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RE: Do differences really attract?

Novelty and danger might be sexy but I doubt that’s how people make a happy home. Do you want eating toast in the morning to feel edgy?

RE: to foriengers,do you feel face blind?

And the more diverse you make the place the less individual it becomes. In an homogenous country the colour of your skin doesn’t matter and people tend to “get” you more than identify you. Being familiar is what makes you appreciate the little things that make up who you really are.

RE: to foriengers,do you feel face blind?

We see what’s individual when we have more in common, yes. Identical twins notice the difference between themselves but identical Asian twins would be impossible for me.

RE: the left or the right. what does define it.

The tendency of the modern right is to congratulate yourself for things beyond your control. Every man is an island unto himself and you owe nobody anything.

And for left that tendency is to evade responsibility for the things within your control. It’s never my fault or your fault but the fault of some nebulous third party.

RE: the left or the right. what does define it.

The question to ask yourself is do you feel lucky?

If you consider yourself blessed you won’t bite the hand that feeds you and you will be on the right. You appreciate things as they are too much to change them.

The left develops from a sense of victomhood and is only ever successful when we can mostly all agree that you’re not imagining it and that you matter.

RE: the left or the right. what does define it.

I can see this in me. As a millennial I do not feel lucky and of course I’m rather pissed off over the situation we inherit today. The leftism is stronger in me when I talk about generational theft.

But as a National it’s different and I tack to the right. Millennial or not I feel lucky to be British and know the world gives me more than my fair share, as a man of the west I’ve no interest in sharing all my advantage with the third world. There’s more to it than protecting my advantage I believe in principle that sharing does not work between greatly dissimilar People’s but nevertheless I won’t bite the hand that feeds me.

RE: the left or the right. what does define it.

Which is why unlucky generations find themselves voting for social democrats where the lucky ones vote Thatcher.

At the end of a hard adulthood the tendency is to have a cup of tea and invent the NHS. However at the end of post-war prosperity a period where a little effort went a long way the opposite is the case. Life was so cosy that society lost all sense of coming together in a crisis and that’s why they voted cutthroat. Those who experience cosy vote cutthroat in later life. Now isn’t that ironic?

RE: the left or the right. what does define it.

Australia and New Zealand did fairly well out of neoliberalism where Britain and America for this reason of population density and the established nation.

Australia and New Zealand are sparsely populated frontier-like countries where the small population stands on the shoulders of raw materials. The leg-up and head start is so massive and the chance of standing on someone else’s toes all the less and this is perfect conditions for free markets. Wherever it’s extremely difficult to lose even when you’re not that good capitalism will prevail. Socialism is for losers and if you make enough talented people a loser then you get a revolution.

RE: the left or the right. what does define it.

Order and wealth redistribution*

RE: the left or the right. what does define it.

And I would say that both order and wealth feature more in European politics due to population density.

In America however she was historically underpopulated relative to its bounty and size. How to make the resources/opportunities go around everybody was less of an issue in the context of underpopulation you don’t need government as much.

RE: the left or the right. what does define it.

Capitalism in the land of the milk and honey has a libertarian/anarchist bent where here in Europe the right means order.

Marxism is working class liberalism the idea that the smallest man is completely capable of becoming a proper grown up with no structure in society or incentive to try in life. You’d simply work to better yourself and the good of humanity like in Star Trek.

But it varies from place to place. Britain’s rednecks - the north of England - are the most right-wing culturally but we are socialists. The most rugged part of the country doesn’t like capitalism in contrast to America because of how cosy capitalism has been in America(at least historically).

RE: He did the peoples Brexit in

There is no whole country and Brexit may amount to nothing more than something which damages the ideology of the ruling class. It’s hard to shape a plan out of generally pissed off, UKIP always was the nagging woman in the EU earhole will something actually happen before the rest of Europe is completely outraged by immigration? Probably not.

RE: 2019 Do prophets still exist.............?

Prophet to a small cult like Charles Manson. I very much doubt you’d ever get a prophet who leads millions upon millions of people, Mohammed would be diagnosed autistic or mentally ill by modern society.

What we will get is more meditating and cultiness, the second religiousness isn’t like the first and has more to do with subjectivity and personality leaders. Rationality has been and gone and what the second religiousness doesn’t rekindle is the awe and grandeur of the first religion, it’s not deeply believed in.

RE: Is it possible for God to strenghten you...?

It depends. Is the task at hand or people around you more responsive to reason or confidence?

Religion inspires confidence, endurance and fanaticism at the expense of the things that are really there. In the womanly tasks religion is even more vital, wherever emotion is more the clincher it is there that religion rules.

RE: Male Masculinity is not toxic and most of the time it’s productive

Dynamism and development blaze new pathways to jumping off the roof and setting your own farts on fire.

A simulated caricature of masculinity arises from being insured out of your arse. Boys will be boys is neither accepted or grown out of when the genders stop improving one another.

RE: Male Masculinity is not toxic and most of the time it’s productive

My contention is that in lieu of a rugged environment men are inventing burdens and ways to be reckless or selfish.

Industry develops more and less consistently but people do not. I’m not sure that humanity can tolerate a long peace suffice is to say there’s an uneasy relationship between man and technics, we seem to engineer away our own purpose.

RE: Male Masculinity is not toxic and most of the time it’s productive

The biggest difference between civilisation and the caves is cooperation and I believe that’s more of an issue for men than women. To live in relative peace and comfort is more weird for him than her, policemen and national borders or insurance and rifles doing for men what men formerly did for themselves.

The British redcoat wasn’t as manly as the Zulu and I believe progress/wealth refines a type of femininity in people you can’t truly avoid except by going back to the caves. But it’s all a matter of timing, the speed we develop of creature comforts and insurance has to work with the gradual refinement human raw material. To suddenly become comfortable creates a crisis of masculinity.

RE: Male Masculinity is not toxic and most of the time it’s productive

It is and it isn’t toxic.

What I do believe is that with every civilisational advance man is worse off in a way. Brawn and its mental equivalent(resolve)being less and less rewarded as time goes on, I don’t believe the world of modern industry is favourable to men and I think it’s men kicking out against this creeping redundancy. Civilised is another word for domesticated, it’s favourable to her indoors the person of safety and small dreams.

RE: Is CS a haven for Un-American activities?

I know right. What sort of “liberalism” accuses the opposition of un-American activities? Where’s the liberalism in that?

RE: Is CS a haven for Un-American activities?

I’m not very confident about the environment or Trump as a role for the kids. What may be considered a subtle or emotional problem is liable to be ignored.

However the clear and present danger is a different story. China and hostile outsiders what isn’t being ignored are the immediately obvious.

RE: Gillette the worst a man could get

They’ve outdone themselves this time. I always wondered what sort of stupid arse quantum triple blade technology for a closer shave was speaking to, and now we know.

RE: Ostracized

Not really. I’ve spent a lot my life clamouring for alone time in the company of people who don’t leave you alone. Give me a chance to self-exile and I’ll take it in fact that’s what you’re witnessing now.

RE: What is your height "date" preference?

Anywhere between 5 and 6 foot. Anything else would just seem sarcastic

RE: I Really Don't Care

At the end of the day I'll always blame globalism a bit. It's cheap and easy to travel when it should be something you do carefully, people are not all that enlightened and it's cruel really to give them all these possibilities at low prices.

RE: I Really Don't Care

I'd have to judge each case on its merits. Although in reality I'm liable to come to their defence in the sense that most of the earth is a harsh and/or miserable shithole. What is necessary evil there isn't necessarily a necessary evil here, it's just evil.

RE: Is the next Public Health Crisis Loneliness?

New money. Doing right by people was less of a choice before the baby boomers, there were immediate consequences to selfishness and treachery.

RE: The pen is mightier than the sword

Yes but it's a perishable might. I could easily see our age of communication being put to the sword and it is difficult to imagine Gandhi negotiating the same way against a victorious Hitler.

RE: Biggest problem of the world...!

There’s no earthly way of knowing
Which direction they are going!
There’s no knowing where they’re rowing,
Or which way they river’s flowing!
Not a speck of light is showing,
So the danger must be growing,
For the rowers keep on rowing,
And they’re certainly not showing
Any signs that they are slowing…

RE: Are we working ourselves to death?

The truth is that working doesn't get you anywhere in this world and I mean that literally. Income isn't where the money is, in the good old days we made a problem out of overpaying berks but today the opposite is the case.

RE: Are we working ourselves to death?

You'll probably spend as much time retired as you did at work. And how many of these years were in the 1960s and 1970s.. do they count as work? I thought that era was 20 years dropping out of poly and wanking on the boss's time.

This is a list of forum posts created by ChesneyChrist.

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