Photo Caption Contest - Lion ride

Create your own photo caption(s) for the following photo, if you like.

My first entry is;

For lunch Leo opts for tourist takeout. wow

Here's the photo;

Comments (15)

I thought she said she wanted to do bare back riding but she still has clothes on her back.sigh
woman killed by lion. next
Of course the ride is safe ! No one has ever come back and complained.
"She thinks we're going out to eat, I'll pretend by sweeping her off her feet."
Interesting that you brought that picture up. We're all Bozos on this ship. we, humans are stupid by nature, dumb, as a specie. .

everyone wants to be special,by doing something special. looks at selfies, and all those "special activities".

after any accident blame anything.and everything we are good at that too
Flirting with disaster
"In news today police still have not solved the dramatic rise in missing persons complaints for the past 2 weeks.

Switching now to entertainment, the interactive circus is halfway in their monthly show.
This year they added interactive 'ride a predator adventure', which they say is a "ride of a lifetime".
JN. I'm sure lions are sturdy, esp. The adult males. But somewhere I recall that cats' backs, at least the domestic ones, are great for absorbing, through crouched legs, the jolts from even falls on high. But that they can't bear much weight as in this pic, which one hopes is a fake one---very fake. But not pigs apparently, and years ago a funny Norwegian lady friend sent me a post card of an enormous muddy sow, with a muscular, but equally muddy, farm girl on her back. A hoot.
She should have gone to Specsavers.
Ridem simba.
Aslan decides this is definitely Lucy's last trip to Narnia

That's true. Big cats cannot be used like horses or elephants for riding. sigh

I've always had a desire to ride a big cat. Of course, that is dangerous and impossible, but I would sometimes even imagine myself becoming very small, like a mouse or a small hamster and riding my own (domestic) cat. daydream

Wouldn't that be wonderful?! You hug a cat and she's so soft and warm and you ride fast through the forest together! daydream

A friend told me that with the advancement of virtual reality games - we could be able to do that with a virtual reality headset and a proper software. I can't wait! heart wings

(It's good that I'm not looking for a date on CS - I think that after this post - people would start thinking strange thoughts about me. laugh )
laugh laugh Wen thumbs up
"My day in the sun, spent Lion around"

Monica was honored to be chosen as "Miss Baby Back Rib", here being taken to her free one night stay in a 5 star den.

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