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Who is Training Who

A few may remember Lucy the dog I inherited when a friend passed several months ago. Joyce was the previous owner, she was very pretty and sweet, I miss her but was blind sided when I got the dog, did not see that coming.

Joyce slept late and I'm a very early riser. Lucy still wants to sleep late but is learning that the ritual in this home is to rise early. Bella starts my day by being so excited the minute I open my eyes so we have a little love fest with baby talk, petting and just slipping into the happy morning mode. I jump up, make my bed and then go to the bathroom for the hygiene ritual. Then when I look at the bed I see that Lucy has thrown off the decorator pillows right on the floor. So it seems I get to make my bed twice a day.

I don't know who is training who. Is she throwing the pillows off to show her distaste of early mornings? When we go on the morning walk several people (more people know Lucy than me) ask her what she is doing up so early. Cracks me up.

I used to give the girls a morning snack before the walk but because Lucy is gender confused and thinks she has to pee on everything like a boy dog I decided snacks would wait until after the walk, hoping to motivate her to want to hurry home for a treat. I'm into the third week changing the treat schedule and so far peeing on everything is more important than hurrying back home. I have to say that I do enjoy walking along side the little canal watching for gators. Mostly I see turtles which I enjoy seeing, alligators on the other hand make me scream like a little girl.

I recently learned to turn egg shells into powder. Egg shells are full of calcium and You Tube had a video on why one should put a powdered egg shell into the smoothie. I recently had learned to crush the egg shells for the dog food or fertilizer for plants but I had never turned it into powder. I saved the empty egg shells in the egg carton until I had a dozen then I pulled out the gear to grind them into powder, took all of 20 seconds or so. That dozen shells filled half a tiny little jar but all I need for a batch of dog food is half a teaspoon.

I have to say retirement has give me the chance to learn and experiment a lot. I also created a dish yesterday that was a big failure however I won't write about that.

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Hmmmm. Remembering where an egg comes from, do you dip those shells in a dilute (1 tablespoon to a quart of water) bleach solution to sanitize them, before rinsing them off and then grinding them, or cook the shells ?
They can be a source of salmonella, and thus disease for you or the dogs.
The egg interior itself is less of a problem as salmonella is killed during cooking.
I didn't go into the detail of that but yes I did, I pressure cooked them to kill bacteria then toasted them to make dry then turned them into powder. I remember it was your suggestion Jim to cook the bacteria out when I first leaned to crush the shells. But you tube put me through a thorough lesson because it was for human consumption and my dogs are as important as any human.
I apologize for forgetting, that we already discussed this topic AND I am glad you are taking adequate precautions.
No apology necessary, more like a thank you from me for great advice.
I am happy to offer advice in an attempt to help good people.
unfayzed I agree with you retirement is a whole you learning curve. My egg shells I crunch up and they go into compost bin.

Your dog sounds delightful cheering cheering
Thanks Red. One is delightful and adorably sweet, the other is a cut PITA.
errr Cute (not cut)
My sons have dogs and when I visit I do not mind, I would never hurt a dog, but could not live with one, not in my home. grin
Be thankful Lucy's not a cat, Fay please

Dogs have owners dancing dog
Cats have staff cats meow

Dogs have owners?


The dogs own me.
unfayzed (the dog own you) not a truer word spoken, all dog owners I know treat their dogs better than some kids get treat, they receive more treats though and dare a kid pee on the floorgrin a kid would get yelled at the dog gets OH DEARIE ME rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
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