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1 thing interesting, the other questionable

I would say if you click, watch the whole thing from the 11:00 minute point to the 20:00 minute point.


I haven't watch the other parts...this was just brought to my attention. I know part of this has been already discussed...but the clarity and the entirety of it was not viewed by me before.

cheers groundhog

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Does Robert know you are one those critter sitters that watches scary movies -> groundhog

popcorn grin
Hello Patti,

Robert knows a lot about me...but I bet he don't know that. laugh
rolling on the floor laughing he does now. you might want to set aside an entire weekend marathon.
That video was creepy by my standards ewwwrw.
I have seen the other bids were it was a wire but I know someone suggested a medical reason...and
I do enjoy reading the vid comments. Was I shocked
someone named an actual link for a brain scanning device.
* vids
I found the link to the device, uh oh.

uh oh
Patti when that thing initial thought was it was biological uh oh I didn't have audio at first just watching the video...evidently the guy in the video also believe it to be biological in nature.

That is 2 for biological. hmmm

Did you also notice, there was more than one.
If it was a wire, how does it get pulled in?
Why does it get pulled in?
Why is it there in the first place?
What sort of wire looks like that?

At first I heard it explained as a bracelet...right after the debate happened.
Two? No, I was way too creeped
I wish I could edit the vid clip to just that timeframe. But I view them on my phone.
A nine second close-up eeewwww.
G'Night! Full Moon heebie-jeebies.rolling on the floor laughing
People do wear copper bracelets for different health reasons. It seems to go around his wrist,possibly him being so thin it could have been loose. It looks to me like a copper wire, possibly a bracelet with plastic on the end to keep it from scratching the skin.

Here's one..

Embedded image from another site
Hpy, that would be nice if that is what it almost looked like it curls up a bit before disappearing. I am sure you are right though. Mystery solved. thumbs up
I got something long, going down and sticking out just at the bottom of one of my pant legs.

Oh, heck, after checking, I know what it is. giggle


Robert...must be that copper bracelet. laugh
Yesterday's underwear? rolling on the floor laughing they have laundry hampers for that.
wave Robert I promised you a scary full moon story about Old Gregg the full moon fisherman
but tonight has been scary enough!

With your trousers and, and.... a pair of furry

groundhog groundhoglaugh
confused which one was interesting Johnny
and which one questionable.
conversing well he turned his online light off.
Must be safe now.sleep
Patti, the one with the pink haze looked like a video that could have been photoshopped or something like that...making it questionable to me.

However, the seeming alive copper bracelet was interesting. :)
Perhaps this inspired Robert to write another blog.

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