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How to Find Your Perfect Man

How to Find Your Perfect Man

Is there a Mr Right for you? Does the man of your dreams actually exist? Of course - he's just a bit more difficult to locate, that's all. Finding your perfect man is not always easy and the road can be full of disappointment, but your journey can have a fairytale ending if you follow these few simple rules.

Determine what you really need:

What is it that you want in a man? What are your needs in a relationship? This is the time to be brutally honest and make a list of what you must have – not what you're willing to settle on. These can be the obvious physical characteristics, but more importantly, this list has to contain the emotional attributes of the person you want to be with. Not easy questions, but the answers will become the treasure map to your perfect man.

Dress to attract the right man:

Short skirts and abundant cleavage may catch his eye, but don't expect Prince Charming to take you home to meet mom and dad. You've set the profile of the man you want to catch, so dress the way he'd want his lady to look.

Go where you would expect to find Mr Right:

Go to a bar, get a bar-fly. If your Mr Right is someone responsible and enjoys outdoor activities, you'll not see him sitting in a pub at 2 o'clock on a sunny afternoon. You have to keep asking: "Where would I find my perfect man?" The answer determines where you should be.

Act according to the standards you've set for him:

What kind of gentleman will you be attracting if you continuously use foul language? Having a social drink is one thing, getting drunk is something else. Unless you've set the standards for Mr Right very low, take a good look at your habits and mannerisms – and fix those bad ones. Crass or sophistication – it's your choice.

Find a friend and let the relationship follow:

Do not let your search for the right man consume every waking moment of your life. Relax and enjoy meeting people and making new friends. Remember that it's a search for Mr Right, not a hunt for prey.

Communicate your needs:

Start communicating early in your dating relationship. Sharing your feelings with a man is okay as long as you do it correctly. Do not reveal your intimate feelings too early and never show your feelings in a negative manner. Being open about what you expect in a man and a relationship is a good thing. If you're afraid that honesty will chase him away then he's probably not the man you were looking for in the first place.

Scrap the 'friend with benefits' relationship:

A "friend with benefits" arrangement rarely gets Mr Right. It's nothing more than self gratifying sex without commitment, so don't be fooled into thinking anything different. Men seldom move from casual sex to something more serious, so keep your friendships platonic and find intimacy with someone you're ready to have a lasting relationship with.

Know the difference between lust and love:

Intimacy draws on strong emotions and these feelings can be mistaken for love. Lust is a short term sensation while love can be forever. If you think you've found the perfect mate, take your time developing that relationship. Sex makes the union special, communication makes it last.

What you see is what you get:

If you think you can mould a man to meet your needs you will be sorely disillusioned. The behaviour you see is what you'll get and believing you'll change him later is self-defeating. You started out to find your perfect man, not one you could fix.

If it's not working, get out:

Never settle for anything less than what you need in a relationship. Once you resign yourself to mediocrity you won't be able to change it. Life is far too short to let the chance of true happiness with Mr Right escape you.

Finding that Knight in shining armour could happen in the next few minutes, or it might take years. Some women may never find him, but that doesn't mean you stop looking for the magic that comes with your perfect man.

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Good advice..thanks
Great advice. It is helpful when you are out there in the world of singles after being married quite a few years.
Good tips. Thanks wine

Perfect is not possible, but we must set boundaries, we must know who we are, and what we want in a potential mate.Have fun, laugh,get to be best friends first,live life in harmony
Oh so true - too many women are willing to settle for less than they are worth and vice versa - this is a well written article that both sexes could learn from applause
Such a very good suggestion. Though I know nobody's perfect, but I will practice it for my self to find my dream lover heart wings
well thought out will women use it?

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