Missing In Action

Mysterious...our own Trump loving blogger is missing in action...not to mention a few other bloggers around have seem to have disappeared...confused

Is there a serial killer or kidnapper here in our midst?...inquiring minds want to know...

If any one here has any information on these missing bloggers...please feel free and share what you know...conversing

The information will be sent to the appropriate authorities to solve this mystery...wine

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Some very effective Trolls could be the reasondunno

Here is cooking under the surface a lot too......so I'm sometimes like....hello what is going on.....and then it is blowing up on the surface and you are likewow .....from where is that all coming.laugh

Yes...here it's certainly bubbling under the surface...mysterious happenings...laugh
Perhaps they stayed up too late blogging and didn't manage to make it back to their coffins before sunrise. uh oh
It may have to do with accusations being made of sex tourism in Asia.
Poor you Lou, missing Ms Jones comfort

Whats that they say " you never miss a good thing till its gone" violin

Life eh" hug wine lol

I think you are on the right track!wine
rolling on the floor laughing a

This is funny...laugh 0
Thanks for all your comments...the mystery still remains...the missing bloggers of CS...

sad flower
Well dear wen has treatment and usually stays away until he feels a bit better. Wen sending good vibes hug

Maybe bloggs got hot hot hotgrin everyone on ten min breaks grin

If any one is ill though hug teddybear
I you are referring to me, my absence is attributable to the fact that I have been busy with other things.

But fortunately, President Trump has been doing extremely well in my absence. This weeks news has been spectacular for him on all fronts including blockbuster revelations about corruption, fraud and criminal activity among his false accusers. The tide is turning on the anti-democracy Trump opposition who are seeking the bring down the United States because they didn't like the results of the last election.
Forgot to thank you for the shout out. It's nice to know you miss me.
Wow diamond that sounds a bit like us Brits toorolling on the floor laughing
So nice to be missed by a nursie. My kidnapper is a dikey hirsute muscular addict, who goes ooooot daily at about this time with her Amazonian wifey to cop their opioids. I can get at this IPad through a space in my dungeon door. Beware what we ask for, EH?
I believe, some Trump's lovers are, hiding?
some are afraid, you know, Trump could pay dearly

not now, but in 2020, he will be beaten by a woman

a Republican woman. Nikky Haley.gift

I know your Ego.......but read all comments first and you can perhaps figure out who it is.
for $350, Mexicans are buying flight tickets to Canada

once in Canada they cross to USAlaugh

I told Trump, you'll need a bigger Wall

Nikki Haley has potential....but she is not ready yet......and even there are full of Women in the Democrats trying, they mess up their chance, as they have split it up, into too many candidates.....that also show, how split the ideology is in the party over all.....so even they are all against Trump, the party looks more like 2-3 parties, trying to keep together in one party......so to be honest, as Trump is a survivor....it is better to not yet trow him out from the pack.
what you're saying, is accurate, I mean about Dem, they're like bird of prey

now, Trump will be defeated by a Republican, Dems have no chance

is good to be a non-affiliated-voter.
In my own case, just more productive uses of my time than blogging about politics..
I am pleased to report my first test of a home built phaser 'rifle' was a partial success. At 100 yards the AR500 3/4" target was holed with a 100th second burst. [A small steam burst and a lava spot on the hill behind.] That was the good part. Sadly the 1,400 pound prototype 'rifle' promptly self destructed and incinerated itself along with the nearby capacitors powering it. The amount of wattage needed to be released in a fraction of a second guarantees that the innate resistance of copper conductors guarantees immolation. Still reducing the 'rifle' weight from 3.5 tons to less than 1 has to be viewed as a good thing. Super conductors may be the solution, but the added weight of cooling apparatus would be a step backwards. Better materials need invention. I may not live to see the goal of a multi shot 8 pound phaser rifle, but it comes. beer
Look out Galaxy. Man, the dominator, comes for you. smile
you neeed a heat sink on it .
So do the capacitors and connecting cables. Impressive to watch buss bars vaporize. :) i am at a low 3% efficiency, but if i can get that wasted heat to the target, yowza..
Too much resistence between capacitor and unit , you need bigger cables to handle discharge capacity .
Any blogger in particular you're looking for Lou?


Yeah another problem is the capacitors are were old and re-purposed used/obsolete, etc. There is limit on how many farads can be squeezed out.in a given time and when you exceed manufacturer design, fires happen.
Most of the bloggers on here are in their late 90's although many of their pictures are actually of them in their mid 30, so maybe realty caught up with them and they kicked the bucket from old age, natural causesdunno

Have no idea what you are talking about...confused

Try Nam...laugh
Loulou, a red shirted man has been sighted at Club Med.
wave Lou!

What Ken said 'bout being occupied by IRL stuff.
Spring & all that, you understand.


"...in 2020, he (The Don) will be beaten by a woman

a Republican woman. Nikky Haley. gift "

Perhaps, meth. I'd never say NEVER.

But, as Bek points out, she may not be ready for the #1 position on a national ticket.

She does, however, appear to be damned well positioned & prepared to assume the VP slot should Pence...you know...'decide' wink to step down.

Ambassador Haley being 'positioned' as keynote speaker @ the Al Smith Dinner...

Ambassador Haley being tapped to run as The Don's Veep is a no-brainer.

She's a 2nd gen Murkun woman of Indian/Hindu descent (as in from India - not Native Murkun - like Honkyhontas Warren).
She'd neutralize the entire Dem/Lefty campaign strategery - slinging racist, misogynist, xenophobe mud at The Don.
True. They'd still have 'homophobe', as the Ambassador's not a lez'bun.
But what the hell - three outta four ain't bad thumbs up
They'd actually have to come up with an actual ISSUE on which to run confused
idea GREEN NEW DEAL!!! Predictable. Sooo Predictable roll eyes...rolling on the floor laughing

The Don would LOVE to do what no Dem - or 'Publcan - has ever done...put a woman on a WINNING national ticket. And a woman of color to boot.
Know that!!!

Her mere presence on the ticket would energize many voters as a final opportunity to stick it in Hildebeest's eye tongue

The Ambassador would be absolute Hell On Wheels on the campaign trail love
(See excerpts from her Al Smith Dinner keynote address in above roll eyes vid.)

Long story short...A Trump/Haley Ticket could prove unstoppable.

If the 'Publcans AREN'T preparing to run her as Veep, their political strategists are as stupid as those running things for the Dems. (Assuming the Dems HAVE anyone running things for 'em, of course.)
Maybe stupider, even. If that be possible.

And the NUMBER ONE all-time best reason EVER to run Ambassador Haley as Veep...

It'd set up a '24 matchup between her & Dem Congresswoman, Tulsi 'Surfergirl' Gabbard!! 1/2 Murkun Samoan & a Hindu...


Just having the brains to jump the DNC vice-chair gotta go before the SHTF shows her smarter'n the average Dem!!

daydreamNikki v Surfergirl '24 - a Presidential Hindu babe-fest love...happy place

Yet ANOTHER reason to re-elect The Don...


In case any of y'all haven't gotten the memo - Impeachment is now in limbo.
No way in hell is Congress gonna piss on that political 3rd Rail going into a political season.

Jersey Jim can go on sabbatical 'til Nov. 2020.
Good riddance. What a broken record bore!
yawn blah blah


I think you are very right, if Trump is smart enough, he put Pence out and Haley in and that could be the way for a surviving 4 years more.......and as Melanie has already point out, she don't trust some people in White House and as there was already speculations in public earlier about leaking and as one suspect was Pence....so If I'm not so much wrong, there are already dark clouds in Trumps trust, in his vice President.
Speaking of being back from a sabbatical - Great Seein' Ya Bek cheers

And remember...
It is better to be SEEN wow
Than VIEWED violin

the missing in action person, this person or member
is someone that likes to banned everyone that speaks out
against Trump. I've been banned by this person so many times
I do believe, the OP has been banned as well. So, it goes.
When those two mix it up it's Main Event shit, you betcha!

In THIS corner, from Vancouver, Canuckland, Leftttyy Looouu - The Blonde Bomber!!!


In THIS corner, hailing from Commiefornistan - The Great Right Hope, Lindsey 'The REAL Thrilla from Manilla' Jooonnes!!

What the hell BANNED?!?!
These two oughta be PROMOTED & guaranteed a percentage of the advertising purse!

The 1st advertiser is clamoring to sponsor bouts between The Bomber & Thrilla...



there are much more to see, than what ever happened in "Thrilla in Manila'rolling on the floor laughing
Going after liberals is more similar to "rope a dope". wink
Jezz Mic ,leave jungel Jim out of this , he has a hundred reasons to feel sad , he could be assessing the risks attached to putting a bet on Manchin getting nomination . Sort of "double or quits " bet . I don't think Manchin could win the presidency but hes a sensible bloke , looks a bit like a gangster , he might attract the union vote back the AOC has just lost for the DNC .
"Going after liberals* is more similar to 'rope a dope'". wink

It's a mistake to underestimate The Bomber, Miguel scold
That bleedin'-heart crap crying suckers opponents into dropping their guard...
Then the claws come out!!

I've seen her hold her own with Thrilla!
Best damned cat-fighting you'll find anywhere, mi amigo! cats meow

*professor 'Leftist' is the more precise term.
The REgressive Bigoteer Left Is No Longer Lib'rul scold

Learn the difference. KNOW the difference!!

"PLAY NOW: Kaleidoscope"(meet us in the games)

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