RE: Men and women...A woman with a past, often has little future...

Take no notice of V, he’s the ghost at the feast.

RE: Worst U.S. President of all time

No Trump on the list or George Bush, but FDR is. It doesn’t a genius to guess what your politics are it’s almost like you’re kinda making people vote a certain way. You’d do well in Russia.

RE: Married women.

Men cheat with women less attractive than their wives because they can. And this may or may not be a comfort to wives, depends how you look at it. Which is worse love infidelity or s*xual infidelity?

RE: Married women.

Happily married men cheat on their wives which isn’t to say a woman should forgive that necessarily.

But the woman’s cheating is rarely some crazy, flash in the pan thing which didn’t happen for any particular reason.

RE: What reward do u expect and what do u deserve....

Back in the 1980s we basically split in two into chavs and scum bags lost to productive society(most of which voted Brexit)and a fake bourgeoisie of people living one or more social classes above them self(most of which voted remain).

Now there’s money to be made in breaking this dynamic.

RE: What reward do u expect and what do u deserve....

Well thanks to mass immigration and debts the British jobs tend to work jobs which either shouldn’t exist or jobs they don’t have the intelligence for.

Immigrants replaced our working class and our workers then bloated the middle class with an array of pet grooming entrepreneurs etc. Anyway the skilled British working class is often comprised of British would-be bin men and we have a reputation for incompetent tradesmen who can’t be bothered. There’s a general problem with Mickey Mouse jobs and real jobs performed by people too dumb to do them, I want to be rewarded for breaking this trend and I am. Most people my age make in 10 hours what I earn in 2.

RE: Men and women.....The Karma deal.....

What happened is that our ancestors believed that if they tried quite hard they could shape the course of events and build a civilisation worth remembering. But maintaining this progress requires a similar effort we can’t really be bothered with, and in steps the new age.

RE: Men and women.....The Karma deal.....

The point of religion and specifically karma is indifference to the world and your actions and place therein.

The rich man deserves his riches, the poor deserve poverty and the crippled deserve to be lame. This is karma where the outcome justifies itself and you detach from whatever’s out there and accept your lot. There’s a reason why karma is fashionable on the internet in an age of grand inequality.

RE: There are only 3 types of people .....

I’m unconcerned with the outcome of internet dating but I’d like to be surprised. You know little about the woman of your dreams before you meet her so I guess anything could happen at any time.

In the whole we’re looking for a variety of different things and talking to a number of people. There’s always some idea of what we do and do not want, rest is a surprise.

RE: What's the best decade of music?

The 80s would be the most insufferable decade for music. Music had reached that point where manufacturing took over but the average in sound created was still a low average, since then they’ve had 30 years to perfect mediocrity.

The best decade was the 60s, the 1860s

RE: Is love possible on the Internet.

An element of the mysterious is desirable because you get to imagine the other person much better than they really are. Many a relationship has died by becoming too real, the truth is that romance is better than both of you in reality.

But on the practical level a complete fantasy becomes inoperable, you have to shut it down.

RE: seks and seksuality ?

And what do we say about all these western middle aged men marrying Asian girls as young as 18? In the eyes of our race these girls look sometimes as young as 12. Asian girls often don’t look 18 until their mid-20s, and then they age overnight like a pear.

RE: seks and seksuality ?

I would probably argue that latent paedophilia is switched on through child abuse. Abuse running in families is both hereditary and environmental.

But I don’t believe that any experience can make you gay or gender dysmorphic or a paedophile rather I believe in revealed sexuality and latent impulses. A genetic paedophile given the best arrangements would remain inactive.

In a similar way many men would do sex with a 16 year old if anarchy swept the nation and there were no rules anymore. Teenagers are protected by the laws of the land and the s*xual mores we now have although these are far from perfect. Daily Mail readers had been ogling Charlotte Church since she was 14 and how old was Priscilla Presley when she met Elvis? Nubile extends below the age of 18 and I wouldn’t call Elvis or Daily Mail readers paedophiles nevertheless this is taking advantage.

RE: seks and seksuality ?

Kids don’t have a preference for paedophiles and that’s the thing to remember, I don’t really care if paedophilia is inborn because lots of natural hurt people - Volcanoes, sharks, Spanish flu.

RE: Do u 2nd guess urself......

The opposite of love is the strive to perfection. You hate being yourself because you hate being human but at the same time this drives a certain kind of aspiration and bleakly clear-eyed view of all the weakness and faults, but no forgiveness. A world without love would get a lot done.

RE: Take a stand......

Do you think people respect you?

RE: Sleeping cures without drugs....

You're probably not doing enough rewarding work or getting enough leisure time or getting enough human physical contact. The lonely egotism will keep you up at night. Waking hours are not active hours and the undead don't sleep.


If nothing else the litte guy in opposition to the system is not peaceful. I'd stop short of saying the New World Order isn't real because it has a basis in reality, the masses of the west are being driven down to raise the standards of the developing world but this is not a conspiracy, this is capitalism and business. The developing world will do more for less money. But when right-wingers fail to be good at capitalism they don't criticise capitalism because this would take some sort of humility to admit you're not the best man for the job, instead the typical workings of capitalism are misrepresented as a conspiracy which lets your own incompetence off the hook. You've lost the race but the reason could not possibly be that other people run faster than you do.


They don't seem like peaceful people, they don't seem to go to any lengths at all to avoid hurting people. You'd have to be pretty f*cking autistic if Putin is your idea of peaceful. And as socially awkward as many of the popular right are I don't believe you're actually autistic, I don't believe you see them as peaceful it's just that you'll say anything if there's something to be got by it.

RE: Why Shia and Sunni are killing each other.

If western right-wingers were to murder all the liberals and progressives our right would divide into something Sunni and Shia. Theocrats and nationalists are in bed together in mutual opposition to a better tomorrow, it’s a coalition of people who hate the same things, but once hope for the future has been successfully destroyed the right would divide into lesser reactionaries and greater rectionaries.

RE: Why Shia and Sunni are killing each other.

Although there’s free at variation along the lines of nationality. Egypt with its proud pre-Islamic of pharaohs and pyramids is resistant to the extremes of Islam for patriotic reasons. Love of country is a rival to god, nationalism is a religious spirit but an earthbound religious spirit where the deity is a man god. Compared to theocracy it’s down to earth.

And then to talk with any Palestinian is basically a conversation with PTSD. You can feel the grief and anxiety radiating from them down to their experience with Israel.

RE: Why Shia and Sunni are killing each other.

Iran is an infant stage of modernity where Saudi Arabia represents a previous epoch. Between these two there is conflict similar in kind to our own religious wars of reformation centuries ago.

RE: Why Shia and Sunni are killing each other.

In the whole Shia are more liberal and less radical than Sunni. Saudi Arabia is a religious theocracy and Iran is a nationalist modern state. Nationalism is progressive compared to theocracy and relative to the Middle East Iran is the most advanced nation. Anything g Saudi Arabia has was built by western engineers using oil money, they have no talents of their own. Saudi Arabia is a theocracy of backward people kept alive by oil wealth not unlike Texans.

RE: Why Shia and Sunni are killing each other.

Usury being the more accurate description of what we mean by the swamp. The swamp includes all manner of individuals and industries it is not simply a back room in a government building.

And this is why Trump and America First invoke a greater role for the US government, not less of one. Protectionism, the Trump bump and his Keynesian stimulus in the form of tax cuts are not free markets. When you reduce taxation but not spending and put the difference on the debt this is a government stimulus.

RE: Why Shia and Sunni are killing each other.

Now a few western baby boomers got to live like kings through sweating the east rather than equipping the west. But only a few and not enough to silence the rumblings of discontent from those denied their heritage by the powers of usury.

RE: Why Shia and Sunni are killing each other.

This is all true. The link between capitalism and democracy has been severed the most efficient money-moving machine is despotism with a nationalist culture. Capitalism with Asian values as it called, a capitalism which kicks the lowlife commoners back down where they belong.

RE: Best all time U.S. President

Nobody from and since the 1980s. They’ve all had a hand in neoliberalism and life getting worse for the masses over the last 40 years.

Lincoln or FDR were the most impactful and beneficial to the world. Years after their policies we were still stronger, a better life for your kids happened because of them.

RE: Sleeping cures without drugs....

Eat well, go for walks, meet up with friends. Turn your attention outwards in general and you won’t be up all night worrying about yourself. What about doing something for the homeless?

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