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Flatten Your Belly with These Healthy Tips

Flatten Your Belly with These Healthy Tips

You want a flat belly but just can't seem to find the right way to achieve it. Belly bulge can be caused by a combination of many things causing either excess fat to build up or bloating due to diet. Whether your belly bulge is due to bloat or fat, these healthy tips can help you on your way to a flatter belly.

Beat the Bloat

Ban Carbonated Drinks

Carbonation in drinks can cause your belly to look and feel bloated. Skip the soda and drink water instead. Water will not make you feel bloated and will actually flush undesirable toxins out of your system instead.

Eat Good Bacteria

Your digestive tract needs plenty of good bacteria in order to keep your system running regular and curb the belly bloat. Eat yogurt with live cultures or take a probiotic (acidophilus) daily for healthy insides.

Stop Chewing Gum

Not only does chewing gum cause you to swallow air, sugarless gum contains the sweetener sorbitol which turns into gas in your belly. Chewing gum also gets your digestive juices going and makes you feel hungry. Say no to gum for a flatter belly.

Tea Time

Try cold or hot peppermint tea the next time you feel bloated. Peppermint tea helps to ease the bloat so your stomach looks flatter.

Say No to Salt

Too much salt in your diet can cause you to retain water and feel bloated. Watch for sodium levels in the foods you eat, too. Many pre-packaged foods contain large amounts of sodium that can leave you feeling and looking bloated.

Fill Up on Fiber

Foods full of fiber are healthy, fill you up so you don't overeat and help to regulate your system so you don't feel bloated. Overall, fiber is the perfect flat belly food.

Fight the Fat

Watch Alcohol Intake

Drinking alcoholic beverages can raise cortisol levels in your body and cause you to gain belly fat. Cortisol is the hormone your body uses when under stress and when levels are continually high it can cause you to gain and hold onto fat in your body. Skip the glass of wine or beer now and you won't have to worry about belly fat later.

Become a Non-Smoker

Believe it or not, smoking can make you fat. Your body produces more cortisol when you smoke because smoking stresses the body. On the average, belly fat shrinks when you give up smoking.

Drink Less Coffee

Sorry, but coffee is another stimulant that causes your cortisol levels to rise and put on added belly fat. Drink more water and less coffee for a flatter belly.

Pump up Your Heart

The best way to beat a bulging belly is to add aerobic exercise to your routine 45-60 minutes a day, 3-5 days a week. Not only will you get your heart healthy, but you will burn off that belly fat too.

Find an Activity You Love

Golf, play tennis, run, jog, walk or even dance three to four times a week to keep your belly slim and trim. Stretching exercises such as yoga or Pilates are also good for your belly and entire body.

Reducing belly fat not only makes you look great but lowers your risk for heart disease considerably. Try one or all of these techniques and soon you will be on your way to a healthier body and flatter belly.

Comments (6)

I always do yoga and meditation to stay out from fat and this writings will help me to live better .peace
Good advice, but that comment about smoking causing stress, thus raising cortisol, leading to a fat gut is nonsense laugh
Actually 30 minutes of galloping a horse burns more calories than hard racketball!!
Don´t forget that sex is also a great form of excercise wink
That's the very basic, but a good starting point!
Try to keep control above your abdominals, and try to flex them through the day, whatever u do. in the car, during shopping etc.
and the workout...but thats another story:)
Good tips all! But you're NOT taking my morning cup of coffee away! I'd be lost without it. mumbling

Exercise is probably THE best thing to change about your lifestyle... too many people simply do not MOVE their body's enough! Go walking at a park 3 times a week, go rollerskating or rollerblading (my personal favorite!), but whatever you do MOVE your body! I see so many BBW's online looking for a man that'll accept them as they are, and I always think to myself that they'd be really attractive gals IF they'd just try exercising for 6 months or so... but they don't, and that's that. So sad. crying

- Michael ("American by birth, Texan by the Grace of God!") sad flower

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