It Does Not Happen That Way

I’m still surprised at how many people join Connecting Singles believing that the love of their lives is going to drop into their laps over-night. That only happens in fairy land.shock

They don’t seem to realize that to find a partner here, you need to market yourself in a proper way just as you would in the real world? Those who cannot find love in the real world, won’t find it here either. They will only open themselves to scammers.doh

Some try too hard, some are too desperate, some are too full of themselves, some are too placid and some others are just too full of shìt. You have to find a balance in your assault. You cannot hunt a whale with a bow and arrow and you cannot shoot sardines with a harpoon. wow

Telling everybody how desperate and lonely they are will only solicit a little sympathy… and not even much of it which makes me wonder what they really want; sympathy or a partner?uh oh

And by shooting into the bunch, hoping for a random hit by indicating that just anybody will do, is rather lame and will achieve even less. All of us want to be special; chosen, not just another somebody picked in random fashion.flirty

While it is true that CS creates many more opportunities to meet people, you will not get it on a platter. CS only creates the platform from where to operate but when the opportunity presents itself, you have to make the best of it. professor

Yet, getting the attention of the opposite gender is not that difficult. There is no need to be extravagant in anything; actually most people don’t like that. To use that worn-out cliche; just be yourself. The average woman wants an average man and vice versa.grin

If you are neat, not standing out too much in the crowd (being dead normal) and dressed to the occasion, somebody of the opposite gender is bound to show some interest in you no matter where you are; be that a disco, a charity function or a church bazaar. The world is full of single people looking for somebody to share their lives with; all we need to do is to look around to see them.conversing

And I repeat, cruel as it may sound, if you cannot get somebody in real life, it is unlikely that you’re going to succeed here. sigh
cats meow cats meow

A wonderful day to all of ya!wave

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wave Hello Bob.

I am just stopping in for a minute! Interesting blog you have.
Hi Angel,
Puzzling to me, I don't really understand some people.
It was always easier for me to find someone on dating sites as I prefer the more introvert kind of men. There are more of them on dating sites than at public places.....where I also don't hang out anyway. Now it is too much work to read profiles so no more picking up men from the comfort of my own home.laugh
the funny thing is that I have never yet met somebody who I first saw here. Oh, I already knew a few I ran across here but that cannot count.laugh
I have also not met anyone here. The ones who contacted me were mostly scammers. This is not a good site to meet people from SA as very few of the so called Saffers are really Saffers.
that's true. It's really just you, me, Diova and Lukeon. Ah and then there is Soul_whisperer but she's new, we don't really know her.

At one stage there were probably more than ten of us. Wonder where they went?

Maybe! They met their match on here or there. Then off C's, they went!....head banger
hi Angel,
Of course there is somebody else but we prefer not to talk about that part of the family.blushing
Condemned666: "can i have some input please"(meet us in the profile reviews)

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