Doctors Without Borders...

...or boundaries.
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After some ink.
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Hero virtue broadcasters all.
Did I forget to add tediously self righteous/loathing , and ueber alt left.
Keep it coming. It's the whole point.
I was trying to work out which country was getting the full benefit of it.
Molly, maybe one with oil?
molly, the world is spinning so maybe it's a full sweep!
I think they'd need it, with that thing being stuck in there.
They provide international humanitarian services. confused
AS, this isn't really about Docs w/out all.

You see that, right?

^^^maybe since it has nothing to do with Doctors Without Borders they shouldn't be in the heading? Perhaps it could be headed something like "This won't hurt a bit" laugh
The title in this case isn't that important but the reference was useful. Sometimes the title IS the joke though, and the contents are nothing more than a filler vehicle.

Saying it won't hurt isn't Unca Sammy's style. He lets you know it's gonna hurt and dares you to do something about it.


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