My cousin died. :(

Yeah, my cousin Bob died on Wednesday. blues
His sister Susan e-mailed me on Thursday to let me know.

His wife (my cousin-in-law) Ann found him
on the kitchen floor, when she came home from work.
He had a stroke back in 2009.
That SHOULD have been a harsh warning to him
to get his health in order. scold

Bob was quite thin as a teenager,
but after he married, he swelled up like a whale.
Honestly, I partially blame it on his wife's fatty cooking.
Ironicly, her cooking isn't delicious at all, but quite fatty.
Plus, they liked baked goods too much too.
Lots of empty carbohydrates and fat,
not a good combination at all. scold

I mean, it's not all her fault.
She didn't shove the food down his throat.
He didn't have to eat so much of it
and he could have cooked too.

Plus, I don't think he exercised much at all, if any.
The combination unfortunately likely made for some
sizable arterial clogs.

The wakes were on Thursday morning & afternoon
and the funeral was Friday morning in New Jersey. blues
R.I.P. Bob. You were a nice peron. sad flower

He was only a year older than me. uh oh
I have no plans of joining him anytime soon. scold
I keep myself in excellent shape.
But, one never knows.
I could die in my sleep tonight. uh oh

You know what. I think I'll stay up a little longer tonight. laugh
This might be your last chance ever to give me a hug

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comfort You have my sincere condolences on the loss of your cousin hug
Jim, sad flowerbut i appreciate for u left the message for the people who don't take care of themselves. head banger
BB - thanks hug

DD - yeah, I figure if I can prevent at least one other person from an early grave, the extra effort is worth it.
Unfortunately, a lot of people do not take their health
serious enough and they get lazy about it.
My deep condolences, Jim. I'm sorry for the bad thing happened there. RIP. sad flower
Jim, my sympathies are with the you and the family of your cousins...sad flower

But, one never knows.
I could die in my sleep tonight.

You know Jim, life is very unpredictable at times:
I look after myself as well, healthwise,
healthy foods, fitness, jogs etc but I
ended up in the hospital 2 days ago cos
I blacked out....dunno dunno
Sending you many hugs hug hug hug Never know u know grin
s - thanks. bouquet

t - Yes and I've been worried about you.
I'm glad that you are still here & alive. hug
Did they figure out the cause ?
blues so sorry for u and your familys loss blues wish u all the best Jim bouquet hug
Not yet Jim. All my other tests came out normal so
am going a step further to do some scanning
and see what happens then. Other then that,
I'm well now like nothing has really happened
so am just crossing fingers the scanning results
will be ok too.....
Wow, he was only 48?
I too blame it abit on her.

Ok Jim, i know im the wrong gender for you but i'll make an exeption: hug Don't squize me too hard, i'm fraigle giggle

Jim, while we're at it... abit coffy and ordinary ceylon tea, is that ok for the health? I drink much tea, and maybe 1 cup coffy a day. coffee
BC - Thanks hug

T - I'm not sure which tests they did & didn't do.
But, it could be low blood pressure.
It could also be early stages of hardening of the arteries.
It could also be due to the flu, or even diabetes.

M - Yeppers.
Bro hugs are OK, but no squeezing at all, just pats on the back. laugh
Too much caffeine is not good for you, but it doesn't sound like you consume a large amount. peace
Yes your here one minute then 'poof!' your gone like a puff of smoke.
R.I.P Bobsad flower For the bereaved...Ann..hug
RIP Bob..sad flower
Sooo sorry for your loss RIP.....angel
blues So sorry!blues
sad flower hug
Sorry to hear that Jimcomfort comfort
Jim...sorry to hear about your loss sad flower
Now that I'm awake again (thank goodness),
thanks to everyone above who left a nice message.
Hugs and/or cheers to you all. hug cheers
Thanks C. wave
I believe exercise is at least equally as important. peace
my prayers are always with him, RIP sad flower sad flower sad flower
Sorry about your loss Jim. hug hug
Sorry for your loss jim hug
Treasure life its unpredictable!

Many hugs! hug bouquet teddybear
wave Jim

I missed your blog this morning when I was on line - always sad when a close family relative passes away - may your cousin Bob Rest In Peace sad flower

Your blog is a warning to all of us - get plenty of exercise thumbs up fatty food is a scold and have a chat with the Mrs about healthy food for the table or have a chat with yourself laugh

Take good care Jim - PS: I'll pass on the hug.
RIP Bobsad flower
Sorry to read this news Jim hug
So sorry for your loss Jim sad flower
Sorry to hear that Jim. Condolences.
Sorry to hear about your cousin Jim. My sister in law died Monday and we dont know why yet. She was to thin.
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