Popcorn: The not-so-silent Killer

This week in the news:

Man nearly dies from infection after trying to remove popcorn stuck in teeth.

Driver lures seagulls with popcorn and kills them with car.

The moral, fellow CS bloggers:

If you see popcorn on the ground-- one piece and another...then another.... placed rather suspiciously and in a way that leads into the shadows...

Eat it! Eat it all! It's actually pretty good for you.

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Ok. I'll have all the popcorn with a drink and a movie. banana
*raises brow
How long was that popcorn stuck in his teeth? uh oh
No butter.

I'm cutting down on the cholesterol. laugh
I still think the " Popcorn trick" is ingenious. Extra butter of course!grin
I asked a dentist once what was the worst thing he had to deal with regarding teeth. He said it was from a raspberry seed stuck in the gums causing a terrible infection, the worst he had seen.
BD, I saw that story and read the many comments.

They all suggested dental floss... duh!

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