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A Blog is a journal you may enter about your life, your thoughts, interesting experiences, or lessons you have learned. It's your own page on Connecting Singles that you can update on a regular basis, or just whenever you have something to say. You can write about an opinion, impart words of wisdom, or talk about something interesting in your day. Creating a blog is a good way to share something of yourself with Connecting Singles members. Reading blogs is a good way to learn more about members you have met here. Please be sure to read the blog rules before posting.

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northland personals Would you ever Anyone here got any piercings And do you pre judge a person on their appearance ? Would you ever consi... oldblue54 1 15 minutes ago
virginia dating Are there any metal heads out there? I'm not your typical 44 year old woman. If you pull up beside me at a stoplight there is no telling what you m... Shinegirl 0 57 minutes ago
california dating Dirty, Filthy, Sleazy Story Warning: The following story may contain s*xually explicit and suggestive situations, scenes and language tha... robrt787 5 2 hours ago
free online dating Wrong or right? ... smallangel22 2 2 hours ago
johannesburg personals Pneumonia ! I have been sniffing all winter and even tho I said leave the air-conditioner off someone would invariably tur... Snookums33 5 4 hours ago
newfoundland dating lol Three guys go to a ski lodge, and there aren't enough rooms, so they have to share a bed. In the middle of the... Track16 2 6 hours ago
free online dating Oooohh My Goodnessssss..! We haven't interacted well yet, but this guy dared showing me pictures and saying "I am naughty" and "I am na... Kalpataru 3 9 hours ago
colorado dating Go Topless Sunday Well, it's Go Topless Sunday here in the states. Women are taking off their shirts and bras for the cause! E... Gypsytramp 46 10 hours ago
galway dating unforgivable Friendship is about forgiving, that being said some things said/done cannot be forgiving. Just out of curio... itchywitch 29 11 hours ago
noord brabant personals I dreamed a dream I dreamed a dream ... jarred1 0 12 hours ago
connecticut personals What are you afraid of? This always completely boggles my mind. Call me impulsive, call me foolish....but alas, I am a gemini and I do... lllllEnigmalllll 63 12 hours ago
jordan personals Hairs Or The Lack Of It... How often do you look at and admire someone's hair? Does the style, or color, or length ...or the lack of it m... Crazyheart38 35 13 hours ago
arizona personals People don't always need advice. Sometimes all they really need is a hand to ear to listen,and heart to understand them.... myhome 8 13 hours ago
scotland dating What's your fragrance? Hi folk. To your delight, it's me again. My, rather consequential I must say, pondering, today, concern... Dieci 26 15 hours ago
murcia personals Emotional Abandonment or Rejection...... The “Doer” or the “Doee”, What feels better? At the end of the day it´s all the same, no? But, with on... daniela777 32 18 hours ago
shanghai singles Hey, You... I am so sorry that I don't want to post mails through my personal mailbox at the first beginning when we conne... phoenixFH 0 18 hours ago
england personals FOR ALL MY FRIENDS ON CS WHO MAYBE BE FEELING DOWN I give you these a warm heart and flowers to brighten your day. Yes... Redex 49 19 hours ago
kuwait singles it's raining Rain in hot summer: ... imbackagain 7 19 hours ago
california personals I thought this was Trump speaking c4351026/clinton-1995-immigrat ion-sotu... lindsyjones 7 19 hours ago
free online dating Nothing can stop me now! 'The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You... Mzark 5 24 hours ago
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