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A Blog is a journal you may enter about your life, your thoughts, interesting experiences, or lessons you have learned. It's your own page on Connecting Singles that you can update on a regular basis, or just whenever you have something to say. You can write about an opinion, impart words of wisdom, or talk about something interesting in your day. Creating a blog is a good way to share something of yourself with Connecting Singles members. Reading blogs is a good way to learn more about members you have met here. Please be sure to read the blog rules before posting.

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ho chi minh dating :) It took me 3 months with exactly 32 days each day around 2 hours on ice yard to make these moving! It looks si... MimiNGUYEN79 3 22 minutes ago
murcia dating Self-Inflicted Suffering - Is It Worth It? “The best is only bought at the cost of great pain” – or so says the legend of the Thorn Bird. “Each of u... daniela777 0 52 minutes ago
free online dating Let me make this clear I am very anti EU, or as some people would call it; I am a euro skeptic. But I am not anti Immigration or Emi... nonsmoker 16 3 hours ago
noord brabant personals Adelante Al Amor Adelante Al Amor jarred1 0 5 hours ago
johannesburg dating Dead end... Maybe you care too much, trust too much, give too much, love too much. Because you believe everyone deserves t... diova 13 7 hours ago
cork dating Welcome everyone! Welcome to the CS addiction support group... Please take a seat and introduce yourself.. Hi, my CS na... Seri2016 16 7 hours ago
belize singles In my opinion Hmn.. Let me start by a small intro.. Early 40s, married been there done that.. Didn't work not because I did... Deenaz1 1 11 hours ago
if its not hard enough Hay just got hit for a 1000 dollars by yet another scammer ..yeah was another Asian female this site... lostpuppy101 32 13 hours ago
arizona personals Brother-in-law June 2 I put on here about my brother-in-law having cancer,Well today my sister got a hold of me to let me kno... myhome 8 14 hours ago
wisconsin matchmaking The Client A lawyer calls his largest client to his office for an important meeting. When he arrives, the lawyer says... Gentlejim 13 21 hours ago
northland dating Trophy wife/husband IF you had to choose would you have one ... And how often would you upgrade ? And what happens to the olde... oldblue54 18 22 hours ago
galway singles Ownership How can anyone claim you belong to me when they do nothing what so ever to keep you kept held... Sometime... itchywitch 54 23 hours ago
california dating For those who still believe in love Here's a song and blog I dedicate to those of you who still believe in love. Through all the difficult and ... robrt787 16 23 hours ago
andalucia personals All pretence at democracy gone. I must admit to having been quite scared last week, being old enough to remember the truth behind the origin's... zmountainman 63 23 hours ago
bahrain dating Hang on just a goddam minute here.... Are men really shallow..? In a recent post one voluptuous lady from jamaica said that men are shallow coz t... lan158 25 24 hours ago
newfoundland dating Shaved pu**y ... Track16 3 24 hours ago
andalucia singles Personal Audit Failure This morning I received a huge shock, I had decided to carry out an unannounced quality and performance audit ... Mapmaker 45 Jun 27, 2016
pennsylvania personals Better Fresher Food On Sunday after worship food awaits me at First Unitarian Universalist Church, on Tuesday and Thursdays at Lif... bookworm570 0 Jun 27, 2016
indonesia singles Andai TIba Massa nya Ya Allah, Jika tiba massa itu Ku ingin ia terbalut oleh ridha-Mu terikat dalam hukum yang kami sebut syari ... soeharyanto 2 Jun 27, 2016
england dating VLOG I have posted one from a few years ago, are,nt I clever girl nothing like blowing your own trumpet. Have f... Redex 35 Jun 27, 2016
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