RE: The Question: what is the purpose of dating?

It’s just nice to get out the house

RE: Connecting Singles is just a marriage oriented site?

You might become an accidental drug mule or organ donor, it’s not all visa weddings and sickly relatives.

RE: This means War

Particularly in the west where because of freedom peace relies so heavily on self-restraint which relies on having many a bad day. Most countries that keep peace going are in chains, every day is a bad day.

RE: This means War

War will take the form of public disorder and doing the dirty on lovers. Increasingly wicked games until the idea has exhausted itself.

RE: This means War

You have to fight the war to kill the war. In a fair fight that is.

Prosperity breeds monsters there’s only so much time on the peace clock before people simply will not settle. Good times make weak people who create bad times that make strong people. That’s the cycle.

RE: Do you think, that men are avoiding dating/relationships and marriages with women?

There’ll always be a hooker, Thai bride or shemale who won’t care how incredibly off-putting you are.

RE: Smile - and the world Smiles with you...

In the North of England we don’t flaunt our happiness, it’s not becoming. If anything we take steps to appear dour in solidarity with the underdog.

RE: Alababma ban Abortion

And the renewables. We have to engineer our way out of the oil monopoly to prevent rule by the backward, black gold birthright will sustain almost anything regardless of what it is.

RE: Alababma ban Abortion

But in some ways this is more like it. Even at the height of political correctness fascism didn’t suit the liberals where this is the kind of inhuman law that gives us something to complain about. The authorities have your worst interests at heart, you can truly consider this their law.

RE: Alababma ban Abortion

I think the rapists incest baby is civil war behaviour and the authorities have forfeited the right to be respected. Get your gloves off and start breaking things.

RE: Are We In A Computer Simulated Reality?

The survivors of world war 2 were too happy to come out of that war alive and they spoilt kids rotten if anything doing too much and rendering their children too big to fail. And it’s been a domino effect from there.

Too big to fail means reality doesn’t apply, not reality doesn’t exist.

RE: Do you think, that men are avoiding dating/relationships and marriages with women?

There’s lots of s*xual options but on a different note the jobs are shit and the older generation have a big scam going with the houses. It takes a lot of effort to grow anything out of this salted earth.

RE: Life without

The baby Jesus

RE: Do people tell you - You're Different from the norm...

The biggest fan is someone who looks like an ugly version of you.

RE: God's will

Was wallowed into existence between the trees and the caves. Thoughtful suffering, no longer an ape but there’s shit all over the walls and the outside world is a write-off.

RE: My Animals - over the years...

The second generator is failing to find love amongst our own species.

RE: Alababma ban Abortion

I’m starting to seriously believe that this whole issue revolves around the sun.

I’m familiar with the theory that intelligence comes from surviving harsh winters but with all the tools at our disposal you wonder if there’s more to the story. The enlightenment occurring in tandem with an era of global cooling and the generally greater level of sophistication displayed by cold weather races across the world.

But it’s a crying shame because the rednecks can’t be right and the intelligent must lie. Can’t be right, won’t be right. That’s the world we live in.

RE: Alababma ban Abortion

But the same cannot be said for the blacks because cold weather isn't climate-appropriate to African DNA. It's only a problem where the weather makes you uncomfortable in your own skin - i.e. the fact that you're poorly adapted to where you are in the world.

RE: Alababma ban Abortion

But I do doubt the permanency of this. Rednecks behave more like Blacks and Arabs for epigenetic reasons - it's too hot so you can't be arsed to think or do - but if he was to abandon his deserts and rejoin the white world he would in good time remember his roots.

RE: Alababma ban Abortion

Another point is that when America was founded and drafting its constitution there were fewer rednecks. Proportionately. Once upon a time the southern states were a lot cooler and greener than they are today, brighter whiter people uncoloured by the sun rather than this charred mess we find today with th work ethic of a black and the laws of a sandnigger. All of North America and Europe was really cold from 1300 to 1870 and I do believe that was what gave us the edge in creating the greatest and the most magnificent civilisation on earth.

RE: Alababma ban Abortion

And it might be a coincidence but the Enlightenment occured at a time of global cooling when Europe was unseasonably cold. I contend that creating our own warmth because the sun isn't there to do it for us is nothing less than the discovery of fire itself - i.e. the root of all social progress.

RE: Alababma ban Abortion

What probably happens is that cold weather selects for and expresses genes that see your fellow man as an ally against the storm.

In warm weather is reversed. Your demise is much more likely to occur as the result of another person's actions and therefore the fellow man is an enemy and genes selected and expressed to regard him that way. The more sun in the sky the less warmth people create for themselves.

RE: Alababma ban Abortion

We're not as emotional us cold weather races, but it doesn't mean we don't care. On the contrary we unite against winter; bad weather is the main reason altruism and cooperation exist in the human species.

RE: Are extended warranties and service plans for major household appliances worth it?

The sale of insurance is based on fear, but a better solution would be a new attitude to saving where you have the money to buy a new fridge when necessary. Logically insurance is not worth it unless the "what-if" scenario is so catastrophic. There's definitely a point in insuring the small and petty where you really need to grow a pair, you can't keep wasting money like this.

RE: Are extended warranties and service plans for major household appliances worth it?

If it was worth it, they wouldn't sell it. You lose more than you win overall in order to chase a little bit of uncertainty out of your life. That's the rule with insurance. Everything's rigged to avoid the gamble.

RE: This is the year 2080...

Struggling to see the joy in that. Hooked into a pleasure tube down in the basement of a domed city on an earth rendered uninhabitable to mankind with a billion other rat people? Apartheid set your standards low in life.

RE: Alababma ban Abortion

It's all a bit hollow, if you take away the ones doing it to attack women and the ones pretending to support it because they want low taxes - that glib, say anything to get anything type(looking at you Conrad) - then there's no substance. It'll all be a footnote in history.

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