For men...

I have seen this in real life. In addition, I have seen this online countless times, and I have heard stories from my friends.

Women will come with the insult to a man, oh...your d*ck is small.

I had been talking with lesbians when a fancy sports car drove by, their first response was...oh, he is just trying to compensate...and one of them holds their pinky out. I have heard a friend of mine tell me once, that his ex-gf posted on FB about him having a small p*nis. I have heard women in a bar atmosphere call men on several occasions, small d*ck...this and that. Needless to say, there is just countless insults of this similar nature on the internet. I have even seen a guy, when I was living in the city attending a bar, he was wearing a shirt that said his p*nis was 4".

Now men.

Is this just an insult that women use? You know, just to try to belittle you and perhaps an attempt to rob you of your manhood. Or, is there something really to it? As time goes on, it is starting to begin to show that it really is not an insult that women use to try and hurt men, but in fact, it is a legitimate complaint that women have of men...they have a small p*nis.

It is a common statement that most women use when they are either angry at a man or a relationship with that man has just dissolved. Meaning there might be something actually to that statement. However, in my opinion, this proves there actually is something to that statement, that women actually do mean it when they say, a man has a small p*nis. In a recent interview, Jordan Peterson comes out and says that women are buying d*ldos. He says, not just any one either...he says they are buying huge ones. Thus, proving that the statement they are using towards men have meaning.

So lets say men, a woman is cheating on you or leaves you...and she says to you that you have a small p*nis. At that point, all you can say is thank I thought I did something wrong. If that is the only thing she can come up with is, you have a small p*nis...genuinely men, thank her.

Life itself is a miracle. It is such a miracle that we attribute it to our Creator. Our Creator made us in such perfection that we are able to live and reproduce on this planet. It is such a beautiful gift to humankind. Really, take a step back from all your emotional thoughts and look at the root of our existence. It truly is a gift...a thing of beauty.

Our Creator gave men certain body parts and gave women certain body parts so we can be fruitful and multiply.

So when a woman uses that statement, oh you have a small p*nis. Men, it is nothing you have done to them. It is our Creator that has endowed us with our gift to humankind, and women are not even grateful with that. It is not an insult to you is an insult to our Creator...their Creator.

Happy Saturday all.

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