Happy Birthday To Lou & Wen!
Happy Birthday To Lou & You!
Happy Birthday To Lou-OOOO & Wen-eNNN!

cheers Grab A High Life & Sing Along, Y'all! buddies

happy birthday Lou!
happy birthday Wen!


Comments (49)

Happy Birthday, LouLou applause applause applause

cake Take one slice and the rest is mine! devil
drink pouring HAPPY BIRTHDAY! LOU.

WHOOHOO! ................................................................................... danceline

You beat me to the 1st comment - ON MY OWN BLOG shock

She be GOOD!

Happy birthday LouLou. Hoping the best for you. bouquet

@Mic. Tomorrow the 6th is my birthday am expecting the same birthday wish. laugh

cheers my friend.
smoking HMMMM!

beverage delivery beverage delivery beverage delivery beverage delivery beverage delivery beverage delivery
I got news for ya, Wen!

I posted this a mite early - to be sure Lou would get it on her birthday.
Which is tomorrow. July SIXTH!

Consider yourself well-wished (see modification to OP above roll eyes


roll eyes OOPS! SORRY.

You Have To Wait Until Next Year Hun.........

rolling on the floor laughing
@Angel. wave . laugh yes I am use to waiting for you. moping
Mic thank you. cheers

WEN! You've discovered a method for skipping birthdays?!?!

Tell me, wen, how exactly is that done?
Don't omit any details!

Mic. I probably should not say but going into Witnesses protection. Program helped a lot. laugh
To Lou & Wen,, two of my favorite peopleyay Have to WISH YOU A HAPPYBIRTHDAYparty danceline happy birthday and may you have MANY MORE,
Hi 1 my freind. Thank you cheers
hug angel

I b'lieve YOUR b'day isn't terribly far off!
We'll have to do this again then, eh? grin

Happy Birthday Wendanceline happy birthday balloons

Happy Birthday Louparty cake happy birthday

I hope both of you have awesome days!!!yay
Hoppy Birthday Loulou, the cute nurse. hug

And let me see, uh now wen is Wen's birthday? Oh, today also? Great!
Hoppy Birthday Wen.

To both of you, may your day be bright, joyous and all good things.
May all your days be such joyous as well, and I wish you both many upon many more happy, err hoppy birthdays to come.
cake bunny
drink pouring
@Rob and Jim. Thank you. handshake
Happy B-Day you two! thumbs up thumbs up
Johnny, thank you. cheers
You are welcome. I hope you are having a great day and making the best of it. :)
thanks all for the birthday wishes...wine

Wen have a good one and many more...my birthday is on the 7th...gift
Have a funtastic day gift gift
Happy Birthday, Wen!!

P.S MiMi ( the quality control supervisor ) just wanna make sure these cupcakes are yummy. wink

Sorry for getting too far ahead of the curve, lou flower


daydream I think this has been done earlier than the 7th other years.
Yes. I'm quite sure of that.
Suspect Lou is collaborating with Wen on that process for delaying/skipping birthdays.
Must find some way to infiltrate their research.
I'll bet the Russians got into it. They're good at that sort of thing.
And look at Putin. The guy never ages!

uh oh

Wen. Lou.

I've uncovered compelling evidence that Putin & his Commie goons have hacked your birthday avoidance program...

Russians are good at this sort of thing. As we all know.
You must promptly harden your programs against Russian hackers.
For obvious reasons.

Failure to do will result in cataclysmic consequences for the entire planet!
Ask Hillary.

uh oh

Trust #1 tinfoil hat
Hope you had a stunning day Lou and Wen.
LouLou, thanks and hope you have a great 7th. hug
Hi Mercedes, I like the funtastic day thumbs up

Thank you. hug
Hi Mic, well you remember my profile got deleted sometime back and I never found out why, now I believe you have discovered the reason. laugh

Now I am really going to be careful. moping :
Hi MiMi, quality control supervisor laugh that explains a lot.

Thank you hug
Luke, only you could come up with this video, rolling on the floor laughing

Thanks my freind. cheers
Happy birthday Lou...cake
Hey merc!

You're a Cancer. Like Lou & Wen.
That means we're in close proximity to YOUR birthday!
Has it been? Or is it yet to be?
Have you hacked into Wen's research and avoided it altogether?

If it's been - hope it was funtastic gift
If it's yet to be, let someone know; we jump on any opportunity for a party.

:dayfream:I remember at one of our parties...
Everyone was feeling Mary very happy
Then she left sad
We all jumped for Joy super
But she was too quick sigh


And if you've hacked into Wen's research and avoided it altogether?

Mic thumbs up laugh

Mercedes, out with it on the date, inquiring minds want to know.

Beware of Russia hacking. rolling on the floor laughing
Happy happy birthday Wen ....
best of wishes to you from me balloons

Lou ... catch you tomorrow wink
Spreading things out & extending the party...

thumbs up
Excellent, Witch! EXCELLENT! tip hat

Wish I would've thought of it!

Hi itchy, thank you it is always good to hear from you. hug
Happy Birthday Lou ?? n Wen ??
Mic mine was the 30th of June..Had a very funtastic day and thank you hug

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