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blueners official f4f club

bluener's official f4f clubhuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

11,4212,10811Jul 2012Apr 2013
Weight management

Weight managementDue to the sensitive nature of this group I will limit it to invited members only for the moment just to see how it works out but if you do want to jo...

5,8957095Apr 2009Jan 2011
DateHookup Rejects

DateHookup RejectsPeople from their late 30's to their early 50's can join...

3,26037712Mar 2011Aug 2012
BBW Fan Club

BBW Fan ClubThis is a BBW (BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMEN) Group for all Lovely and Curvy Ladies and the MEN who love us. Go ahead and Join this is a great way to conect wit...

23,286321256Apr 2009Jan 2017
Analytical Minds

Analytical MindsEnjoy questioning questions? Finding reasons for the unreasonable? things like that? Come on in and see if this groups for you!...

5,57624433Apr 2009May 2013
where are the good women looking for a good man

where are the good women looking for a good manthis a place for singles to meet....

15,729236278Jan 2010Nov 19
Poetry Group

Poetry GroupThis is a place where we can discuss new topics for poetry projects or challenges, talk about well known poets that we like - even Shakespeare! Hopefu...

5,55023459Jul 2011Oct 3
No drama No games No liars

No drama, No games, No liarsThis group was created to weed through those who are not here for a real relationship....

13,709222350Apr 2011Feb 11

SCOTLAND GroupTo promote Scotland and it's culture, scenery, history, humour, poetry, music, literature, art, architecture...

5,37422236Dec 2009May 2014
40 50 year old

40-50 year oldwhere people our age can mingle......

5,40420472Mar 2011Jun 2017
Flirting and Making Love

Flirting and Making Lovejust join and have fun...

17,679192164Apr 2009Aug 2016
Sex lovers

Sex loversfor sex relationships , SEX chat , flirting , hot talk sexy chat etc...

24,696189816May 2012Feb 12

THE IRELAND FORUM MEETERSThis is for people who have met up at CS meets in Ireland to catch up and keep in touch. Have a laugh and plan future events. Im just updating this...

4,05718515Feb 2010May 2010
50s and over

50's and overFor all of us at this age that can relate and want to get to know each other....

8,850181108Feb 2010Aug 5

SPANISH SPEAKERS OR LEARNERS GROUPConversación, literatura, foros, arte, chistes......

2,70515133Jan 2013Dec 2016
dog lovers community

dog lovers communityFor dog lovers, what kind of dogs you owned or would like to own? share your story here i own a labrador retriever name max...

5,85514683Jul 2009Jun 2015
Gardeners Delight

**Gardeners Delight**Share gardening tips and stories with people from around the globe!...

3,25414319Apr 2009Aug 5
travelling partner

travelling partnerPurpose is to connect people who like to travel and discover the world. And for those who want to find a t...

7,165131133Nov 2010Mar 2016
The Sisterhood

The SisterhoodThis group is for wom...

3,7761232Apr 2009Sep 2009
I want to get married

I want to get marriedDo you still believe in marriage in nowadays?or you prefer to stay single?...

10,463123217Dec 2009Mar 17

CLASSICAL MUSICDiscussion of the great masterpieces of the classical masters (composers). Teaching one another to get started learning to enjoy classi...

3,52411717Apr 2010Sep 2016
Single Parents

Single ParentsThe purpose of this group is to have a meeting place for single parents. We can share parenting tips, problems, frustrations, joys, laughter, and sup...

6,46211375Jun 2009Dec 16
come chill relax and get to know me ill make it

come chill relax and get to know me ill make itmy group is for people to get to know other good people not just talk about sex but talk about interst and whatever else interesting people want to kn...

11,309105170Aug 2009Oct 12
Paranormal Group

Paranormal GroupTo discuss the parano...

4,68510331Jun 2009Jul 2016
Grow your own food Group

Grow your own food Groupa hands on group to discuss the raising of meat and the growing of fruit and veg the easy way, bee keepers welcome, all my methods are old fashioned a...

2,7521036Apr 2009Nov 2011
Muslim people in the world

Muslim people in the worldi like know about muslim people aruond the world , their realationship , their culture , their problem , ......... you can share this with all people...

4,28610147Dec 2010Sep 2016

MisfitsIf you feel like you don't really fit in any of the groups listed so far then join here....

3,6359915Jul 2009Aug 2011
Inter Racial Relationship

Inter Racial RelationshipTo create one race among all races, ensure friendship, love, affection and common sense that we are all one in all we are not different from one anoth...

8,72397133Aug 2009Apr 2016
40 plus friendship group

40 plus friendship groupRelationships can be complicated and difficult but you can never have too many friends . The purpose of this group is to form fun friendships just for...

9,42897230Mar 2011Feb 16
Motorcycle Riders

Motorcycle RidersDiscuss Rides and motorcycles...

3,9289622Apr 2009Apr 2015
Retired Group

Retired GroupRetirement is a milestone in life. Freedom from the work environment allows time to be use for our own pleasure. Singles in retirement can have a ha...

3,2229520Apr 2009Mar 2015
Cougar Where older women date younger men

Cougar (Where older women date younger men )where quality cougar woman seeking for a perfect cougar dating meets, share knowledge and experience about dating younger.....

7,59694224Mar 2011Feb 19
Lonely Heart Club

Lonely Heart ClubI decided to sponsor this group because I'm a seperated spouse and I'm seeking Love & Marriage for the second time around.If you...

6,3469263Apr 2009Dec 25
Foodies Corner

=Foodies Corner=Do you love food? Then join in sharing recipes, good restaurant advice and general chit chat surrounding glorious food!...

3,0838814May 2009Jul 2013
Lonely but with hopes

Lonely but with hopes....I'm creating it for people that feel like me lonely but with hopes to find their charming person....

6,0078459Jun 2009Jun 2015
Best Recipes Group

Best Recipes GroupFor all those wanting to collect a variety of excellent recipes, good enough to serve to the Queen. Please enter your recipe here.[/col...

2,2038319Apr 2010May 2014
The Travellers Group

The Travellers Group!!!!!This group is for WORLD travellers who would like to meet a partner that also travels, Because lets face...

4,41477113Jan 2013Aug 12
friends with heart

friends with hearti am looking for people who love to chat and socilise with others. people who are willing to be there if anyone needs some advice on anything....

3,1177439Oct 2010Jan 12
three amigos

three amigosto help each other with work issues and responsibilities...

2,492735Apr 2009Feb 2010
lovers of country music unite

lovers of country music uniteTo show the world that there is still simple, decent music out there that is timeless and classic...

3,5857217Apr 2009Mar 5
BENIDORM 2010 April 10 17

BENIDORM 2010 ( April 10-17 )A place to share information on travel, accommodation, activities etc .. anything basically. Here's to a fantastic CS event folks :-) Big than...

2,2217112Feb 2010Mar 2010
Alone and Broken Heart People

Alone and Broken Heart Peoplethis is the group dedicated to all those who are alone like me. so that we can share our feelings. because to be alone is very painful...

3,9796769Jun 2011Jul 2016
plavitrol: "Feb 14th"(meet us in the blogs)

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