Something big in the air is coming...

getting the whiff of it these past weeks...
and now that its almost here, what else to say but stock up on the old oil lamps and don't forget the hot water bottles either, because once there gone... there GONE snooty

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there is something on your nose. confused
Galrads, ever hear that saying " I wear my heart on my sleeve " conversing

well I, need I say it roll eyes

wear mine on my nose laugh
Note to self typing
don't order Christmas presents from China this winter ...

Or England either for that matter nerd
Buy Ohio instead. High quality America flags made here.

Just what is it in the air that you think you smell?

Seriously, Evil has reached the High Places.

On a lighter note, it could be said that you "had a heart on" (your nose).
Supply chains are coming under pressure . Petrol stations running dry in the UK . chinese drove diary product prices high few months back to acquire product before their lockdowns . Repair to chinese power supply systems not too great and now those smart company's that went to china are having issues keeping their factories going . We have business's that can't get stock and have empty shelves , simple stuff that can't be done without , boots , rain wear , some timber lengths that would normally just be sitting in timber yards by the ton can't be gotten . This is all covid related , and only the start .
@ Epirb how many ships are waiting off shore to unload freight where you live?

Embedded image from another site

Embedded image from another site

There's green THINGS in the water!

They're everywhere!
China imports are slow too unload. About my Apple Watch if and when it will be available. Mail order Brides from Russia are on time..
Covid concerns and few employees around to offload the ships. Funny thing though transportation of goods have not slowed down by experience. I ordered a camera lens from Japan and it too four days for fed ex to get it to my home and without paying extra to expedite shipping.
Swam, on time to drain your wallet
i was on a date with one the other day who'd been here in Norw 15y, she should know betta but naahh
after i payed the whole dinner (and the previous date) I said: ok, so can you buy me a beer, she: nah, don't have money. Me : bye.
I will neeever date one again. Give and take is replaced by take take take take and take then we'll see..

Gals. I ordered a car part from Latvia. Via London it took two days to my post office. From that local post office up to me it took another two days lol

@Raddy there have been one delayed and shifted to another port necessitating few thousand truck movements over usually uncrowded roads , another ship with a crew full of covid left with half a load for here back to asia . Most of the problem is getting the ships unloaded and loaded in ports of asia .
Tut-tut-tut doh

Excluding Epirb thumbs up

Men can't help behaving like boys scold

Whilst everyone at the front door is shouting/fighting about vaccines....
slowly but surely the energy crisis sneaks through the back one without anyone noticinguh oh

Anyways, tired here so G'night wine
can't even take a Russia bride out to dinner FFS , KFC in Dannevirke had no chicken one night last week .
China doesn't have to worry about food. They have America to gobble up.
And they will.
Is it a bird?
Is it a plane?confused
Its Superman! applause

Howzit Itchy.laugh
MUD, we've heard of a Chinese takeaway ...
and unless its a new one on me, I've never heard of an American one dunno

Speaking of which, guess who I'm expecting to land at my door any second now roll eyes
motorcycle very happy
I seem to remember that witch in Bewitched had a twitchy itchy nose... when she knew something was up laugh
Good to see you enjoying a nice little chuckle there Luke comfort

Even if at my expense crying
just so you know, its not only superman that fly's through the skies, brooms do too....
so I'd take care if I were you not to have your bare bum cocked in the air tonight, otherwise when mine lands, you might find it a right pain in the roll eyes

Might I add, I have a mighty aim tongue snooty LOL

Ah bless, how I loved superman ....
how I cried and cried how the poor man ended up sad flower

Now he's instead my super Angel angel
He wan't land at your door unless you throw him there laugh
but who can it bee naaw, who can it beee noow..
not a man from down under but one from the states. Hmm
Well whoever it is I wish you2 luck dear Itchy! heart1 hug wine
All witches are gifted with that one Chancer conversing

Even more so the itchy ones laugh

On a more serious note, you're not concerned about blackouts this winter?
Ok Ozzie, either you're reading me wrong or I am you confused dunno

But no matter, as always ..... good seeing you wave
Hard times are coming. It's part of the 'Build Back Better' agenda. This is what happens when you give power to people who believe humans are a scourge on the planet and that depopulation is necessary, despite the fact that the planet has time and again shown its robust endurance in spite of everything. These people value power and control over everything. I genuinely believe some see themselves as Gods. I also believe that Karma is real and you reap what you sow dunno smile

Definitely a good idea though to stock up on necessary items - food that will last; wood, briquettes for burning, etc.

To think of it: this last 75 odd years has been the most abundant in history. In a sense, some hard times are overdue. Things will be different going forward.
I read you as a bloke was flying in from the USA to date you.
But then again, my mind is pretty romantesque.

Chancer this will be our last winter and Christmas warming our tootsies by the open fire.....
such will be a thing of the past, I'm absolutely gutted ... no one loves an open fire more so than me sigh

I believe fuel allowance seekers received a nice increase this year, and minimum wage " true or not" is to receive a nice one also ... since when are the big boys in charge, ever generous to the less well off in our country, to me that's a sure indication they know what's about to fall from the sky is going to scorch us, with the poorer being possibly the most burnt uh oh

As for stocking up, how does one stock up on electricity dunno

Me thinks we're fcuked and going backwards doh
Hahaha Elizabeth moved her mouth not twitched her nose. You’ll already knew that I bet.

Well if one is Ozzie conversing

Then he better go and bloody fly back out again mumbling

As if I haven't enough fish to fry without having to deal with shrimps as well doh
Actually galrads when i was looking for a twitchy itchy Bewitched-y gif that strook me laugh
The thing is Galrads, I am not Liz snooty
and I bet I can do a much better job twitching my nose ....
more so you, frisking your whiskers roll eyes

laugh laugh Chancer handshake

And after eating them any which way we can, we can sing about them whilst we digest them dancing

Sorry. I guess, that I shouldn't have had that refried bean burrito last night. blushing

I did wonder if anyone would make a remark/comment similar to yours....

Just you Jim laugh lol
Rose, you know you're not welcome on my blogs....
so piddle off and take your bird on a hot tin roof act, out of here.
Any new twitchy itchy inklings of what's in store? hole
As in what's in the air ... for now, I don't know dunno

But what's leaving the air, perhaps WattsApp, Face book and etc ....
any idea Chancer what's going on there?
I should know, but tonight my nose is out of order laugh
I'm not sure but there seems to be a hell of a lot of hacks going on lately... related to the Solar Winds hack last year perhaps (touted as the biggest digital security breach ever)? dunno Curious though that it's happened a day after both a Facebook employee whistle-blower came forward AND the release of the Pandora Papers that purport to show hidden wealth of hundreds of elected officials and billionaires worldwide.
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