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Pick-UP lines for the Covid-19 era (for men & women)

What do you think about going back to my place and washing our hands together ?

Do you have Covid-19 ? Why ? Because you look a lot hotter than 98.6 F

Is that hand sanitizer in your pocket, or are you extra happy to be closer than 6 feet from me ?

I'd love to be self-isolated with you for several weeks.

Hey baby, if you have the time, I've got 2-ply at my place.

Add your own, if you like. cheers

Comments (26)

I'm just a girl standing 6 feet in front of a boy.

Asking him to maybe move back another foot. Thanks.

(Not my own, swiped off Hollywood Exposed laugh )
Hey babe, do you have the coronavirus? Because that is one infectious smile!

grin yeah swiped that one too
Maybe I've got a vaccine, maybe I don't.
But, I'd like to give you a healthy injection all night long.
One look at you and I need a ventilator, because you've got me heavy breathing.
You must be a pandemic, because your curves certainly ain't flat.
I'm not one to brag, but I've got lots of Charmin back at my place.
kill me now
Has anyone told you, that you have the cutest face mask ?
I may be out of work, but you're all the stimulus I need baby.
I don't think I can trump those lines. LOL
Pssst. Know where I can score some Chloroquine ?
Hey honey, can I buy you a tonic water ?
Want some chloroquine little girl?
Did I ever show you my collection of N95's ?
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Did you know, that Covid-19 is not a sexually transmitted disease ?
Would you like me to prove it to you ? wink
I can really sympathize with those Covid-19 patients, seeing you gives me fever.

wow, haven't heard that one for - oh, a long time - thanks dance

Reminds me of Woody Allen's comedy movie...Sleeper...the o*gasm ball...a good social distance practice...laugh

Pick up line : Would you like get the idea...cheers

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Embedded image from another site

rolling on the floor laughing

LL - Hilarious movie. thumbs up

But the ball was not good social distancing. It was a pass around, that everyone touched to get high.

It was the o*gasm that gave automated o*gasm. laugh

Seldom really view posts on the forums, but I happened to do so on your jab at some humor inspite of all these about Covid going on... And thru the occassional melancholy that can come once in a while in these specially trying times... all your pick up lines and many of those who contributed their own ... got a good number of chuckles and smiles out of me just now .... They're all downright funny ... naughtily sexy ... and just at the right time .... Thanks ...wave
I - technically, these are the blogs, not the forums. I generally avoid the forums too.
Regardless, a few laughs was my intent with this one. I'm glad it achieved it's purpose for you and some others. Thanks for voicing your appreciation. It was sweet of you to do so.
Check out some of my blogs tagged comedy, for more laughs, whenever you desire more laughs. head banger

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