Medicating Human Needs

If you are depressed and anxious, you are not a machine with malfunctioning parts. You are a human being with unmet needs.
The only real way out of our epidemic of despair is for all of us, together, to begin to meet those human needs – for deep connection, to the things that really matter in life

This is a quote from an edited extract from Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression – and the Unexpected Solutions by Johann Hari.

The extract/book would be worth reading for those with an interest in something that seems to be pervasive throughout our society.

Medication is the go-to solution for many people/doctors - but does medication cure human needs?

Discuss at will wine
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Ill read the link when ive time to digest it Molly as its something that i wud have an interest in.

Medication is really needed in some cases where talk therapies will not help.

Some need only talk therapies.

For what i imagine is he vast majority of others its simply a case of introspection and taking a long hard look at how we perceive ourselves versus how others see us.

Probably a very simplistic answer but its all i have until i read more on it.

Hi Dee, unfortunately in more cases than not, medication is handed out, with no mention of any kind of psychological intervention.

It is not always the doctor's fault though.
Some people choose to ignore the source, preferring instead to just dull the symptoms.
Medication cures cash flow needs of pharmaceutical companies.

You are muddying the issue by bringing up secondary considerations such as needs of humans.

What can I say, Mic...I like muddied waters cool
Molly wave Was an interesting article and one I would agree with totally. Being around doctors in my life, and noticing how their first response to an issue, is to medicate, has much to do with how they are trained,and also....follow the money(quota)professor When Im offered meds for an issue, I repeatedly ask, I wish to get to the root of the problem, not medicate the symptomsthumbs up Excellent blog head banger wine
Hiya Lilwave

Thank you,
I feel the same way about medication for just about anything. Even my doctor knows that if I actually go to see him, that I have already tried other things already.
And I am lucky that he also listens to me, and knows that I do not want medication unless there is no other possible solution. So between us, I end up rarely taking any meds.
if he didn't listen to me, he would not be my GP still. wine
My response was even more simplistic than that of Dee.

I suspect talk therapy is declining.
It's simpler, quicker (and more lucrative) to work out the proper dose/combination of pharmaceutical(s) until the patient presents desired behavior.
Pronounce a cure.
If it looks right - it is.

Further suspect we are arriving at a state of the art where ALL doctors are 'script doctors'.


It is an known fact in the industry, that pharmaceutical companies come up with new medication, and need a disease to go with it.

Thus, all human emotions and feelings would be labelled a disease if they had their way. Sadness; happiness; childhood; anger; whatever...all natural emotions would be labelled and medicated.

However, I have seen evidence that some doctors, even psychiatrists, are fighting the system from the inside.
Hi Molly
I had a quick look at your link. It is too much to read now but I have to agree with Miclee. There is too much money at stake. Anything that will inhibit the sales of medication gets a lid on it.
Cat, people have to take responsibility for their own health and welfare too.

The pharma industry cannot be blamed for everything. Yes, they are there solely to make profit.

But surely it is up to us to decide if we want to supply that profit.
@Molly, yes I agree, been thru the wringer with docs as you know, I now have a holistic doctor as primary, and she is wonderful, listens well, and we are on the same wavelengths. Only took me 40 yrs to find her, but happy I did. Enjoy your day Mollycomfort comfort wave
Lil, I go the holistic route too wink

Have a great day yourself hug
I think medication does have its place and it might help too.. considering if the reason for depression or anxiety is temporary/new.

However, I personally feel that meditation helps enormously.

Embedded image from another site
Pharma may not be totally to blame, Molly.
But it is much to blame.

Pharma ads (read propaganda) convince people they are afflicted & must see their doctor for their prescribed script cure.

This is a parody of a REAL ad for meditation to treat 'Social Anxiety Disorder' - formerly referred to as 'Being Shy'...

The parody nails it!
And it's a helluva lot more honest.

Also hilarious...rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Not to knock the guys book.
But from reading that article its like he wrote a book based on this video. dunno

I don't think it brings anything new to the subject. Apart from his own personal perspective.
But that is just my opinion. dunno

I'm all for holistic medicine as well. thumbs up

Taking medicine for me is a last resort when everything else has failed.

Like you Molly...I have a very good ...and also very who listens and knows I won't take anything if I can help it.
Hiya Incu hug

Yes, meditation is very powerful for those who are willing to do it.

However, I feel that one of the major problems overall is people's unwillingness to get to the root of the problem. Many prefer to bury their heads in medication rather than dig out the issues.

I am not saying that medication does not have its place, but it is regularly used when not needed; or long-term rather than finding the cause.
Hi Daniela, I guessed you would live that lifestyle alright wine
Mic, luckily we do not have many pharma adverts here, except for basic cold/painkiller over the counter meds.

Believe me, I know that big pharma is very guilty. But it could not be the suppliers if there were no takers.
Just to stray a little from the seriousness of the blog,
There is a fiction film called "Side effects." Dealing with a new drug being pushed by pharma.

Although the story is extreme the argument is very real, and the film is well worth a watch if you like
psychological thrillers.
Hi Molly,. I knew two women that was on medication, one she had a tray of medicine she had to take and when she woke up in the morning she would stay dazed for hours and kinda shake but seemed to get better as the day went on,. But this was a every day thing. The other woman you hardly ever knew she was on medication untill she stopped taking it then you noticed. Scary I slept with one eye open.

I do believe it's a money making Industry,. But seems some people need it.

I totally agree.. again.. smile

Hey Molls pointing wink
Non, I hadn't heard of that film, good to know, thanks wine

And the blog doesn't have to be all serious, all doom and gloom laugh
Hi Wen,
Do you think they need it because they have never explored another way?
Most people I know on meds are like that, zombie-like.
They are alive and functioning, but not really.
Mic, I actually opened it! wow

Do you mean to say they were laughing at me, not with me? mumbling
Molly,. I don't know if they could be better,. One would really become violent off medication, and the one that took the tray of pills don't know to much of her past but know she has been on medication for years. I personally think they should stay on the medication.

It is really sad
Now Molly what on earth made you say that ???grin
Btw..I don't drink alcohol either! teddybear

I agree with you that many prefer a quick fix than looking for the root of the problem.

I wrote a blog about the 4 levels of perception...

The first...the left hand brain...or reptilian...when we have a headache we treat ourselves with aspirin...
At the second level...the mental.......with psychology...
The third....the neon cortex........meditation..etc..
The fourth...level of spirit......we try to prevent it altogether.thumbs up
Wen, without knowing them and their issues, it is impossible to know.

But I do know in some cases, medication is more for the people around the person than for themselves.

For example kids who are put on medication. It is generally for the parents and teachers that the kids are medicated, not really for the children.

ADHD is a relatively new 'illness'. There were always bored/restless/hyper kids in school before, but they weren't labelled and medicated. They used to be stimulated by doing different tasks/exercises, etc. But then that took a bit of extra work for the teachers..
And it has been proven that the medication has no long-term benefits, so therefore the only people gaining from medicating them is the people around them.
"Believe me, I know that big pharma is very guilty. But it could not be the supplier if there were no takers."

That's why the ads (propaganda) are hammered into folks, Molly!
To convince them to become 'takers'.

1) Create a demand.
2) Supply the demand.

If you're still in the dark ages of ads for otc cold remedies, you have no concept of the afflictions (and prescription cures) pitched to Murkuns.

Think snake oil pitchmen with electronic media access, Madison Avenue savvy, limitless budgets...and less integrity.
sick blah blah

Daniela, I drink alcohol, but not as a type of medication laugh

It is just one of those things I enjoy doing when I am relaxing with friends.

However, I do know people who try to drown their sorrows in alcohol. It does work short-term, but then they wake up with the sorrows, plus a massive hangover.
Mic...rage against the machine boxing
"...finding the cause" yeap!

Ok, let´s do it. How? psychological therapy? HA! same clown different makeup.

Why should we do that if we can swallow pills and get an inmediate solution/satisfaction? just the way world teaches us everyday......

Oh wait! is there a guarantee I could find the cause? what about if there is no cause, it´s idiopathic a/o consecuence of a mental condition, maybe an expected comorbidity nobody paid attention to, or my cause has no other solution than drugs?

Why is balance so difficult? ahh because there is always the same old story....I do not care about anyone except me, I need you so I´m going after you! come and feed me, it won´t hurt. No! stop it! if you do not help me to find the cause I´ll do it by myself .....hahaha yeah! you try sweety, let´s see where do you get all info you may need....

Sorry for my dark humor on this subject but ...I have almost a story for each label in DSM-V. It´s never easy when we are talking about minds. Never black or white.

I agree to a point. When your needs are being met, no doubt you will feel better than if they were not. It would practically cure situational depression. Having said that, some people will still be prone to depression because of their biology. The chemical imbalances in the brain are there by genetics and even being in the best of surroundings and lifestyle, you can get deeply depressed and need other forms of treatment.
Cach, you should know, there are no guarantees with anything in this world .

We do not come with a lifetime warranty pinned to our navel.

The hard road doesn't necessarily end in a solution, but it might. And people owe it to themselves to at least try.
Track, I don't think the writer was talking about just changing your surroundings. If that were the case, rich people in beautiful homes would never get depressed, but they do.

One statement stood out to me in the article:

In its official statement for World Health Day in 2017, the United Nations reviewed the best evidence and concluded that “the dominant biomedical narrative of depression” is based on “biased and selective use of research outcomes” that “must be abandoned”. We need to move from “focusing on ‘chemical imbalances’”, they said, to focusing more on “power imbalances”.
Molly, with all respect, you vision seems to be more limited than mine in this subject.

Have you seen a 5 years old kid depressed? struggling with anxiety? unable to express their feelings because haven´t had time to understand/learn about what the hell are those things?

No, I´m not pro meds and I´m very aware about big pharma manipulation (hey TDHA is there LOL) but I can´t blame people who goes into meds either. As I said: no black & white.
Cach, I agree that this is not black and white issue

Which is why I have said more than once already that meds have their place.

The point of the article is that meds should not be seen as the only alternative
No need to tell Track, I understand what you mean smoking
Molly opened a vid?! shock


I always KNEW you could do it applause yay

The 1st is the most difficult.
It'll become easier with each opened vid.
very happy

I b'lieve I've seen an ad for a med to treat 'Vid Avoidance Syndrome'.
If not, some marketing guy ain't earning his salt.

But I agree.
Such matters are best dealt with naturally & holistically.
thumbs up

Mic, that was a one-time event, I'll have you know snooty

I am sure there is also medication for those who insist in always posting links to videos instead of putting the relevant points down in words wink
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