RE: NEVER EMBRACED WHITE PRIVILEGE...but grateful to be White!!!!!

The first manned mission to Mars needs to be directed by Lil Wayne and Jewish professors must be tied up with piano wire. There are people in our society making it in on merit and it must be combated.

RE: Great mind's

A great mind today would need to be absolutely enormous; the baby steps of thousands do what a great mind once did. The modern world is too small for great minds like Newton, we're going to need outside help from AI.

RE: Do you have EGO???

The ego is there to observe and reflect on whatever it is your molecules decide to do. Without an ego you're entirely the cog in the machine left with no way to challenge what is, you're like a ship without sails but with too much ego you'd spend your whole life sailing against the wind.

RE: Right and Wrong is in the eye of the beholder....

Nobody is above reproach even saints. Mother Theresa was a good lady or you might say that she neglected the people in her care delivering a poor standard of care across the board that actually made people more ill, and she neglected all those people because she's more interested in becoming a saint. She had a vested interested in sickness as opposed to making people.

It's just an example but the point is that nobody has the right not to be criticised - not even a saint.

RE: Which country has the Most interesting people.....?

To answer the question objectively it's a cse of ruling out the nationalities which are not interesting. The ones that can't read or string a sentence together(mostly in Africa), and the insectoid cultures of Asia don't leave as much impression as individuals.

RE: Which country has the Most interesting people.....?

My own people because we have the most in common, you're clearly bored with yourself if you choose a foreign people over your own. What are you going to do when the novelty has gone?

RE: What do you respond if your ex texts you to say he/she found someone better?

There's just no way I'd have gone out with a girl that stupid. That might be the best way of telling your ex that you can't find anyone better.

RE: Why do people lie

Which is the problem when lying to a woman. She might think you're trying to score or worse she might think you care about what she thinks about you.

RE: Why do people lie

Because you're a results man or woman although men and women don't quite agree on what a result is. Telling kids carrots will make you see in the dark is one we do.

RE: Tobacco is bad, alcohol is bad, fat is bad, what can we eat?

We're evolved for a boring and austere diet whichever food you eat now eat less of it, and then choose the half of your diet with less flavour and eat more of that. We were horrendously spoilt by the 20th century, our wants change far more easily than our needs but this does not mean stop doing what is necessary.

RE: A frozen heart

The temperature reaches absolute zero because you're in a void filled by trolls and minor womens' chat. You can appreciate people here as excellent void-filler.

RE: Should Paul McCartney Get a Face Lift ?

He's fine just as he is - entertainment for people who don't know how to have a good time.

RE: Name three things that you are grateful for today

My Mum getting the all clear from cancer this morning. Can't say that I need a second and third.

RE: Naom Chomsky explains thewests form of censorship

He's liable to overlook what the rest of the world gets wrong because he's so transfixed by everything the west does wrong. Because that's what he knows and he cannot tell. That's liable to take the left to places where you don't tolerate any other viewpoints because yours is the most progressive. It's the arrogant, bullying left that brings you the gulag.

RE: Naom Chomsky explains thewests form of censorship

He's a Stalinist type lefty, defended the Khmer Rouge. There's an autistic needs a weatherman to know which way the wind blows kind of left which can't perceive what it obviously wrong from the way people behave and the nature of the discourse.

RE: White guilt

Pity is a thing affluence can afford to feel, safe is another. It travels and sometimes realises how lucky it is and then wants to help the less fortunate(with mixed results). There are a lot of reasons why some people care about immigrants and people from different races and backgrounds when the third world doesn't at all.

RE: White guilt

It's the same thing now as it was then. We get richer and then we can afford to have feelings and behave in a moral way. It's not so much guilt, your enemy is affording to be moral generally. We wouldn't be in the problem we're in now if our ancestors were losers.

RE: We deserve each other.

Don't be so cynical amd jaded. The majority of marriages compare favourable to that loveless husk.

RE: A frozen heart

That's kinda the point of social media. Connected and detached at the same time all the time, nothing anybody says can reach you the way it can in flesh.

RE: The abyss

And I know you were wondering why I never reply to anybody here. That quote is the answer.

RE: The abyss

Heinrich Himmler said something about Waffen SS soldiers not turning into monsters because they didn't enjoy torturing Jews thanks to their ability to ignore what's right there in front of them.

But I knew you'd find your way to Nietzsche eventually. He absolutely despises Jesus - I mean really hates the guy - he's a forerunner to satanism, and he went completely insane. But in his defence i would say that Nietzsche was the last egotistical sociopath to have a point, after him they disappeared up their own arse.

RE: What quote or saying do people spout but is complete BS?

Every man for himself. That's a saying most popular in the country/culture where swathes of the public could not survive the day without an insulin injection, where people are insured out of their arse, and where people have the least idea of how food came to be on the table.

At the heart and head of the system is the American lunging for the wilderness and that whole preposterous fantasy of masculine grit.

RE: We are living in such a screwup world the white's believe they are superior to the blacks or red's

It's mostly non-white people who consciously believe white people are superior. They still remember us as the same people who created the British Empire and modern science, builders of infrastructure - the genius of the European is regarded as such by them, not by us.

Our sense of superiority works on a subconscious. The belief that we can all be landlords, pet grooming entrepreneurs, journalists and Youtube Vloggers whilst the rest of mankind slaves away is this indirect sense of superiority of white people. The racism is mostly hypocritical and unspoken, it's what western people do which is racist and it's not just racist it's become self-defeating. To become so dependent on foreign slaves that western society goes bankrupt(not just financially, but morally too), we've become cursed by our own exploits. Eventually the slavemaster becomes a coward and a weakling unfit to survive, he preaches against slavery but has in reality perfected its practice becoming a meritless ruling class.

RE: Rat-Apocalypse Operation Tsukiji

What a bunch of backward collectivist scumbags they are in Japan. What you do is sell out the market and let the rats run wild and free devouring your neighbours, that's the proper way to do things.

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