The mind works in strange ways.

I bet we all get 'Likes' but when one gets a bunch of likes over a period of time and still remain blocked by the persons sending the likes you ask yourself, duhhh????
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Maybe it's a new game, you send me one and I send you one, finished.drinking
What platform is this?
Here at cs they can only like you once is it not?
Liking and blocking at once is rather unusal thou... grin
I'll show you mine if you show me yours....laugh
Your message cannot be sent, because you do not fit xxxxxxxx's Mail Settings
To contact Bxxxxxxn you must meet the following criteria:

You must be Male
Your age must be between 49-99
You must NOT live in Africa
You must NOT be Separated
You must NOT be Married
You must NOT be In a Relationship
You must NOT be Not Single/Not Looking
You must NOT be looking for an Intimate Encounter

And yet she like me...crying crying
** likes
Common, can't you just take a flight to Europe to send her a message ha'...
Hwwat kind of man are you??
Old scared man....moping
Oh yes with some body parts missing.

This load shedding is crapthumbs down
But I've never met luke" ha ha ha
But i know you mean
Once there was this asian chick... I could not send a message cos of settings, but I noticed she looked at my profilicum sometimes, so I wrote a special message for here there.. and one day she actually DID fix the settings. So I was like.. juhuu... just to find out we had nothing to talk about very happy
When there's a will, there's a way...

If someone likes You and, after reading their profile You also like Them, then all you need to do is change your age, status or whatever, and send them a mail.

And... voilà !

I've done it, and it works!cool
@Danielle. You may need a vpn to adjust location? (africa)
You can change your status, also not that sure but most likely you can change country, but change your age is next to impossible. I would like be 10 years younger but...devil
Problem was that I was in Phuket and Pattaya.laugh
That's what one calls a Bummerlaugh
Believe it or not but a long long long time ago when my Handel was Stony I actually did change my country to communicate. Problem was I forgot about it and obviously cs mods caught on my ip address was not wherever I was. I was subsequently banned. So no, I'd rather not have a repeat.laugh
I'll just accept Sweden is for the Swedeslaugh
Why on earth do you want to be 10 years younger??? You are young enough as it is.rolling on the floor laughing
Haha. Ozzie...good point!
I suppose I could live in Africa, virtually and temporarily? wink
Of course, you can change your age, temporarily.
However, I wouldn't be interested in writing to some young lads and change my age to 30 years old. laugh
Danielle, aha...suppose that is why so many scammers "live in the usa" -

"am a love seeking gentleman and my name is James Rosebloom from ohio tennessee.
Have a doctorate degree in business science and fear god all the time.
Want to marry soon as relationship between man and women is holy under god" cheering banana
Every year it’s getting mad
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