RE: S h i t

Isn't it amazing? blues Just one of nature's wonder!cartwheel

RE: Should English be the spoken language of the world ?

I think MrRick and everybody else should learn SWEDISH!cartwheel

RE: ~~Identify The Song~~:help:

Male or a female vocalist? It might help little.
Why don't you sing the words you do remember?
It might help to know the melody!thumbs up

RE: Legalize Drugs

Not in my country!wink

If all states in your country decided to legalize drugs, I couldn't care less!wow laugh

RE: the American dream

I was going to ask the same!thumbs up

What exactly is the American dream?confused

If it means freedom, many other countries have it too.
If it means to reach a certain level of personal satisfaction, you can reach it elsewhere too.

If the "American dream" means to make "a lot of money", you don't need to go to USA to reach your goals!

I don't know what the "American dream" is!wink

RE: Who you gonna call in case of a lost e-mail?


He and other people who're afraid of loosing emails, should PRINT all emails! cartwheel

RE: Should Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize be revoked?

Many people were asking the same thing, when it was announced he got the Nobel Peace Prize.

There are many things in this world one don't understand!confused

RE: As a Muslim I would like to pointed out several points:

Ok, now you have spoken out about your religion or what it's important in your life.
Are you happy now?dunno

RE: Hunting

The annual moose hunt has started in northern Sweden (the bear hunt started earlier). There are lots of hunters, both men and women, out in the forest now. Hunting is necessary to have a balance in our ecological system. We need to hunt or we'd have lots of people killed in traffic accidents with wild animals involved. I'd never anything that have been road killed.

RE: What do you think of Marijuana?

It's a drug and I'd never date someone who uses drugs!

Drug addicts can date each other!laugh

RE: Shoe fail

It was the prime minister of Sweden!laugh

Obama met the prime ministers of the Nordic countries in Stockholm.

RE: Which is the best foreign language after english??

Nothing could be more frustrating than not having a mutual language to communicate in!dunno

I had a guide who only spoke Ukrainian and we couldn’t communicate in any level.
Body language won’t take you anywhere, when you need to ask a lot of questions!

RE: Who is easier to believe in ?

At least he is a better choice to me than given options in the poll! He doesn't have too much power, mostly representing he country, like in the picture! laugh
He's a quite funny man and has humour!thumbs up

RE: Who is easier to believe in ?

I don't believe in Santa, Jesus or Obama, but I do believe in this man, our king, the best king in the world!thumbs up

RE: Girls, what do u like more: big or thick

Girls, what do u like more: big or thick

This is a typical question you'd expect a teenage boy would ask, not a grown-up man in your age!confused

RE: Inside

laugh laugh
You should have made a poll with different options like MrRick!wink hug

RE: Which is the best foreign language after english??

Russia is not a bad idea to learn!thumbs up
I've been to Russia twice and wish that I'd known a little bit more Russia than NO, YES and THANKS!laugh

RE: Which is the best foreign language after english??

Swedish is not an easy language to learn; it's too many exceptions and strange letter combinations of sounds to learn and also quite a few dialects that differ a lot from each other. Good luck to your language studies!thumbs up

Most people in the Nordic countries speak English.

RE: Greetings to all women

Why are you still here then?laugh handshake

RE: Banned from a poll thread

I agree!thumbs up

I've been here for some years now and have been banned quite a few times, but don't take it personally. Banning other people from the threads or polls just reflects lack of social skills.

RE: Is it wrong to go to court with a beard ?

You'd better shave before going to court MrRick!cheers peace

RE: Would you give CPR to a dying homeless person?

I've a training in CPR and will certainly give CPR to anyone in need.

RE: Are Men more Intelligent than Women ??????????

Posted by an "intelligent" man!!rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: where do you like to go for a first date.

To meet half way on a neutral ground (the Atlantic Oceanconfused laugh)!

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