What are some things men don't tell women?

They might behave macho, but they have no idea how the f***k they can bear the pain of childbirth. Even picturing it sends shivers down their spine!!
They rehearse before they attempt to say something romantic.Just some of those my guy friend mentioneddunno

Guys of the jurywine the session startswine

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That dress DOES make your butt look fat. tongue laugh
Yeah, your sister is a lot cuter than you. tongue laugh
Get your OWN shrimp cocktail rather than eating all the shrimp off mine. scold laugh
It's actually along list of things I won't tell a woman. dunno

Especially if they've put their own initiative and effort into something.
I would MUCH rather watch sports on TV, than to spend hours with you, as you try on EVERY shoe in the shoe store. sleep laugh
If I wanted a fat wonan I would have married one

That was gentle of you laugh yes I am wine prettiertongue but slimmer on my dresscheering teddybear
You can't hold this against men, cause we are not made to give birth, but also our fertility goes beyond our 30s and most women's won't go beyond...many men can be fertile in their 70s...women have a biological clock and when times up...tick tock, tick tock...wham goes the biological clock

I have heard talk of artificial wombs, so maybe women will be saved the pain in future and many men can be left aloneyay
Giving birth ? Big deal. You get a child out of that.
Kidney stones are more painful and what do we get out of that ? dunno
That's not the type of stoned, that most men would sign up for. scold laugh
Yeah, that gal in the bikini IS gorgeous. wow laugh

Although I am protesting that gal wearing a thong at a public beach,
it's just so I can look longer without getting in trouble with you. wow laugh
As mother she is great.
As Girlfriend she flirt.
As wife she is demanding
As daughter she needs Care
What else if you add.
peace teddybear
Nowadays we have an artificial insiminationconfused advanve biology does make up with how men can bear and experience what women feelconversing wine
Would be nice @ times when women knew what you like or want especially when being a bit gentle frank would find men so gentle...sigh wine
That was nice of you to know what every stage of a woman would be that needs nurturingwine handshake
Yas angel
Thanks for your kind words.
peace heart wings bouquet :
Mixed messages
Can never rehearse enough laugh
The only comparison I can come up with for a man to even fathom what childbirth is like would be to imagine having to pee out a marble through his pee hole.
Good morning gayyem teddybear
A marble? Try a bowloing ball.
That just gave me a pretty chilling feeling, marble be bad enough blues
Not to hard to see who the rats are, selling us guys out, y'all gonna have to go into protective custody lol
cool dancing hole
hey hey gayyem good day you too Fayhug
sigh howdy? been travelling to Manila got a call from USembassybanana cheering
Anyhow met some guy friends and chit chat about things u know conversing
teddybear take care both of yahug
You can just imagine how difficult it is to bear like a woman does its magic but thats the esssence of a womanwine hug
Pardon me got some genie pigs onlytongue they are cutehug
Conversation may bring minor disagreements and such.
Same with communication. That's where we learn most likes and dislikes. I live and keep my life pretty simple.

I won't rain on a woman's parade that has gone over above to do or try something.

If I didn't take the time or effort; I'm going to appreciate the fact that they did. There may be things I don't like or could be done differently. They don't need to know that.grin
Hi ysabel can women answer r this blog topic too.

I came up with a couple of things that men don't tell women.wave
Draegthumbs up you are a man of words
you take things in its proper way weighing things before you make your step.
I agree with you thumbs up wine
Of coursethumbs up you are smart to ask me that.We learn from men and women's own perspectivewine teddybear
I think that some men are scared to ask for their space or say to the woman not to compare them with his friends.
Oops sorry ysabel I forgot to tell you "Thank You"wave
BWthumbs up
I think you are right there I remember my son checked me when I was talking about his other friends not to compare him with them that made me realized that I was wrong and just kept me mumsmitten
ysabeljhen, what is your view on the artificial womb and sex robots for men?
ysabeljhen, what is your view on idiots called LeeCharming?
mmm Lee don't get me wrong but in my own view why not science can be possible and I would ask you to be the one to be experimented by Scientist that would be cooool tongue handshake
I mean Harbal, sorry. I use a stylus on my Ipad and it hits the wrong letters sometimes. cool
We know Lee some kind of
laugh peace
Hey calmheartwave handshake
BW wave

Is it any wonder why they won’t tell us? giggle

Hiya Jhen applause Hope you’ll hear more good news after the visit to the US embassy bouquet
Hans4711: "Elephant face"(meet us in the puzzles)

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