If the dress don't fit

fake cape it doh

Anyways to get away from what really angers me very mad

what was your most successful fake job ever ....
by all means feel free to brag here grin
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And what is a fake job? Is it a female thingy?
laugh laugh Oz not a tall....
men can be fakes as well.

We all faked something at some stage or another so I don't believe there are any angels among us, even if they wish to remain quiet innocent

I'd lead with an example but nothings coming to mind at the moment confused
I suppose my best italian? fake job was once I was on town in
an army underwear shirt (winter underwear). lol
And I got les complimentoures du les filles laugh
You've lost me there a little so you can send a picture about what you're meaning conversing

I still can't think of anything so I reckon I've gotten through life without faking anything, other than the obvious of course wink
Did you ever sit down with a man and said... "Tom I love you, but you know what... I sometimes fake it.. and I wanna replace that by the real thing, so let's train you up some shall we?"
Yes he'd fall off the chair, but it would be a good test wunnit? heart beating

Something like this below
It's rough with more viseable seams (neck n shoulders) than you can see on this photo,
but in this direction. Beige/white.

Embedded image from another site
Is that the Marilyn Monroe dress?
The best fake job I ever read about was about a group of contractors tracking a group of African rebels or killers that was wanted for murder and mutilating kids in Sierra Leone. Apparently these guys were on the run for about 6 days before the group of hunters finally met up with them. That night the contractors entered the the rebels camp under the guise of also being rebels, ate the rebels food then shot the shit out of all 12 of them. That was the greatest fake story I have ever read about. If it was true I have no idea but a good story yes.head banger
I used to dance in a go-go cage at a disco, for pay.


Well - once.

But I made it sound like a bit of a career. laugh dance
You couldn't fake-it saying "Nooo, of course your Bum doesn't look big in that dress" uh oh
A lot of things are faked in the love department even if we don't always admit it.

Nice style Oz, would look better though with you modeling it wink
Indeed Chesney and it is, what was the most expensive dress in the world now no longer is doh
your good story sounds like it could be a good movie also popcorn

wave Luke
Aha... hehe. Thank you, I'd smash it up here if I had it laying around still.
They are extremely pop here, but as underwaer... only me wore it on the outside.
Well, with my you get real love. Or none at all.
Hi Itchy
I read so many of those type stories but forgotten two thirds of them already. But yes some were very interesting.laugh
I believe you Suzie and I'm sure you looked cute wink

Go-go dancing.... now that's a blast from the past wine
By any chance Ozzie, are you the milk tray man detective

I wouldn't worry about it too much Luke, it's not our fault we're not created with more storage space in our heads conversing
Yes, that looks like me.. once I get the tailwind in order..
Going with the trend of these days roll eyes
YES would be the ideal answer.
Nah" who you look like is Dennis Quid conversing
Ah the dress. Worn by a woman who had the body of a goddess. Wrangled onto Kim WHO buffalo with a bubble butt that hung out the back. I wondered what was going on..saw some lacing done to the dress. Finally saw reality. The dress had no zipper cause Monroe was sewed into it. So when the buffalo wore it, she had on a nude girdle and except for a middle lace...NO ALTERATIONS?!...her butt stuck out. There fore... a stole to hide it.
Ripleys got publicity..and hatred. Kim got to add her sweat to Monroes. And history is up for the right price.very mad doh
The buffalo lordy but I'm weak here laugh laugh

Couldn't agree more Orzzz with all you've said wine
Nobody's blown this one away, she's still here. laugh

confused I'm not sure which one is gone Witchy. wave
Merlot, with Kim's backside on this blog ...
hell man but a hurricane wouldn't blow this one away let alone a wind laugh
Some paperweight, Kim. laugh

Hey Witchy congrats on your new photo. thumbs up cool
Where's the Vogue rep when you need them. wave
I'm not a fan of compliments but thank you Merlotwave

Poor kim, she's gone from being called a buffalo to now a paperweight ....
good job she's not here or she'd find it a bummer

mmm well many moons ago i tried to fake i was drunk-------guess what laugh laugh
thumbs up cool wine
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