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I'm one of Gary Larson's biggest fans. In fact, it's his syndicated comic strip that made me want to draw. I'm pretty Bad at it, hence the BadlyDrawn s.n. but it doesn't stop me from trying to get better.

Years ago and before I really tried to put pencil to paper, I used the computer to create some comics. Some are on my profile. Terrible, I know, but the ideas were more important than the actual drawings, at least to me.

Larson has retired but the inspiration never died and his influence is still fresh to this day. It probably spills into many of my drawings, but this one especially. It's a bit of a tribute I suppose. Anyway, enough talk.

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I've gotten a bit better since then. Just a bit.

For better or worse, Larson helped to shape this semi-conscious sack of protoplasm to where it can hold a sharpened pencil...and put it to paper.
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Yeah, I like Larson. Are you familiar with the often twisted work of Robert Crumb?

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Yes, Jig. I love the artwork. Not so much the context though. I love the old Mad mag artists too, the Bloom County characters, John Callahan, Griffith...lots really, but The Farside is my all-time favorite!
Red meat by Max cannon was another favourite.

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Yeah. I like that. So many now with the internet and the ability to self-publish...

I like Callahan's edge, and that he held the pencil in his mouth to draw. He was inspirational in the way that it's really the idea that makes the joke and not so much the artistic ability.
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If I can do it...
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So can you!
Got an idea? Let it fly!

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No matter how weird!
Find your voice...

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And let 'r rip!


K, I'm done ....for now.
This one is crude and dark. One of my first ideas for a 'toon. I wasn't sure how to convey the idea that "you must be this tall to ride" doesn't work for all scenarios.

My character's name is Bastid here for reasons I'm not quite sure of anymore.
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I absolutely loved Doonesbury, Calvin & Hobbes and Bloom County. The Far side was good too.
The idea that, how do I put this delicately....

Some women can drive you to....
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Take the easy way out?
Doonesbury was way too political for my liking, but I love Hunter S.Thompson...go figure. Never cared much for Calvin & Hobbs but I know lots of people really like it. Loved Bloom County! I had Opus and Bill the Cat t-shirts even.
This idea is so stupid but still makes me laugh!
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Since this is a dating site...sorta, I'll leave this dark image regarding obssessive love disorder....infatuation...or something.

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The end. For now.
Happy Birthday!!!
Thanks, Palm!
"Some women can drive you to....."


Triggered, Snowflake?
happy birthday gift bouquet
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