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RE: This time for good....

Well Elley... I already said goodbye last time but hey!!

Anyway ... I wanna know why every time (well ok ... only twice!!!) I decide to hang out with my old pals, there´s a thread of yours saying goodbye!!

You know Elley sometimes it´s not just on the net that people are not who they "appear to be" ... sometimes in real life too people can keep up a sort of "acting who they´d like to be" only to find they can´t keep up the "role" because it´s just not who they are and the real self emmerges...

Anyhow, I wish you and your little boy all the best ... May 2010 bring you both peace and love and good health always.


RE: BREEZEE GOT MARRIED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Breeze so great to pop in here to read the wonderful news

May your hearts and minds be filled with peace peace and love heart wings at all times and wisdom professor when the occasion requests


RE: Odd question thread!

laugh grin

RE: Odd question thread!

ok Wooffy will try that one cheers cheers

RE: Odd question thread!

Hiya again Smoky!! Tried to find it but couldn't. There does not seem to be any postings from before the spring of 2008 ...

Never mind will look for it when I get home hug

RE: Odd question thread!


wave Hiya Smoky and old friends

Seriously ... I never liked "blha bla" on my slice of bread or anywhere else for that matter!!! Lived in UK for 27 years and tried to get used to it and eventually had to come to terms with the fact I just would not!!! So I moved to Spain knowing that there, they would never attempt to serve me any "blha bla" under any shape or form ... conversing

Now for my what could appear like an odd question

Doea anyone have a copy of a poem I wrote many moons ago called "listen to the universe my friend" which I posted on CS at that time. I do have a copy at home but I am currently in the UK visiting friends and my gorgeous kids and grandkids and I wanted to give a copy of it to a friend of mine here

RE: Leaving

Hola hombre!!! wave

RE: why are'nt there more artisitic or creative people on the forums of connectingsingles ?

laugh laugh Still love your sense of humour Lago!!! hug

Gilly ... now ... reason it appears there "aren't many artistic people around" is ...

- artistic people like writers, poets, painters etc when they are feeling inspired, are busy "expressing their creativity" on canvas, paper etc... Only time they log on here is when they're having "artist's block" which means they then appear totally "non-artistic or creative" dunno

RE: Leaving

Elley, Sommer, D/Fly, Lago, Smoky ... old buddies great to see you all ...hugs for all of you hug hug

Don't have internet still but looking after a neighbour's home and watering his plants while he's away ... said I could bring my lap-top connect myself to the his internet ...

In reply to D/Fly's q

Still have the odd nightmare at night about what happened last autumn but doesn't seem to affect my emotions once awake which I am grateful for.

Life's been pretty good a while, very peaceful with just the right amount of work leaving time for painting, relaxing and enjoying the simple things. Also a group of about 30 of us (mix of Spanish and English people) are organising ourselves to share transport, do exchanges of skills/home grown produce/materials etc. Only the beginning... Can only get better with time ...

I invite you all to join me for a virtual cheers "to peace in every living being's heart and mind"


RE: Leaving


Just popped in to see what's going on when I'm not around ...

I wish you all the very best life has to offer emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Many hugs for you and that delightful little boy of yours.

Take great care of both of you hug hug


RE: CS Get-Together - ROME, ITALY - 3-5 April 2009


I´m gonna completely ignore the sad news you just shared coz I only came into this thread to say "what a load of beautiful people" getting together in Italy!!

OMG just realised it was 2 days ago!!! Hope you guys had the most wonderful time ever!!!!!!!

Huge hello and mega huge hugs to you Claire girl!!!

Don´t come online much because I have no internet at home and anyway ...... brag!! brag!!!! I´d be faaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrr toooooooo "busy" to use it!!!!! hahahahaha!


RE: the titanic

and Mike ...about the CS EU event ... let me think about it!!! CS did work for me ... in a round about way ... it brought me where I had to be in order to meet who I had to meet ... conversing

RE: the titanic

hug for you Mike and for you Marti hug and thank you both for being such good pals

Now about the Titanic ... let me think ...

I take the 5th!!!!! Ain't got a clue what you're taking about coz I haven't read the whole thread!!!


laugh Thigh massage!!!!??????? conversing

RE: the titanic

Smoky I think I love you kiss Hope you are well hug

RE: Crisis - the check up

Hey girly girl!!! Thank you!!! kiss

RE: the titanic

grin Thank you Weddy hug Yeah!!! My life's good!!!

Although I found out recently that there's a rumour going round that I am involved with a married man confused I've been asked if my current boyfriend is married (he was once but been a widower for a few years) ... Eventually worked out that "someone" had been telling everyone that I had left him and was now living with a married man. That someone just "forgot" to mention a couple of important details like HE threw me and my stuff out, I was staying in the spare room of the "married man" AND the "married man" is gay and married to another man (Lovely friends they are too!!). Some people have put 2 and 2 together (after I met someone else)and got 5!!!! laugh Needless to say that when they realise how economical with the truth a certain someone was, they go doh And I go dunno

Anyhow, I am happier than I remember ever being


RE: the titanic

wow Wowoooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! Weddy!!! I do love your new pic!!! applause

RE: Crisis - the check up

Hey old pals!!!

Hope you're all well!!!

I'm working only a few hours a week by choice giving Spanish lessons to groups of adults who live here in South of Spain. I also do healing therapies, the odd haircut and my latest fun job: watching "Greys Anatomy" in Spanish with an Irish guy who who then slows down the dialogue with his PC software. Next, we listen to the episode's dialogue again and my job is to explain any vocabulary/expressions he can't understand.


I've been quite busy getting a real life but think about you guys every now and then. Might say hi a bit more often (may be!!!!!!!!!hahaha!)when I get the internet

Hugs to you all and thank for everyones kind words at different times. Sorry I have not replied to the messages/flowers/congratulations/new years greetings as when I get into a ciberplace I always end up dealing with the urgent messages first then run out of time to do "internet play" teddybear

RE: There is anybody alive here?

Hey Weddy!!! I am more than ok!!! I am gooooooooooooooooood!!!

Sorry!!! Too late!!! hug
Already got a Spanish gypsy guitarist keeping me warm wink laugh


Right my son getting bored waiting for me so leaving the internet cafe!!!

Happy New Year everyone!!!
teddybear bouquet cheers

RE: There is anybody alive here?


I am alive!!!!

I am alive!!!


RE: Say thankyou

Hello my friends!!! Long time no see!!! Been busy having a ball in real life ... will tell all soon!!! wink laugh

I thank my parents, brothers, sisters, friends, teachers (good& bad), strangers who gave me a smile when I needed it, partners of old, my wonderful beautiful children who have always loved me no matter what. I thank Gman for being instrumental in bringing me where I´m living now and for the good and bad times we have shared.

All my experiences have served me so well to grow and be who I am today. I like me.

I also thank me for having the strength to keep going when times were tough, the determination to see things through, the loving feeling in my heart when I or others needed a hug, the wisdom to let go when it was time to move on, the openess to embrace growth however difficult facing up to things was, the simplicity to enjoy the everyday marvel that is life.

Many hugs to every one.
May you find peace and love in your hearts and someone wonderful to share it with hug teddybear angel

RE: Who is still Single on the site and ---

Single? Did someone mention single?

Single what?

Single minded?
Single again? laugh

wave hug kiss

RE: anyone remember me??


kiss kiss cheers

Real life becons!!! wave Hasta luego!!

Have a great weekend my friends!! cheering

RE: Curse!

I rest my case grin

RE: INTELLIGENCE - Which type do you think you are?

All good Mike!! Cheers! Evening to you!wine

RE: anyone remember me??

Mejor sola que mal acompanada (Better single than in bad company) they say in Spain!!! At least till better company crosses your path. Although I have to say that being single does not mean you have to be alone or lonely when you are surrounded by a great bunch of friends. The adventure of life continues applause

RE: INTELLIGENCE - Which type do you think you are?

wave Hiya Miro!!! I am well thank you. Flying back to Spain tomorrow morning. Just spent the eve with one of my best friends here in UK. Glad to hear I welcomed you when you arrived here!! hug

I don't believe in "mistakes" only choices with different outcomes and you are right, learning is what it's about. I think I know what my lesson is on this particular issue of relationships ... Time will tell how close I am to "applying" my learning, although I am aware I am getting closer ... grin

RE: anyone remember me??

Sorry Zee!! Back to you!!! bouquet

RE: anyone remember me??

Hoy!!! Lago!!!! What you moping about?

I've done my moping and crying

Now it's grin time!! I have the rest of my life ahead of me!!! grin

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