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At this point, most of us are probably nodding our heads sagely and feeling a little spark of understanding and love for those whose opinions we disagree with, no matter how vociferously.

That is good.

It may bring about more understanding, and open people’s minds to alternate opinions. It brings a peaceful solution to conflicts, no matter how miniscule or gargantuan the schism is.

But is it correct?
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I believe that should read uninformed, rather than uniformed hmmm
Truth does not care about feelings.

Truth does not care about perspectives.

Truth just is.

How would we know what the truth in the first pic really is? Do the research. Without research there is only opinion.
Find out who drew the number and ask them had they drawn a 6 or a 9.

And before the oft-repeated ‘there are three truths – his; hers and the real truth’ is uttered, maybe we should just accept that whilst there are various perspectives, there is only one truth, the truth.
69 is my star sign apart from that I don't do my sixes like that nor my nines so I will say they're both wrong and I'm right.
Thanks GG

We must accept that theories are not facts.
One the research was done, sailing around the world, that put paid to the theory that the world was flat.

As for margarine or other food items, once there is profit to be made from a claim, then it must be taken with a pinch of salt until we are satisfied that it is correct.
Merc, how did you get a 69 as your star sign, and I got a boring Taurus? laugh
I will say they're both wrong and I'm right.

rolling on the floor laughing Mercedes. laugh Especially when you wake up to the fact that life is nothing but the illusion of our minds. hug
Hi Map, few of us look further than our own perspectives.
The truth can be uncomfortable if it doesn't align with our personal beliefs.
That was supposed to be in italics.
.rolling on the floor laughing
Molly I'm still yet to use it but hey there's always tomorrow laugh

Keepers my mum should of called me illusions giggle hug
Oooh Oooh, I was just about to go in all guns blazing when I saw the second part of your blog laugh as you say there is only one truth, just that sometimes the "research" can come from a biased source giving the illusion of a second truth uh oh wine
Merc, hopefully there will be lots of tomorrows. grin
Z, I'm glad I stopped you in your tracks ...I don't know if I could handle your blazing gun so early in the day uh oh
Z laugh I love when you come in 'guns blazing' I know we are in for 1 line or 2 max of some very interesting comments.. .... and that dry wit. laugh
Plenty of tomorrows or else I will be having a 69 with bloody slugs when I'm six feet under pushing up daisies.
Foot not feet conversing
If i may ... i dont care for her truth,or the truth, there is just mine head banger
Dedo, your truth isn't a bad one wink
I don’t care 6 or 9 or even 69....I love ‘em all blushing smitten

Molly reunion
Mimi, just as well you are not might end up in the wrong position devil

You´re all wrong anyway, it´s a lower case letter gscold
BN, that thought had occurred to me, but I didn't want to muddy the waters further laugh

But your truth is good enough for me bowing
Does this also work with " alternate facts "?
Rob, if you were a true gent, she wouldn't have needed to have her purse with her in the first place devil

she didn't have to take her purse. It was always empty anyways. She just used to take it as a weapon. laugh
Grouchy, alternative facts are simply agenda-filled propaganda.

But yes, the same reasoning is there. You have to do your own research rather than believing what is written in front of you.
Rob, why doesn't that surprise me laugh
...the truth is only for those who listens....

cool wine
...the truth is only for those who listens....

cool wine
...I didn`t listen the first time....doh grin`s so empty here, my second comment was just an ecco...

cool wine
Hello mollywave
The way I see things, I'm right and you're wrong. Simple.
Truth just is -

and sometime a number painted on the ground just is.

So I could even argue with myself about it. Walk round and round the number until I had reached a final decision and then test my hypothesis from the other side again

Ignore me. I'm normal, you know.
Biff wave , I would most likely stop at the spot I liked best and call that”the right way”. laugh
GT, that works wine

Golly Molly must be out on the jolly tonight

Go Molly go!
The truth stands on its own as it is....perspectives on it only serve to attach what it is we think we know beyond what
Viking, I heard you first time grin

Gyp , as long as you do your BS well wink

Hi Lee head banger
Pat, that goes without saying..

Biff, I was grin
Mischief, well said handshake
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