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'Only' 3 1/2 more years of outrageous hypocrisy

Yep, that's how long we will hear more nonsensical whining about Biden every time he does anything. There was even an issue with him checking his watch after some services were done. Really ?

This after we witnessed the worst president in our lifetime lie, break laws, get impeached TWICE, and set a new record for corruption. Trials for tax evasion, fraud, emoluments violations, and inappropriate s*xual activity, all will take place after the investigations have finished.
Also a record number of tell all books from witnesses about the ineptness and corruption of the administration.

Not a negative thing to say about all that though. The epitome of hypocrisy. scold

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None of it will ever beat your years of being obsessed, lmao, rolling on the floor laughing thanks for the good laugh jIMBO
yawn blah blah

TDS (Trump Deprivation Syndrome) Relapse @ 6 weeks.
Y'all can Expect a recurrence circa Hallowe'en ... jackolantern


B - are the epitome of obsession. How odd you can't keep off of my blogs nor blogging about me. Yet, I don't blog about you.
Rolling Stone® Shamelessly Panders To/Exploits The TDS Afflicted!

See Y'all 'round Hallowe'en jackolantern ... gotta go

I registered to Vote in 87 as Independent! later in 96 was my vote in a election, 2012 changed to REP. but never voted but once.. rolling on the floor laughing

Still converting back to Independent and most likely really don't care...

Pelosi knows something about elections....

Stuffed Pig in the blanket...

I set higher standards than most

Only voted once ever, true

rolling on the floor laughing
As always the OP has embellished his false narrative with his own opinion rather than facts......liberal privilege and bloviation.

8 months and a record of disaster unparalleled in our history surpassing the Carter legacy as the worst president in history. President Trump will be back to clean up the demos corruption and complicity with the media lies. It's a lock!

Profile Deleted
thumbs up

@ 0:35 | Ol' Joe incites Divide & Conquer Polarization -
Pitting Murkuns against ONE ANOTHER Rather than the VIRUS ...

Joe Biden cares more about campaigning for Gavin Newsome than rescuing Americans in Afghanistan.
I gotta tell you Jim - this one made me laugh out loud! rolling on the floor laughing
Well then, I accomplished something productive. cheers
Backlash to Ol' Joe's Divide & Conquer Gambit threatens to Compromise Healthcare, Derail the Economy & Paralyze the Administration with a Flood of Legal Challenges

The Senile Sock Monkey's Puppeteers are Destroying His wink Presidency.

mic - plateau ??? It looks more like a rising trend, especially for deaths.
Click on the deaths graph.
Even the new infections graph most recently indicates a rise.
The dot before that was down, but that's no plateau.
A plateau shows a consistent lack of rise. That's not what is indicated.
Yeah - Plateau.

@ 8/22 it tapered off to a rather jagged Plateau.
The cases in Florida have been determining if the jag moves up or down ...

The Spike in Florida would raise the US Death Rate -
It's Age Demographics, y'all understand ... Florida - aka God's Waiting Room.

Hopefully, The Florida New Case Rate will Continue Jagging Downward -
And the US Rate will follow.

That's the way Delta has tracked in Other Countries -
Quite Dramatically so in India ...

At which point, Ol' Joe's Dictatorial Divide & Conquer Gambit will look Moot -
And Kinda Silly.

It'd be Expected, then, that Ol' Joe & the 'Crats are rooting cheering For the Pandemic. applause

I guess, that you don't understand the definition of the word plateau.
Plateaus are flat.
Instead of simply hoping that occurs, I suggest helping it occur by getting vaccinated.
trolls Own Blog down silly semantic rabbit hole ... laugh

What the Hell dunno ... I'll play Along ... I MEANT a Jagged MESA ...

GREAT thumbs up Help YOURSELF To It!!

Ol' Joe's Divide & Conquer Dictatorial MANDATORY Jab Gambit will Still be silly if the Jagged MESA descends to a Low Valley & His wink Administration is Mired in a moot Legal Quagmire stuck of HIS Making.

BREAKING || Live Streaming -

Welcome To The Legal Quagmire ...

Trump was in multiple legal quagmires and still is.
Nothing ever bad about him though ?
At least Biden has good intentions and the backing of science.
He wants to do more than simply "hope" the rate comes down,
or suggest it will "by April 2020"

IF ... "He's a Failed Prez & his Puppeteers want to Try to make him Look competent" is "Good Intentions" ... Yes - His intentions are Good ...

Trump brought some stabilization and peace. biden has brought terrorism upgrades, inflation, infected border invasions, increased cost of living, more dire straights for the care of people in the medical sector. plus a whole lot more going down hill.

meanwhile, a lot of studies NOT talked about, saw little to no difference with or with out masks. roughly up to 50% or more in the hospital that tested positive with covid, were vaccinated. a lot of tests for covid in hospitals were a by-product and not the reason many people were there for. many of those are asymptomatic to mild.

vaccinated or unvaccinated hospitalization rates are roughly similar.

the demonrat party is showing the true level of corruption at every turn.

the hypocrasy is that you fail to acknowledge that most of the garbage you pedal concerning Trump, ranks up there with cnn and others. nothing came to fruition as you wanted or hoped because it simply wasn't true but you push it any way. biden is only better than jimmy carter at sucking as a self proffessed leader. or is he "Ceasar"? at least ceasar knew how to battle and bring his troops home victorious.

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Embedded image from another site
There is nothing stable about Trump.
He divided the US and caused an insurrection.
He empowered white national extremists.
Hate crimes soared during his administration.

Trump not only increased the cost of living with his stupid trade wars, which he had no clue about. But also drove up the national debt by giving huge permanent tax cuts to the rich, the people who need it the least. Together this made a historic divide between the haves and have nots even larger.
do the math on those lies about catering to the rich. they still pay the majority of personal income and payroll tax; and then some. corporate and business taxes never did amount to much. the economy roared because we were more globally competitive with our tax rates.

prices stabilized as energy independence and more was gained. people of all classes were working their way up. our border was becoming less porous and the middle east was at least attempting to stabilize with terrorism threats being very low.

you keep confusing the obozo years when the division started and keep trying to blame Trump. it never subsided much with the demonrats feeding and nurturing it. it was much less a worry under Trump as people were working until a political pandemic.

The economy roared, because Trump inherited a roaring economy from Obama.
Indeed, nothing he did increased the rate of real GDP. It continued in a straight line
as if Trump did nothing.
Embedded image from another site

That is until the economy tanked, because Trump lied and ignored the pandemic suggesting that people ingest bleach, shine UV light in their bodies, and that the virus would be gone "like a miracle" by April 2020. scold

It's about time you finally realize what a horrible president Trump was, officially the worst US president in our lifetime. thumbs down
Trumps tax cut was an obscene give away to the billionaires and some international Corporations. He shafted the middle class and the poor.
All the corporations and super rich did was hoard the cash.
r - Exactly !
A whistle blower has come forward..The USA was warned five months before the pandemic..The US authorities knew but didn't listen as well as your intelligence,.Can't blame Biden for that..Your country was warned about a lab leak five months before this pandemic.

I know Biden wasn't in office 2019
Merc -
Is this what you referred to?

]Nope not talking about that video..Here in Aus an aussie journalist will be interviewing the Chinese whistle blower..Plus Our aussie journalist is interviewing Trump
@ miclee

Human nature is part of it, and there's going to be barnacles on every whale. You just have to recognize that, and not get demoralized because it exists..

Caller David ~ Ultimately the buck stops with we the people

I hope that the liberals and libertarians can reach across, and end these carbon subsidies that make these businesses run, because otherwise how much of their profit is based on polluting water and air, killing residents? Corporate welfare. It's corporate welfare because we pay to clean it up..

Hell, the founding fathers grew hemp. What do you think they smoked in their pipe..

Ben Shapiro ruins Hal's imagination

The grown up Damian from The Omen... Ben Shapiro..

Merc - Trump was warned many times and refused to do anything about the possibility of a pandemic. Indeed, instead, he pared down the pandemic response team.

As detailed in a Business Insider article from March 2020;

Jim, serious question.

Can you honestly say that Biden and Kamala are better than Trumps tenure?
It's far too early to judge the current administration's tenure.
At this point, all I can say, is that Trump's tenure is the worst I've ever seen
and it's not even close.
Remember I don't Vote but was sent 5 mail-in ballots during 2020 election. true

On Wednesday, the Senate’s top Republican, Jake Corman of Centre County, said the investigation will ultimately be judged by its results.

I go offline for 24 hours and the Pennsylvania Republican Senate did what? twitter

If you think Biden is entertaining now wait until he wanders off to a corner during an interview to urinate. Hilarious...
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
All respect to Biden, just kidding.

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