Why is timing so important in meeting the right partner?

Have you ever held two magnets together? And noticed how they attach tightly to the other magnet? But if you flip the magnet, they push away?

And realized - it is moving way too fastdunno
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Timing is one of the most crucial factors in starting a new relationship.
Romantics will say that love conquers all, but that is not true.
If both people are not in the right place, emotionally or otherwise, then it will not work out.
Hola Mollywave
That is absolutely rightthumbs up
Emotionally ,physically and financially readythumbs up wine
Hi Jhen applause

And I’m a die-hard romantic snooty


Molly reunion
Mi2 dearesthug
I know you are talking with experience and that is the best thought we can lear from youwine teddybear
Mimi!!! reunion

Yourself and Art were in the right place emotionally when you hooked up, that is the difference.

Ok, you might not be in the right place geographically, but that is another story laugh
Mi2 dearest how woud you see the good timing with regards to what Molly mentioned? smitten
Amazes me how some post as always being right as a certainty yet they themselves are single.

Annoys the shit out of me how people post like they speak for others instead of themselves.

They must take polls 24/7 conversing
Mercedunno but in a way some questions or blogs are just some experiences that taught us something to ponder todunno
wine wave
Oh! Am so late, am in here with one question:: HOW DOES mollybaby KNOW ABOUT ALL THESE WHEN SHE IS A NUN ?!? dunno
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Oops! Whats this ???? Or i have gone mad! !!

I dont have an answer, am that SACRED(godly) !!!
Zero, I am allowed out of the nunnery on regular copulation leave
The Sexy Sisters of the poor Mouth. angel
Some people fall in love when one is not over a death of a spouse.
Some people fall madly in love and one is married , and that invariably ends in one being hurt and it is usually the woman.
Some people rush in to love, want to be in love, which is not really love at all.
The list goes on and on....
Chemistry is powerful thoughlove when it does happen. And OHH It's a lovely feeling to be loved and to love.
Hi Jhen
I think he and I are just meant to be? That we both ready to commit ourselves in a serious relationship?

Even though there was once a low-life on here ( probably a very bitter person in real life ) that scoffed at Art and MiMi’s relationship by referring to it as ‘so-called love’

What that person didn’t realise is how ugly that person is in the inside...it showed very clearly that day for everyone on the blogs to see...
mollybaby , it was just a question , nothing wrong ok ok? ??

ysabel , dont get me wrong , there has been a misshap(2nd comment).

golden , ,,,, i found a GOD(femel) who knows/understand everything/every one by art/msg

Hi mimi so you and art still together, well done as the distance would have put most folk off.

different types of love, some folk need, and some like to give and all the types inbetween.
Reckon if you have a love then its must be good at keeping you at peace with the world, not as crutchety or mad or insane or ocd ha ha ha

Yes i do beleive timing is everthing. i have all the time in the world WAITING ha ha
Zero ~ Seriously, glad you have found it, and the peace that goes with that.hug
Sure, all, timing plays a part in most things, as does luck. But I'd say Patience, and propper vetting TRUMP (brilliant POTUS) everything. I've been lookimg on CS since our dear God made dirt. But I'm too picky, and not quite right in the head.
I love magnets! (and bubble wrap for that matter... grin)

Anyway, I would take what I say lightly, because I am not by any-means an expert. In fact, I haven't had a true girlfriend because I never felt good enough. Time moves forward (unless you have a time machine, in which case you need to let me know ASAP) My lack in self-confidence and fear of rejection has made me miss so many opportunities. But if I dwell in that, I may miss more opportunities.

Finding Mr. or Ms. right is finding a mutual happiness and nobody will ever be a perfect match. If you try to search for something perfect, you may miss out on other qualities that someone has to make you happy!
It's like a lottery...
You try and you try and you try until it just happens or you turn into a cynical bastard praising the single life...while being on a dating site...
I don't if it's just by accident or not but I read a question identical to yours worded the exact same way on the Quora questions and answer site this morning.grin
Timing is everything.
Krema laugh
Make your dayhandshake
just enough to be (-0)tongue
well said think it makes sense having said that would avoid regrets in the endwine handshake
Of course having patience is taking your time to be in its proper place thumbs up wine

A very good question that I thought we can chit chat abouthug wine
" Patience is the key to success." as they saywine

Trackthumbs up yep u got it wine

beaitiful pkremasmitten
we all wish to win a lotteryheart1
Thinking and drciding many times would help us weigh which one would go best
that needs enough time to get into thumbs up wine
ysabel not complaining just made an observance is all.hug wave
But an electromagnet can be turned on and off at will. wink
Hola Miguelwave
yep you can make it better or bestwine handshake
BWhug I know wine smitten
I totally agree with you over timing as in my younger days there were some lovely young ladies I knew but the timing was wrong, as there would have been 95% chance I could have dated them. Fast forward to the last of couple of years I have meet a couple of females which is more of the right time but, in both cases they had too many faults such as smoking, so non starters.

So yes I am mainly turning my magnet around and pushing theirs away.
Very well said inthecountrysidethumbs up @times we can be in between two but taking all your time would just be finehandshake wine
We have our fair share of moments toosigh but @the end of the day we drive slow down and You need to give yourself time to heal, time to breathe, time to see what’s out there....smitten wine
We live on a magnet. It's called " Earth ". Me love the earth : teddybear . Use magnets at work to close and keep closed house doors peace laugh . But there's so many variants to your question lol. .confused laugh . I'm always into man and woman magnetism peace teddybear . head banger . The right woman will always have the right magnetism cheering peace teddybear lips heart beating head banger cool
Oh an many magnets are hard to prise apart laugh . I've been lucky to play with many diff kinds of them applause peace heart beating . To the extent of saving my vechiles tyres heart1 peace . I teddybear I love big magnets on wheels with a handle laugh head banger teddybear

If you meet the right person for you, but you don't know that, if you were not fully mature when you met them or you were simply in the wrong frame of mind, then you will pass. By the time you realize the same, if the person moves on , you can't go back. You have no choice but to move on. Timing is everything.wine wine
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