RE: Scammers

Of course they have a heart. Take them all to your heart and you'll get lots of new friends.grin Please remember to ask them for money and you'll get a rich man!cool

RE: do you loose motivation sometimes to reply to messages?

International dating site sounds like a great idea, but let’s be realistic for a short while.
How many would give up their job, friends and relatives, especially when they have turned 50 and move to a foreign country without a social network?
How many are able to learn or have the motivation to learn a new language when they’ve turned 50?
The biggest issue would be finding a job in the new country; I’m not talking about an unqualified job. There are quite a few obstacles to consider.

As I see it, the other one has to be quite wealthy to support the other one!!

I’m sorry Rogerzoekt, but I’ve no advice at all for you, I can only wish you good luck here.

RE: Scammers

I agree to that!thumbs up

Who knows, you could very well be my neighbour!grin laugh

RE: Should Dental care be free?

It's not even free in the Scandinavian countries, where we pay high taxes. Well, it's only free for people under 18-20 years (varies between the counties).

RE: Is CONNECTING SINGLES a waste of time?

yes, Pedal, we're on a free site and not too much to steal I guess.

RE: Is CONNECTING SINGLES a waste of time?

As I recall people's credit card data were also stolen.

RE: Is CONNECTING SINGLES a waste of time?

I can't tell if CS is a waste of time. It's all about what you're looking for.

I find it relaxing doing some puzzles and to beat myself on the games!dancing

Perhaps you should try other sites too, if you're looking for a match, but remember there are scammers on all places on the internet. Life isn't easy!grin


Happy Birthday 2INTRIGUED

What a wonderful place CS would be, if we had more people like 2INTRIGUED!
Happy Birthday girl!

gift teddybear hug happy birthday party danceline


I agree!!cool grin

RE: Feeling lonely...

I'm new here, haven't seen you before!rolling on the floor laughing laugh

I guess you have "moved" back "home" now!thumbs up handshake

RE: Feeling lonely...


It seems like your thread has been hijacked!hijack

It happens once in a while!laugh

RE: Happy Birthday Kaybee!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Kaybee!

gift party happy birthday

RE: Renewing your Passport - costs-

I apologize; I was reading Wikipedia!handshake I really thought this was standard in EU!

RE: Renewing your Passport - costs-

The biometric passports contain an RFID chip containing the passport's printed data in a digital format along with the photograph in a JPEG format and fingerprint data. The European Union requires fingerprint data to be stored on the member state's passports.

Since this is an international site, most people would understand the $sign.laugh

You'd better go to an IKEA, they have meatballs there!cool dancing

RE: Renewing your Passport - costs-

Yes, you're a member in the European union and you're also entitled to vote for an Italian candidate in the European Union election (next time 2019). I guess you'll have to send your current address to the Italian authorities, so they know where to send your Italian vote paper.

RE: Renewing your Passport - costs-


Yes, it's a she and me strongly believe "senorita" Popper lives in Argentina!laugh


RE: Renewing your Passport - costs-

A Swedish passport costs 42 US Dollar and it's valid for 5 years.
Our passports have a microchip with bio-metric data.

RE: Why do Finnish people love Metal?

ok, that's great. Mexico it's anice country.

RE: Why do Finnish people love Metal?


Why do I have a feeling, we have met the OP Before?laugh

Hi 2intriguedwave

RE: Why do Finnish people love Metal?

Do you enjoy "living" in Mexico?laugh

RE: Why do Finnish people love Metal?

Why would a "Mexican" care?rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Should EU adopt australian immigration rules?

Adopting or not, I Think Europé need to find a brilliant solution how to stop the people smugglers!!

People smugglers are using Facebook to lure migrants into 'Italy trips'!

RE: You, Tourism, Pollution and Destruction, DoesYour Country is Negatively or Posstively Affected by F

Thanks for welcoming me!handshake

I guess more people are interested visiting France, the Scandinavian countries are not the cheapest countries to visit.

I feel safe here regarding pollution, but you can never know what Russia comes up with, it's a Close neighbour.
Our drinking water is of top quality!
I don't worry too much about pollution, as I feel safe that our authorities are doing their job!

RE: You, Tourism, Pollution and Destruction, DoesYour Country is Negatively or Posstively Affected by F

I don't think my country is negatively affected by the tourists. We don't have flocking tourists here.


I'm Always serious!grin



HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRUHEART or I hope it was good!

gift cheers bouquet



Try Sweden

RE: Name the new princess, see how many of us are right!

You Think so Chris?wink

I Think they'll name her Diana as second or third name!thumbs up

I noticed many voted Diana!laugh

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