This blog is NOT about what it might seem.

Earlier this week a neighborhood were busy bringing their little ones off to school, when a walker by's attention was caught with sounds of banging and screams of a child, so of course she followed in its direction only to discover it was a little boy banging for help, unable to reach and open his front door, within seconds she rose the alarm to others, each and all tried to calm the boy down but he was to frightened and hysterical screaming over and over again mommies dead in a pool of blood... I don't know how they got into the house, but they did.

The young mother/woman in her early thirties was discovered unconscious upstairs in the bathroom in a pool of blood, an ambulance had been called and she was rushed to hospital.

Days prior to that morning, she had her 2nd vaccination, within a short time of receiving it, she developed a sensation rushing up and down one of her arms. She rang her doctor who reassured her its normal, can be expected. Following day it seemed settled but second day it returned but this time in both arms, the rush of the sensation seemed stronger/ more active plus she was experiencing pins & needles, numbness in hands and fingers... several times she rang the doctor throughout that day, each and every time he reassured her there was no cause for concern.

The vaccine CAUSED a blood clot/clots which were travelling through her neck when she threw up blood, had she of not puked them out when she did, she would not be in hospital recovering today. For the first 24hrs things were not looking too good but for now she's stable, one of her arms still limp, its too soon yet to say if its permanent or not, much nerve damage was mentioned.

Despite how this blog might seem it is not about the vaccine but the little boy instead.
I don't know him personally but I did meet him once in August at my grandsons birthday party, loud full of laughter and giddiness, what 8yr old child isn't... loved the bouncing castle, what child doesn't.

Yesterday was his third day without saying a word since that morning, doctors had told his parents this can happen when a body goes into server shock, such can be normal, expected, but the longer it goes on, is more cause for concern so appointments were arranged for him to return back to the hospital again.

Today was his fourth day and before posting this blog, I checked with my daughter to see how he is doing.... Finally the little boy has spoken yay applause

Even bad happenings can have good endings wine

" Sometimes" sad flower

If only we could press the replay button.

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Hi celtic

Hard to digest such news especially involving a small child.

I have had reservations re the effects of this vaccine but I guess I made the decision to try to survive against any odds.

I often wonder what state the world would be in now if we had not had any vaccines to fight the virus . Would the death toll be even higher. It really doesn't bear thinking about .sigh

Stay safe.hug
@TM, I'm not in doubt. When one understand how the vax works;
prepping your body for the real thing. Many millions of cases
would have had become serious if not for the vaccine. 4sure.
Hello Grandhug

Yes I think you are right and this site does nothing to help with all the for's and against's arguing the toss .sigh
wave Tiger, just so you know I don't disagree with you....
but if that young woman were my daughter, how different my view would be.

The woman had her reasons for fear and not trusting the vaccine but because she felt pushed by society she risked and put her own life in danger, and all because its not us against the virus anymore but we are, against each other instead.... these days its its hard to know which is most deadly.

Ozz, maybe don't come on my blogs if I stink ....
your nose is too precious to risk being infected comfort

This is your night to howl, isn't it?

Happy Hallows Eve.
It is what it seems and it is what it is....Just Say No and be healthy and safe from Big Pharma and Big Government, they only mean you harm and their financial gain......Fact

Hi Witchy wine
reunion My Lover

Hi YOU wave wine
Net him in Celtic, unless you wanna wait another decade. Don't.
Carpe diem.

Now why had I a feeling Ozz you were going to turn up here roll eyes lol

lol, u kno me by now ha

Only want da best 4u cv,
really want you to get off the marry go round,
but hey seeing you here 12-15y from now.. sure, but with myst by your side, would be great.
I ain't holdin jack back nomore... as u can c
go hunbun, go!

Life expectancy hasn't gone much up the last year n a half now has it?
whatt anybody at cs is waiting 4 is beyond me.

One day whooche... I'll be gone, I'm working on it nonstop. Had a date TODAY, irl.
Scared the subject again, but me gotta be me. One day Itchy, one day, we'll both succeed.
You have my word, but... dont' get too lazy there..


Oz, being on CS as in blogging doesn't mean I've gotten lazy....
just means what goes on in my real life, does not have to be shared in cyber space wink

But good for you applause
hope a second date shall follow?
But you know, as nice as it is, being all loved up with another, there's much more to life than just that.

Each of us to our own wine
Sure, I'LL PRETEND THAT I'LL LISTEN TO YOU purple heart professor angel
Sorry about the caps, was too lazy(..) to change it.
See you later, gator wine
That's alright Ozz and fret not comfort

You're not in for a spanking if you don't wink
Ok just testing the water?

30 plus days haven't seen Hyde nor hair of it, hope all is well wave

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
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