How to Capture and Share a Screen Shot

How to Capture and Share a Screen Shot

Have you ever wished you could provide a visual representation of an error message you are seeing? Or that you could show others at work a neat way to accomplish a task? If you have ever wanted to share what was on your screen you are in luck. In fact the Windows operating system provides a simple way to do just that.

Capturing a screen shot of your PC is a simple process, especially if you have Microsoft Office installed on your computer. When you have the window you want to capture, simply make it the active window by clicking on it. You will see the borders of the window darken to let you know it is now the active window.

After the window has been selected, the next step is to press the Alt key and the Print Screen key at the same time. The Alt keys are located on the bottom row of the keyboard, right by the spacebar. There are two of them and either one will do. The Print Screen key is labeled PrtSc and it is located on the top right hand side of the keyboard right past the F1-F12 function keys.

Pressing Alt and PrtSc at the same time will move the screenshot to your clipboard. After it has been placed on the clipboard you can simply open a blank Microsoft Word document or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Once the blank document is open simply click the Edit menu and choose Paste from the drop down menu. Alternatively you can simply click on the Paste button on the toolbar (if there is one), or click Ctrl and V on your keyboard to paste.

No matter which method you choose, you will now see a picture of your screen in your document. From there you can simply save the screenshot as you would any other Word or Excel document. From there you can share the file, email it or use it for troubleshooting.

If you are looking for an even shorter way to share your screen or document an error message you can even paste the screenshot into an email message. Simply use the Alt-PrtSc key combination to capture the screen, open a new email and paste the message into the body of the email. You can then send it to your tech support personnel or share it with a coworker.

As you can see, capturing a screenshot is actually quite easy, and this ability is one of the most powerful features of modern computers. Screenshots can be used for so many purposes, including creating manuals, designing presentations and more.

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Icecream Screen Recorder
i know this allready with the windows sign+printsceen on your keybord and push them in both
Very informative. Till now, I have been reporting error messages by giving a description of the contents. Capturing screen shots and sending the same as feedback would make reporting easier.Thanks
The fastest way to capture ScreenShots (ScreenDumps) is with IrfanView - a freeware program (for private use) that can view and convert various picture formats, do setup and playback slide shows, upload them to the Internet or burn to CD/DVD, play audio and video files and even do picture manipulations (corrections / edits) as well as conversions from one into another format - even convert all files of a directory if you need to - and rename the filenames, too.
- Too much? - Have a look at: (±1.3MB)
(Don't forget the add-ins which allow yo to do even more ... - ±6.8MB)

IrfanView also has a Scanner Feature, that can even number the filenames of your scans. If you have a Multifunction Machine it also allows you to use this via the ADF (automatic document feeder), in colour or black and white.
- Scanning pages of old lever arch files to (black and white) Fax Group 4 format (even up to 600 dpi), gives the smallest format possible for these electronic documents to be preserved on CD/DVD.
Many output formats are selectable.

After downloading and installing the program you can start the program and just type "C" (for Capture) and setup the basics as you prefer it (The capture can even be done with or without the mouse pointer visible in the output. The ideal tool to write up software instructions.).
By selecting the Hotkey you can save the ScreenShot directly to a file on your hard disk drive (in the selected folder, with the filename date and time stamp you like).

Try the program. You will love it. It may take a little getting used to, but if you get stuck read the HELP file! (Press F1).

Scanning trough all pictures in a folder, is a dream - just double click on any file to load (if its filename extension is linked to IrfanView) then turn the mouse wheel back and forth to scroll to the next picture or hit the SPACE or BACKSPACE.
Pressing ENTER switches between command mode and full screen mode!

So far for today ...
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