RE: Things I dislike in a CS profile

    I agree with a few of your points.

    ConnectingSingles is a dating/frienship building site. We present ourselves to the world of CS to try to find someone that wants to get to know us better for a multitude of reasons.

    Personally, I am tired of being alone and I am looking for a personal, intimate and connective relationship that will result in meeting and eventually sharing lives together.

    I have completely filled out every spot in my profile that can be edited with as much accurate information as possible. It never occurred to me to lie. It might be easier to get responses if I included some socially acceptable keywords but I am looking for honest so I feel I must be honest as well.

    I am intelligent and have gained some hard wisdom over my years and I have learned to accept that most people are not quite as intelligent or wise. I forgive spelling mistakes. I understand emotionally charged pleas for understanding and connection. I realize that most have no idea how deluded they actually are.

    One thing that might help us to understand women's profiles and reasons why or why they did not include things is to understand what they have to deal with from the average man on a dating site. Men in general are vulgar to women. Some women like getting talked to and treated like that but the women I want are beyond that low self-esteem need for superficial praise. If you are in doubt, ask any woman on here how many messages did it takes for a man to start talking about sex with them. I'll bet the number is under 10 messages. It is because we are men and we see women as mating partners. Women are social animals. They look for quality not quantity. They already know sex is vital to a relationship and we force them to put aside what is important for them to address what is important to us and it puts them off. Thus, they fill out poor profiles in the hopes of weeding out some of the worst wackos.

    As for profile dislikes: Contradictory information; Inaccurate Photos and Bare Statistics are red flags for me.
    by tMickeyMann Jan 3 Bay St Louis, Mississippi USA
  • always_besides

    RE: Dating

    Dear Madam,
    Thank you for your photo. I have sent you my e-mail; kindly read and write to me.
    With love,
    Manohar Bhatia
    by always_besides Jan 2 Mumbai, India
  • Curiousfor2016

    RE: 10 Cruel things women do to men

    by Curiousfor2016 Dec 2016 Barataria, Trinidad and Tobago
  • xneppyHidden Profile

    RE: Top Ten Reasons Why I do NOT have a Photograph of Myself

    I'm just a Glutton for punishment. But also think its best to show myself up in my case as in the unlikely event that some woman might want to meet me....I don't want to be responsible, For a panic attack or coronary on her part....

    But as i'm a decent chap,, I'm here to help give the average bloke a better chance LOL
    by xneppyHidden Profile Dec 2016 mansfield, Nottinghamshire, England UK
  • frandamHidden Profile

    RE: Top Ten Clothing Items Every Household Should Have

    never wear slacks or shirts makes you feel more older,my woman friend always use to say ,Look at the men with the womans blouses on,and i agree to old and to old fashion crap,
    by frandamHidden Profile Dec 2016 edinburgh, Lothian UK
  • PaschalisHidden Profile


    From a man’s point of view... Many men lately within the last 10 years wouldn't like to take major responsibilities and marriage is one of them.
    by PaschalisHidden Profile Dec 2016 Reading, Berkshire UK
  • completeman01


    Marriage is an institution by God. No doubt any thing by or from God is good and beneficial. The problem we have is these life of independence from God. For sure one can not get the best of a machine if he or she ignores the manufacturer,s instructions on the use of that machine. So if we follow God,s instructions as stated in the Bible, whether have or no have,race or no race,color or no color, marriage can be something long for.
    by completeman01 Dec 2016 cape town, Cape Town South Africa
  • completeman01

    RE: Ten Reason to have Sex When You don't feel like it

    I will agree with you to a large extent. Sex is an important part of human life under control and regulation as stated by God
    by completeman01 Dec 2016 cape town, Cape Town South Africa
  • spiritwaterHidden Profile


    Be yourself, without contriving...Simple! who doesn't like you, would like you and vice versa..
    by spiritwaterHidden Profile Dec 2016 Los Angeles, California USA
  • Jhergeorgeatchi

    RE: Top10 reasons why chicks dig me

    The number 10 on the list is great. I would gladly go make a sandwich or beer myself after my s*xual encounter with my lover.
    by Jhergeorgeatchi Dec 2016 Lebanon, Oregon USA
  • LasagradaHidden Profile

    RE: My Top10 Turn-Offs on a First Date

    would like to go on a date with you, it is ever so hard to find a man able to resist to check his crotch in every 5 minutes at least .
    by LasagradaHidden Profile Dec 2016 Antalya, Mediterranean Turkey
  • kenmaybeim4u


    Because they dont know whats best for them yet And fear The unknown
    by kenmaybeim4u Dec 2016 ottumwa iowa, Iowa USA
  • Anteromonteiro14Hidden Profile

    RE: Ten Reason to have Sex When You don't feel like it

    Hello my comments is true what she said I am agree 100% A M

    by Anteromonteiro14Hidden Profile Dec 2016 Roxbury, Massachusetts USA
  • fpslim

    RE: top ten guitarists in history

    by fpslim Dec 2016 Manchester, New Hampshire USA
  • whitelily1

    RE: music from the 80's

    You cant hurry love, Phil Collins
    Through the fire, Chaka Khan

    head banger
    by whitelily1 Dec 2016 Jakarta, Indonesia
  • harleyz
  • Demi7

    RE: My top ten romantic gestures(in no specific order)

    I can not see anything that is out of normal what you point out. Depending on what that woman likes you would do this that and the other. Every man would do that unless he is a egoist....applause
    by Demi7 Nov 2016 Bad Kreuznach, Rhineland-Palatinate Germany
  • r3y5a6

    RE: music from the 80's

    I was born in 1980 and I used to listen music while growing up. While in 90s I was accustomed to listening in the radio to rock music. While I was in college in the 2000s, pop music and boy bands are deafening in the air with tune of almost copies from other artist and seems like senseless.

    By now I preferred and settled again with songs from the 80s. One of the notable English bands that are my favourites and I follow are like Dire Straits (Brothers in Arms), Pink Floyd (Wish You Were Here) though disbanded buy their classic songs linger on. I am an avid follower of U2 with In The Name Of Love and a few songs are my favourites.
    by r3y5a6 Nov 2016 Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
  • female12345Hidden Profile

    RE: Top 10 single guys on CS

    Hello how are you?
    I liked your profile.

    I want to meet you. Perhaps we will be closer to each other.

    My profile in Germany.
    I now live in Russia. last year I worked in Germany. I ended visa. I returned to Russia.

    I hope you do not mind our acquaintance.
    my name is Marina. I live in St.Petersburg.
    My age 32 years old, I have a regular job, there are a lot of friends, but next to me this man.
    In her spare time, I like the sport. I like skating and cycling.
    I really hope that our relationship with you to continue, and we will share photos and interesting stories about the other.
    Until we find that it can become a reality.
    I do not want to be alone, and waiting for your answer.

    I have at home webcam. no problems. we can see each other through Web Camera. This is to speed up our acquaintance.

    I do not want to play games. I do not want to waste time.
    If you have not met the woman. Nice meet you my new man / Please write me. i wait you))))))))) Okk
    Real woman Marina
    please, let's try to create a real dialogue.

    Try Email:
    by female12345Hidden Profile Nov 2016 Berlin, Germany

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