RE: What is your age group?

I happened to vote in "men group"!dohlaugh
Sorry about that Soloseeker!handshake

(You should have put women first!laugh)

RE: When I write to any one in connectingsingles they write back saying that they will write to us regul

When I write to any one in connectingsingles they write back saying that they will write to us regul....?

I don't know what you mean, but you're probably disappointed the women you're writing don't reply to you. That happens to most here. A good idea is to read their profile carefully and read their preferences. Perhaps is better to narrow down your search and write to women who're living closer to you. Good luck!thumbs up


I wouldn't think any of us are looking for a partner, you'll get to meet couple of times of the year (I might be wrong blues). There are so many practical and financial issues to plan for a future in another country. I think a LDR could be easier in younger ages.
I'm not ready to break up for a LDR outside the Scandinavian countries. There are long distances within my own country too!

Good luck to who're willing to give a LDR a try! thumbs up


A long-distance relationship for Ali?
You'll get to see your wife on Easter and Christmas - it would be something to look forward to!wow laugh hug

RE: Would you trust a relationship coach that's single ?

I didn't know such profession existed!wink laugh
I'd better try one before I can give an honest reply!thumbs up

MrRick, did you waste your money?dunno
Do you recommend a relationship coach?dunno

RE: Would it make you feel untrusted by your partner if they asked you for a prenumptial agreement?

I would sign a prenuptial agreement. It's just a natural thing to do, before getting together in a wedding or just living together without being married. You should feel comfortable with yourself before moving together with him. A good idea is to have an open discussion about it before the wedding. If there's any doubts from either side, the wedding should be delayed.
Good luck to you!handshake


If you're living in Sweden, make sure the city you're "living" in, match with the right county! Basic things and should be corrected.

We don't want you to be misunderstood!wink

RE: If I said I was Jesus!!!

Then you'll have come up with some sort of scientific evidence first!wink

Even if you were Jesus, I wouldn't crucify you. That's a cruel thing to do. I want you to live forever, so people can worship you and follow you wherever you go. Would that be a cruel destiny? wink

and your mother!thumbs up


RE: what is it women really want ?

Yes, but someone close to her own age!thumbs up dancing

RE: what is it women really want ?

I don't think you need a background check!wink
You two just meet up somewhere you can dance!laugh banana wave

RE: I need a good man Where are you?

2 chicks and his house will shine like never before!thumbs up cool laugh

wave handshake

RE: what is it women really want ?

You'd better send her a video clip!laugh wave

RE: Invasion of privacy or right to know?

I don't think I'd make any "research" at all; I let it take the time it's necessary to get to know each other. If there are trust between two people from the beginning, the pieces will fall together without any investigations. I wouldn't continue to meet someone, who are not talking openly about everything. I certainly wouldn't want to live with someone I must "ask questions" all the time. A relationship is based on mutual respect and trust.

Making an investigation = there's no trust at all!dunno

I just wonder how you can build a relationship upon something without trust? confused

Meeting someone from far away, don't give the same opportunities to get to know each other due to the distances.wink

RE: grammar nazi police.

I've never reported you for anything!dunno grin

(understandable English orgrin)

RE: Dating

Let's hope our wishes come through next year, I'll find my defMAN and you'll find your cyber girl!thumbs up laugh handshake cheers

Just fun Ali, I hope we both will find what we're looking for!hug

RE: Dating

Hi Alihandshake

Will you have girlfriend to celebrate to new year?wink

cheers wave

RE: love


RE: grammar nazi police.

No, I'm not a grammar police and wouldn't want anyone to check my spelling either.
I'm not a native English speaker!wink
I'm just a foreigner here!rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Breast implants, the gift that keeps on giving?

I bet you'd like that!grin

To all women:
Just be happy with yourself and there's no need to think of your breast at all.thumbs up

If a man is the one to decide about your breast, you take your biggest shoes on and pick the biggest mud pool you can find and kick him right in the back!

RE: "Super Romantic Genius"..

Too much text to read pal; I'm a foreigner!laugh

Christmas is over!

Have you been watching TV again?wink laugh


Christmas is over!

Thank you hotrodlarry!hugthanks
I'm a lot happier woman now. Something to look forward to...New Year.cheers A brand new year; to learn to write 2014 instead of 2013wink

Happy New year to you too!handshake hug wave

Christmas is over!

Thank you tom. I have never counted how many times I've crossed the border. It's numerous of times.

The Santa could make it to our neighbours in Norway too:


Christmas is over!

blushing doh grin

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Happy Christmas pedalguy!handshake wave cheers santa waving

Christmas is over!

laugh rolling on the floor laughing handshake

Of course..I forgot the New Year!laugh

Happy Christmas to you!handshake santa waving

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