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Exactly how dumb the typical Trump supporters are

We've seen some really dumb statements on here.
But, are they typical of the average Trump supporter ?
Lets stop by some Trump rallies and see what the camera sees,
not just 1 or 2 of the dumbest, but tons of them;

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I'm convinced you're trying to help Trump win

You make the same mistake as Hillary in 2016 ("basket of deplorables") except more often
Thank you for helping to prove my point. thumbs up
Good luck with that idea, lol, if you think CS could actually influence the outcome of the election, you must be really worried that Trump will lose rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
r - I know. Right. laugh But, unless he is employed by Putin or Trump, he should be happy if Trump loses.
The Dem base is just as corrupt as their Party......for the past 11+ years.....where were you? Denial is a predictable thing.....not admitting when you're wrong......and detrimental to the leading democracy. Who do you think will come to the aid of the democratic world if America falls.....Europe? Sorry.....they've been controlled by dictators for centuries!
I am not a member of either party. I am a registered independent, who in the past has voted republican sometimes and democrat sometimes and independent sometimes. However, I have never seen anything, as corrupt, as the republicans in recent years. This year in particular, there's a whole lot of republicans, that should be voted out of office, starting with Trump & McConnell.
Only time will tell, if they will be.
@ Riz. I'm with you on that onegrin
@ Chancer. One of my best friends from Dublin who is now living in Spain due to the virus (her hubby passed away in Spain) so she doesn't need to go back home at the moment, she's taking care of business here at the moment, she says that she and all her family back home in Dublin dislike Trump. Not the word "hate" just dislike what's he's become. So you see, not all Irish people think the same as you do. Just sayin ..............
@Jlvlv. Do you mean European Countries or Countries that are in the European Union? two different things. Britain is still a European Country but won't be a part of the EU as of 31st December 2020. Southern Ireland is still a European Country but will remain within the European Union from what I've learned/ been told. Gibralta which is a Uk Island off the coast of Spain still wishes to remain in the European Union. Very difficult at the moment. Even us "Brits" don't know what's going on as yet..........
@ JimNastics
Thank you for helping to prove my point.

I know right, the first respondent being a prime representer.. rolling on the floor laughing
Thank God that Alex Jones and Rodger Stone are back together again..

"Some People's Brains Are As Sick As"

"As Sick Can Be".........................detective
What a shame he wasn't interviewed in the video. rolling on the floor laughing
it's so sad to see some people hear who hate america so much maybe trump has some problems but i think he does love america and wants to make it better and not just for some but ALL americanshug
What Trump loves is money and he steals to get it; illegal 'university', ripping off a charity, laundering money, multiple emoluments violations. After he is no longer protected from being indicted, the southern district of New York will have a lot to say about his crimes.
nam - thanks for admitting that about yourself. thumbs up
@onmyown. I'm British and believe you me I love America. Been there many times over the years. I was visiting there 3 times per year since 2013. Obviously, the way things are now over there, no one wants to go and who can blame them? I was going to move there "Legally" until Mr T stopped all applications going through the process. All I see on these blogs are people that aren't Trump supporters are filled with hatred and that's one of the reasons that I'm beginning to dislike American's, NOT America in the least. It just seems to be an all out war with you lot over there. Even people from the Uk and S Ireland that support Trump stick their oars in when they've never even stepped foot on American soil. Never experienced the American life style. Never spent time talking to American people. Never lived with them. I understand that it's a Political thing at the moment over in America but the hatred spewed out in these blogs by people that don't even live in America and thus, don't have a vote, is bloody ridiculous.

It's like me telling American's how badly Boris Johnson is handling the Uk. Pathetic.............

Posting this because I think this American is pathetic also..........


"Some People's Brains Are As Sick As"

"As Sick Can Be".........................detective

Very intellectual . doh

Obviously, Chance thumbs up

A nickel-plated version of This 'Publican Apparatchik tasked with Re-Electing The Don.

Nailed it, Lucas cheers ... You too, Chance cheers

JimNasticsOP•9 mins ago•Kingston, New Jersey USA
What Trump loves is money and he steals to get it; illegal 'university', ripping off a charity, laundering money, multiple emoluments violations. After he is no longer protected from being indicted, the southern district of New York will have a lot to say about his crimes.
Embedded image from another site
Like anything said on this small mostly international site is going to sway the election a significant amount. rolling on the floor laughing

Embedded image from another site
Implicit admission that 4 years of nearly daily blogs is a pointless fool's errand thumbs up

IF that was my intention, which it isn't.
Unlike some people, I'm not a fool.
Anthony Fauci as a "total fraud" said disease expert, I didn't say that. You're putting words in my mouth," Fauci replied.
Embedded image from another site
It's not merely an inconvenience when your economy collapses. It's the end of the American dream.Unless you're a total fraud, like a complete fraud," Said Dr.Deborah Birx
^^^^Swamie you are an obfuscator! This is from a Tucker Carlson headline today, but the quotes are not found in Tucker's spiel or anywhere. Though if anyone is a fraud it's definitely Tucker Carlson, whose lawyer argued that he can't be sued for intentionally spreading false and misleading information because his audience expects to be lied to.. yawn
"Exactly how dumb the typical Trump supporters are."

Jim you've seen and read the logical (makes sense in their heads) and illogical responses and behaviour of Trumps supporters.

No need to ask.
L - Yes, we have. crazy
I don't vote. Trump should win 2020

We live in a world where truth-seeking is considered subjective, and questioning authority is vilified.

Biden still stuck in his basementwave .

Bush v. Gore repeat possible in 2020

Some analysts have been saying for almost a year that Trump could be reelected.
Just about anyone "could" be elected.
After the worst US presidency in history, it is unlikely that Trump will be re-elected.
Females, seniors & blacks have rightly mostly turned their backs on Trump.
Jim ~ That woman being interviewed at the end who speaks about women's hormones is not as dumb as she seems.
She is incorrect in that we had great great women leaders in the far past, and throughout the world.
I can remember when Airlines would not let women be Pilots because of their monthly hormonal changes and having been there, there are days when I knew I was very bad with PMT and glad I did not have to make earth changing decisions. More inclined to make a mistake or forget something...
Moving on , I think C.S. was better without all the utubes and meme s as it is no substitute for factual writing.
Hilary Clinton is somebody who I would worry about if she came in to power, ditto anyone from the Democratic party.
Trump ? Well, I still have problems there too and we are not his greatest fans over here in Ireland where we do have brains. There are of course people who do believe he is great. I do hope they are right.
Unfortunately, hope does not make it happen.
Trump has proved during the past 3 1/2 years, that it won't.
Indeed, his intrinsic make-up renders him incapable.

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