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I want to get married

I want to get marriedDo you still believe in marriage in nowadays?or you prefer to stay single?...

10,463123217Dec 2009Mar 17
lovers of country music unite

lovers of country music uniteTo show the world that there is still simple, decent music out there that is timeless and classic...

3,5847217Apr 2009Mar 5

ArtistsPurpose of this group is to share Art Ideas and to enjoy all things artistic.....

3,8604428Apr 2009Mar 5

INCREDIBLE INDIAI have noticed that many non-Indians have multiple wrong ideas about India and Indians. It’s time to revive. "We owe a lot to the Indi...

3,5744924Nov 2011Feb 25
Cougar Where older women date younger men

Cougar (Where older women date younger men )where quality cougar woman seeking for a perfect cougar dating meets, share knowledge and experience about dating younger.....

7,59694224Mar 2011Feb 19
40 plus friendship group

40 plus friendship groupRelationships can be complicated and difficult but you can never have too many friends . The purpose of this group is to form fun friendships just for...

9,42897230Mar 2011Feb 16
I promise to God to remain a virgin till marriage

I promise to God to remain a virgin till marriageSex outside marriage is sin ! This group also exists on Facebook. We must show the Gods power to this world....

1,606914Dec 2011Feb 14
Sex lovers

Sex loversfor sex relationships , SEX chat , flirting , hot talk sexy chat etc...

24,696189816May 2012Feb 12
No drama No games No liars

No drama, No games, No liarsThis group was created to weed through those who are not here for a real relationship....

13,709222350Apr 2011Feb 11
Radha Krishna and Gopi

Radha Krishna and GopiFind those who want to know? Who am I? Why I am human? Where do we go after death? How long we stay in Heaven or hell, is heaven/hell permanent? Why w...

4513Feb 5Feb 5
United In Age Gap Dating

United In Age-Gap DatingThis is a meeting place at Connecting Singles for guys seeking to date younger women, and younger women seeking to date older men. Preferably for long...

6,50463131Nov 2010Jan 27
Christian singles

Christian singlesThis group is for Christians who would like to meet other Christians to build a relationship for possible marriage...

1,4682341Jul 2015Jan 23
Lets Communicate How will we know each other

Let's Communicate, How will we know each other?Ok, so I have looked in at the groups, joined some, try to communicate, but there is a lack of communication. We all know that some are here on CS loo...

14624Aug 3Jan 22
i want to go canada

i want to go canadahi hi come and join this group...

3,2912765Apr 2011Jan 12
friends with heart

friends with hearti am looking for people who love to chat and socilise with others. people who are willing to be there if anyone needs some advice on anything....

3,1167439Oct 2010Jan 12
girls who want to marry

girls who want to marrygirls who only want to marry...

1,403627Aug 2015Jan 12
Gamers Club

Gamers ClubThis group is opened for members who would like to find people that have the same interest as themselves. Those who smash in Xbox, play on PS3 or any...

2,9112220May 2009Jan 10
Lonely Heart Club

Lonely Heart ClubI decided to sponsor this group because I'm a seperated spouse and I'm seeking Love & Marriage for the second time around.If you...

6,3469263Apr 2009Dec 25
irish singles

irish singlesGeneral discussion group talk about anything...

4,3631753Jan 2010Dec 23
Lusophony Lusofonia

Lusophony / LusofoniaWelcome to the Lusophony! Dedicated to all people who are interested and like the old and beautiful language of Camoes, this is the group to...

7511Dec 16Dec 16
Single Parents

Single ParentsThe purpose of this group is to have a meeting place for single parents. We can share parenting tips, problems, frustrations, joys, laughter, and sup...

6,46211375Jun 2009Dec 16
Deep and dark

Deep and darkFor secret consultancy...

4711Dec 14Dec 14
Asian Beauties

Asian BeautiesAnd the Men who Love to Love Them. This group is solely dedicated to bringing together all the Beau...

6,27164171Jan 2013Dec 5
Parlez franais Speak French

Parlez français / Speak FrenchAlimentation, amour, voyages, vins, animaux, Arts, cinéma, vidéo, sports, art de vivre, plaisir, livres, décoration, échanges, travail, passions, lang...

7923Nov 30Dec 4
big and beautiful ladys and their admirers

big and beautiful ladys and their admirersfor people to be proud of who they are not to be worrying bout wat other people think big is beautifull just be yourself we,ll love u for it x XX...

3,24734113Jul 2014Nov 27
Women who wrestle

Women who wrestle.To allow those who share the interest of wrestling and or catfighting either generally or as a fetish to connect and/or interact....

6912Nov 23Nov 27

HIV POSITIVE LIVINGI create ths group to teach each other about HIV some people are still scared to talk about it or even admit they still live in denail my aim as some...

9111Nov 25Nov 25
Cape Town Muslim dating for singles

Cape Town Muslim dating for singlesThe purpose of the group is to provide a platform for single muslims,, seeking their other half. To meet fellow singles, share experiences, learn fro...

7211Nov 19Nov 19
where are the good women looking for a good man

where are the good women looking for a good manthis a place for singles to meet....

15,729236278Jan 2010Nov 19

COUGARSThe Purpose 0f This Group Is For Us Older Ladies 'Cougars' To Have Conventions With Younger Men Seeking Dating,Relationships,Friendships...

7,10459125Feb 2011Nov 18

LGBTFor me personally I am confused and I would love to get advice from anyone willing to give it. This group doesn't accept hate of any kind and I would...

1,6771326Sep 2014Oct 19
Swirls Club Interracial dating

Swirls Club: Interracial datingThis group is for all the people Black and White who want to love and be loved by any person that has true love. Critics are welcome but plse, no rude...

4,5442660Jun 2010Oct 15
shy singles

shy singlesthis group is for shy people who sometimes find it hard to meet someone new.....

7,39567199Jul 2011Oct 14
come chill relax and get to know me ill make it

come chill relax and get to know me ill make itmy group is for people to get to know other good people not just talk about sex but talk about interst and whatever else interesting people want to kn...

11,309105170Aug 2009Oct 12
Poetry Group

Poetry GroupThis is a place where we can discuss new topics for poetry projects or challenges, talk about well known poets that we like - even Shakespeare! Hopefu...

5,55023459Jul 2011Oct 3
Looking to meet Your Scottish Knight or Princess

Looking to meet Your Scottish Knight, or Princess?Do you like Scottish Men/Women? This is a group for people all across the globe looking to chat with and/or meet Scottish Men and Women....

1,566414Dec 2010Sep 25
Opportunities at home

Opportunities at homeI created this group as the interview manager,work at home and earn big paywith no stress...Can you do Data Entry?...

15724Jul 27Sep 13
people looking for honest love

people looking for honest love ...This group is to help other loving people find true love in a cold fearful world ... THIS IS NOT A SAME SEX ABOMINATION GROUP WHAT SO EVER. PLASE DONT...

2,3301472Nov 2012Sep 9
Teachers of the World

Teachers of the WorldI thought it`d be fun to get to know and share experiences with other fellow teachers from all over the world. Interested?...

2,6223417Apr 2009Sep 3
cat friends

cat friendsthis is a group for one of mans best friend...

2,3151217Sep 2009Aug 31
Se habla espaol

Se habla españolUnir a los hispano hablantes de CS...

391454Jul 2017Aug 27
women 40 with small children still at home

women 40+ with small children still at home....the reason for this group is to discuss children and how our dating fits in. Do you find it hard to get a serious relationship going? How hard is it...

1,000212Sep 2012Aug 18
Alex7: "Happy Birthday ! "(meet us in the ecards)

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