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RE: Great Britain sends 2 Naval ships

Britannia will rule the waves again.

RE: What are your wishes for your estate should you ever pass on?

Deedee! I'm very offended at you laughing at the thought of my demise....scold

I was going to give you a Ming vase but not any there!

RE: Covid

Good stuff.
I'm looking forward to it because it will mean no more wearing the baseball cap I've had to wear since cutting it myself a few weeks ago.uh oh

RE: What are your wishes for your estate should you ever pass on?

When I die my estate will be divided equally among all my tenant farmers who live on it. Each will have their smallholding. They will probably be so grateful that they will erect a statue to me.
My house will be turned into a museum or something similar that people can visit for a small fee.

As for my body, it will of course be put in the family crypt on the south side of the estate.

RE: Covid

Make sure those kids are yours.......insist on a paternity test.

Walk around city centre
have pint in beer garden
have meal out
visit several homestores
get haircut

RE: Happy Birthday to a real legend

Have a good one Dino!

RE: Ladies , what kind of man do you like ?

thumbs up
Fair play to you. Yeah it was ok thanks.

RE: Ladies , what kind of man do you like ?

laugh thumbs up

RE: We need your prayers.

Sorry to hear that rocky, may she rest in peace.

RE: 8th March

This day last year my house-mate said to me, 'wish me a happy women's day'. I did and then I asked her when was international men's day. She stared at me for a minute and then said, 'that's every other day of the year'......uh oh


RE: Lord. Please Have Mercy on the U.S.A

My home town has the highest incidence of covid in fact it's 3 times the national average.

RE: Intelligence Test

That thought crossed my mind!

RE: Intelligence Test

Ok...........well I hope Ali puts us out of our misery soon!

RE: Intelligence Test

Shane and Sheila got married, but not to each other. But that still doesn't explain how Sheila got pregnant being a virgin. Mmmm.......

RE: How important is communication to you?

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RE: How important is communication to you?

Don't see what that has to do with anything I said. There are always exceptions to the rule, I was speaking from my own experience just as I'm sure you were speaking from yours.

RE: How important is communication to you?

Are you referring to me Luna?

RE: How important is communication to you?

I fully agree. Putting aside that awful woman and her lack of discretion I have always found that women don't share everything in their lives with their partner, as men often do. Every woman has her secrets and sometimes she will tell another woman things that she wouldn't tell her partner despite being with him for decades, and only just getting to know the woman she has just met.

RE: Halcyon days ....

Yeah it's funny that, the things that people like can have the opposite effect on other people. I loved the crowds, the novelty, the presence of girls, the whole environment. By the end of it I felt the total opposite but those first days were good alright.

RE: Halcyon days ....

Going in through the gates of university the first few times, full o hope and expectation, that was pretty good.

RE: Halcyon days ....

I don't have that many I'm afraid, I've a lot more of the opposite.

RE: How is the crime situation in your country?

I agree with you apart from your last sentence. The death penalty is cruel and inhumane and doesn't even work.

RE: It's been nice.....

Sorry to hear that Tara, keep a record of some of the things he sends so you can show it to the authorities.

RE: Favorite Guitar Players

Lindsay Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac is a good guitarist.

RE: Jack of all trades...

You want a spark? go get an electrician.....that's what I always say when they say there's no spark...mumbling

RE: Warning....anything I type in this thread...maybe in french

You are my bete noir.

RE: Cautious

You mean your name isn't Tara?'......doh

RE: On a man or woman..

A big turn off, unless you want to date a werewolf.

RE: The Irish.

It would be nice to see you leave, as you did the last time, only this time don't return.

RE: Are you a dullard?

laugh thumbs up

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