CERN...and the splitting of reality.

I am now just in the beginning stages of learning about CERN. I have knew about CERN for years now and its large collider. However, that is about the extent of what I knew about it. However today, I have been seeing more and more mention of CERN. Some say that what they are doing there with anti-matter could have effects that even the most intelligent scientists have no understanding of. Stephen Hawking had warned the world about the dangers of what CERN was/could do.

It is said that there are 10+ dimensions that we live in and we only can experience 4 of them. The other 6 that exist, we cannot experience those other 6, the paranormal world is said. The work that CERN is doing, so it is said, might be triggering something in those other the point that it is effecting humans and their has come out and speculated that it might even be splitting our reality.

Is there a connection between the colliding of particles and UFOs...or even demons??

Did CERN awake something?

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Johnny, you're not going to believe me but it's ok. I went to CH for that secretive nuclear research center because most of the dangerous testings were done in the defunct Bataan nuclear plant.
Anyways in the late 70s, it's a "what you see and hear, when you leave, LEAVE it here policy".

But in the late 90s it eased up on that policy. Now it's a world known entity because we're now, or the world is now bracing all the possibilities of what's out there.

I'm not surprised of those possibilities Johnny. My best friend with whom I am seeing in September was married to the director of research funding. Even she can't claim any of her knowledge as she signed a document in relation to that effect.

Yes, I personally call the scientists involved in these research are to me, "aliens". Out of this dimension we're in.

Anyways good topic Johnny

Hello SR,

Thank you for your input and for sharing it. I am just starting to become aware of the depth and scope of what "science" is doing. Needless to say, it is very alarming.

I have learned that Dark Matter seems to have some very mysterious properties... and it is being produced quicker than ever and needs to be contained. People that are located around this Dark Matter suffer strange effects.


Again, thank you SR...hope you are doing well.

Welcome Johnny. There's a reason why we're now allowed to have a knowledge of CENTRO EUROPEAN RESEARCHE NUCLEAR. We're now very familiar with these informations relating to what's possible out there. Much like Area 51.

Keep on digging Johnny and you'll be so engaged in your path of discovery. I was in that curiosity level 43 years ago. hug
Thank you seems as if darkness may be upon us. dunno If so, we as individuals must be careful not to allow darkness to become us.

Maintaining a positive attitude helps Johnny. Think of the universe as 8 billion years and the earth as 4 billion. It makes us humbled on being here. Tiny speck in this vast universe.

Take care Johnny, always bouquet

...a good way to put things into perspective SR. thumbs up
Great subject Johnny I haven't looked at the Cern project for a few years now, surely they have made some new breaks..
Any word on the new weapons being developed at Cern ? and what of China are they still building their particle collider that's going be bigger than the Cern machine ?
Hello Butch...

I am not sure. I have not heard anything about that. I am listening here and there when I find stuff online about CERN...but nothing about that stuff yet.

The info about the weapons being developed from Cern experiments has probably hushed up, no surprise there..
China was building an even bigger collider was the last I heard, but we don't get much info from China anyway..
Anti/dark matter was being looked into as a weapon, but there was word that they have no way to contain or control anti/dark matter;; part of what Hawkins was warning about..
There was another 4 or 5 weapons that were being developed from Cern experiments as well...

If I am not mistaken, I think they have a way to contain dark matter...I think it needs to be contained in some sort of magnetic container, but it is very expensive to do. ...of course, if my memory serves me correctly.

Thank you for the additional information.

thumbs up
That's new and good info to me Johnny thumbs up
I think that anti/dark matter is a by product of the collisions, the collisions are maybe the gateways into What ?..
Got any descriptions of what or the affects of anti/dark matter is Johnny ?
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