RE: men never say.....

I struggle to name 12 things we do say to be honest. Do you think a man even has a dozen demands? Women have the long list of demands they'll never tell

RE: What are men looking for over 50 years of age?

A younger woman with daddy issues or troubled relationship with her stepfather

RE: A story about infidelity.

If cheating is what we mean by not giving 100% then I've seen it. The suspicious are a dirty dog

RE: Stigma

Mental health, s*xual diseases and incontinence. Or all of these things in one man wearing a big nappy.

RE: choose to be joyful

You can indeed, particularly when you're drowning.

RE: Holocast rememberance day

A terrible life becomes a philosopher because deep and meaningless is the Hallmark of those who have been through hell.

And I say it's deep and meaningless because there isn't an answer, it's the search itself that keeps the demons at bay not the interesting conclusion. The Nazis themselves reached some interesting conclusions in their own traumatized will to meaning so I maintain that it's not the answer, but the question that will see you through. Please don't come up with any interesting conclusions, it's the deep and meaningless itself with the power to endure.

RE: The mechanics of:-?

I'm a good swimmer

RE: Should dogs live in apartments?

There are many variables around this, according to the breed, size and temperament of the dog. Took the words out of my mouth.

But if you get a cat it will defecate on the neighbour's property and they can't touch you for it.

RE: did Aldous Huxley...predict the future/present?

Brave new world, 1984, WALL-E. The world today is all and none of these things. Jury's out on trashing the planet but we look like the people from WALL-E. Not really happy but gorged on pleasure so much that we must float around on a giant mattress having lost the use of our legs.

RE: did Aldous Huxley...predict the future/present?

And if nothing else brave new world is kinda on its way out with the war in Ukraine and today's gas prices. A world government has not been this far away since before 1945. 1945 to 2008 was the closest we came to brave new world so far, that cradle to grave generation that never had it so good and saw itself as kinda the end of history.

Today it's high gas prices and global instability, not a world government but a world of the Russians and the Chinese making their mark in a geopolitical landscape much more like 1984 than brave new world. Not a world government but two or three big power combines and a situation for the average man that becomes more difficult year after year.

RE: did Aldous Huxley...predict the future/present?

This isn't a world run by a world government where all people are happy and trusting and endlessly satisfied with their position and their place. In many ways this is the last thing it is.

Marijuana, pornography, video games are brave new worldy. Television was brave new worldy. But this does not translate into the world and people outlined above.

RE: did Aldous Huxley...predict the future/present?

Yes to the world around us, no to the people in this world. On the one hand the world is full of distraction a surplus of enjoyment, but on the other hand people are not very happy nor are they trusting. Having gorged on pleasure I don't see a people full of pleasure, but a people that would much rather be contrarian/different/interesting than happy per se. Distraction abounds but it is the yearning for recognition that sets the tone today.

RE: personality.....

Never has to be the answer to that. Many of my friends are married now and it feels like the lights going out, the sparkle in their eye banished to the ether, and the divorced? My god. You go to bed at night asking if you'll wake up in the morning and find everybody dead

RE: "I like you despite your color ....."

If we move Snookums to Norway this only very gradually, and intermittently, reduces her abrasiveness. Even her children will be of a pronounced risk for this abrasion although I don't like to look at the generation reared by the parent in question. Consciously or subconsciously many people use their parents as an example of what not to be like, and many parents are hypocrites who raise their kids to be like the inflated opinion they have of themselves rather than how they actually are. One way or another kids can repress who they really are because they've seen the worst of being that way in their parents. That's an act of self-control that does NOT change what drives you and the grandkids may very well inherit this same disposition minus the self-control. You have in this an underlying tendency that may or may not be controlled by the individual family member, but it will take centuries to remove that risk. A good example would be if you are teetotal because your dad was an alcoholic, what are the chances that your own kids will be an alcoholic? More than the average. It would be their kids after their kids after their kids before the family becomes no more susceptible to alcohol than any other.

RE: "I like you despite your color ....."

Or we could talk about white south Africans instead. You can take a white boy out of South Africa but you cannot take the south Africa out of the white boy, his hardfaced bullying ways will be let loose on a British primary school. A little taste of apartheid in the heart of England which would take a number of generations before his lineage realizes there is no need to be that suspicious of and violent towards everyone.

RE: "I like you despite your color ....."

And I think the difference between Obama and Sunak reflect the different history of non-white America and non-white Britain. The difference between freed slaves and non-whites elites co-opted to enforce the rule of Britain's multiracial empire.

RE: "I like you despite your color ....."

So I guess that it's not the colour, but the history that counts. The difference between black British and African American is there and today you can see which group used to be the slaves and which used to tell us where all the best slaves were. There's a lot more Uncle Tom in Black British history. And anyway, both the uncle Tom and the slaves are still more similar than the Africans who remained in Africa. The American and British environment being so different to Africa makes both groups have more in common than either does with Africa.

RE: "I like you despite your color ....."

And I think there's a little more to the story of fight club than living in a first world so effeminate it drives men mad. It's the return of headtheball genes that went into recession through the civil war in America and the world wars of Europe. Welfare is the main focus of attention for the cowards who survive wars, warfare is the main focus of attention for those who will die in battle.

RE: "I like you despite your color ....."

And the randomness as well muddies the water. The meek inherited the European continent precisely because the people who think like Hitler tend to die like a pig in a war. Once enough headtheballs have died, the meek come to power but this temporary because of random. The vicious will proliferate under a long peace by randomness alone it comes to resemble the genetic stock which existed before the world wars. The meek inheriting the earth is temporary as those who live by the sword and die by the sword will be born again.

RE: "I like you despite your color ....."

The difficulty that I see is how do you even begin to account for every individual's number of tortured ancestors? How would you discern between someone their best, and can't help being a d*ck, and someone using history as an excuse to not at all apply themselves now?

Rich and poor make things a lot easier to tell who and by how much somebody is advantaged or disadvantaged. Your genetic lineage is much more complicated and what is active in you could be dormant in your brother only to be activated later in his children. Just being poor is a lot simpler all the kids disadvantaged near enough the same by coming from a poor family, and if your brother does well for himself poverty will be irrelevant to his children.

RE: "I like you despite your color ....."

Neither are we so individual to have given birth to ourselves. The truth is that if your grandmother survived the Holocaust you'll have night terrors even if you do not know you're descended from a holocaust survivor. Purely by blood the night terrors and anxious disposition will be passed on. Like father like son is a real thing by no means the whole story but that's why we say nature AND nurture.

RE: "I like you despite your color ....."

It could be offensive and racist, certainly tactless. Although to be honest I feel the same way about women from the far east. They look like aliens to me, not my usual type.

RE: Dominated Feelings

Cats. I think of James Corden in Cats and these fists of mine are going to make everything better. But not really, I just play with the cat. The cat knows that there never is anything to worry about.


Yes but part of a womanly attitude is itself to not have acid for blood. It's not womanly if the one thing you can feel feminine next to is a murderous savage thug and brutal rapist

RE: Women Dude or Dudette?

Mate, dude, love, baby.. I'd steer clear of all these words unless there's something unusual about them. Don't call her a b*tch, call her a wench. Wench or her own name. Sound mature unless you're joking.

RE: Meet our 2023 Grand Leprechaun

The monarchy is a different kettle of fish. A silent and unspoken bond that runs deep so that you do not have to promote your patriotism in the same way. Shared roots make it more like a family but a cult was a complete stranger 10 or 11 seconds ago. America behaves like it was a stranger 10 or 11 seconds ago and that deprived you of the wiggle. You have to seem exactly like the group you are in or that group will burst into pieces like a frog. America.

RE: Meet our 2023 Grand Leprechaun

England has monarchists and this is why you can burn any British flag you've paid for. It's not a British flag, it's your own flag, you are burning your own property which is of course your liberty.

America with it's republic and land of immigrants has to go a lot further to prove it's not a traitor. Flag-waving and your recent obsession with bloodlines do in America what the monarchy does here. You can't set fire to your own flag, your own property, and we can't set fire to the queen. The monarchy allows us to disagree with Britain without being labelled a traitor, it allows us to be more individual, Americans have to crawl all over the flag or they're out of the club. Gooble gobble one of us because none of you are really, it's a nation of strangers held together by flag.


It was a space like this that helps us to see that Brexit and Trump were going to win. The unadulterated grizzly shit under the surface and it's interesting to see just how much can change in a few short years. It has changed its tune and we can tell that things have not been going so well since 2008, just in general there's been a decline which this website parallels rather well. I used to be called a racist by people who are now to the right of me, and it's good to know where we stand.


That's an accurate impression. For me this is a social media in which we can talk about politics away from friends and more distant family, people I have to work with and so on. It's like a poor man's UN that takes anyone so long as they're a bit knackered. It is the dark underbelly of democracy because it comes from those who have failed to find love amongst their own species - which could happen to anyone. Joining a specifically political forum couldn't happen to anyone, no, it takes a certain type of nerd to do that which I consider to be undemocratic and more like a caste system, too much of a niche.

RE: Men Live Longer (Happier?) Lives Taking 'Little Blue Pill'; New Study Finds

Maybe you can achieve these things and be considerably more happy if you follow the Mediterranean diet. There's options there

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