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I've Not Seen Merc Here Lately -

Does anyone know why she vanished?
Hope she's well, what with the wildfires & all. uh oh

She's fun on the blogs & I miss her hug

tip hat
G'mornin', Merc!


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Yep forums have missed her too, lots of rumours as to why she is not around, I just hope it has nothing to do with those terrible fires in Aussie. blues

She could have found a plumber with a brother but wants to keep them all to herself very mad

Morning Merc, you are missed by (nearly) all of us grin

take care teddybear
Hi Mick wave

If you check the forums you will find all the info you need.

Yes Mercedes is a lovely and funny lady who's being missed.
She's ok but cannot post at the moment because
someone here, who obviously didn't like her and her comments, had her banned, together with another lady blogger.

Let's hope it is only temporary?
I am under the understanding that she can receive Mail......handshake
Yes she can Larry!

We have exchanged correspondence.

N.B. I don't think any plumber or firefighter was harmed during the making of this blog and thread.
Hi Mic, I know this is somewhat off topic, But Australia got some desperately need rain.
Someone posted it in the Forums, so I am just sharing it to the Blogs, and I didn't want to start a blog about it...but I do believe that this is in her area...handshake

rolling on the floor laughing Daniela hope plumber are safe, Merc you can have firefighters grin
professor Just think, the Firefighters have to SCREW their hoses together...grin rolling on the floor laughing
ah but plumbers plunge blushing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Hey there Merc just dropping by to let u know u are missedhug
enjoy keeping fitwine
I hope all is well with you, Merc. bouquet
I had mail from Merc yesterday and have let her know today that I do know a plumber who lives in Aussie land. angel Yes I think the wildfires are having some effect on her with all the smoke and ash about.
I thought the Mods could put you in jail so you couldn't post for a certain period of time if you did something that was wrong but not enough so to be banned, Banned people come back with new name and can post, right?

No matter I just stopped by to wish Merc safety. Thanks for letting us bloggers that do not go to the forums know any updates.
Yes they can Unfay.
Some people get suspended for short periods, for a week or do. Others for longer.
Permanent banning are rare.
She's out and about fighting fires flex in tight pvc pants swinging left and right and stopping each attempted spread of flames with a whipcrack of her ponytail flex

Embedded image from another site
i suspected a tyrannical weirdo with more lives than a cat did Merc in...
moping scold comfort
Dongg your talking rubbish again as always.
Luff and peece,
i suspected a tyrannical weirdo with more lives than a cat did Merc in...

Yep that is exactly what happened that person herself is banned but we will see her back here shortly..................doh
BC, reincarnation is a very real thing on CS. lol
but, usually, a rat comes back as a rat here
Yep very soon we can all "enjoy" this banned person again
Reincarnated lol ..............again! sigh
BC, there is only one word, ABUSE!
Only one remedy Palm, that is ignore and ignore, don't feed it.........wave wave wave
I was recently banned for 2 1/2 months and that was 2 or 3 months ago. I was reinserted with my username, the other person that was banned with me had to create a new profile, as usual. She is already back with yet another profile.

By the way, Merc is doing fine and her spirits are. Hilarious as usuallaugh
Mercy will be pleased to know that Vinegar ____looks Fab!

Years younger, almost all the tumbleweed hair lopped off, and about 45 lbs slimmer as well!
This one's for you, Merc cheers pointing protein shakes

wink ... hug

Hurry back Merc wave
^^^^January 21 is Squirrel Appreciation Day. Really. I'm up to no good. Hey
Embedded image from another site
For Merc

rolling on the floor laughing

Can someone please post this video.
I've come across a vid of Merc's fitness class ...

Cool outfits, eh? grin

Mic, i HATED that film moping Well, the 45 mins or so i watched of it... It just seemed all wrong, women projecting like men, wtf actually laugh flex uh oh laugh

Not to mention NOTHING could ever match the original (Linda Carter) devil smitten grin
Embedded image from another site
ohhhh yeah
Nice rack.
Linda would be the Merc's Sister version, chance.
One of 'em got the hair, the other got the chest ... as Merc tells it, anyway. wink

Still looking for her Mic???
Embedded image from another site
Merc applause applause dressing up now are we, keeping all plumbers to yourself are you scold laugh laugh

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