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I know a man, who has lost his mate to cancer.

This man, would always bend over backwards to help anyone.

Going through his loss, he has suffered emotionally, as anyone would after losing a close loved one.

I was wondering why he was always broke afterwards.

He borrowed money from me.

He borrowed money from a close friend of mine.

He has took money for deeds supposed to be done but were not.

All traits that made me is that?

That is not his nature. He told me, he just paid off his house, right after the passing of his loved one. He was always very financially responsible, even before paying off his house. Now, after paying off his house, he should even be more financially well off.

But he is not.

That puzzled me a bit.

Come to find out, he is online sending women gift cards.

I can go into a detailed psychological breakdown as to why this is. But, I will sum it up just briefly.

He is an emotionally vulnerable man after his recent loss of his loved one (partner) in life.
He is now trying to fill the void.
But, you have man haters out there...that enjoy making millions a month online.

Lonely traumatized men...beware. I recommend you taking some time learning about what is now becoming the norm online with some of these websites.

I need to talk to this man.

But when emotions are at play...............rational explanation is difficult.

Women are genius at emotional manipulation.

I have seen videos out there where women proclaim they are proud of this.

Not all women of course....but they are out there...they are hateful, angry, and money hungry.

peace all
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How very very sad, i hope you can get through to him.

By the way men have that quality too manipulations i mean and they too seek out the vurable, so we all must be on our guard and help friends when we can teddybear
Introduce him to CS.It's free!

gift <-integrity
That is for your friend.
Gift Hint:once he joins CS
He and Robrt787
can hammer it out.
Ms Cakes...that is a possibility. I would be concerned though....Robert might be a bad influence on him.


But hopefully he (my friend) gets things together.

wave are probably right. Access to pictures on the internet are endless.

So anyways,

Johnny, I took this lady to a sports game. During the game I went to get a hot dog and a drink. When I returned, she said, "Hey, I would've liked a hot dog and a soda too!"

I then asked, "Oh, I'm sorry. Do you want a hot dog and a soda too?"

She answered, "Yeah, yeah. I would love that!"

I replied, "Well, all you gotta do is go back there to the snack bar and order them. Take a bit of money with you, 'cause they're not cheap."

Suddenly, oh I don't know why, she got all bent out of shape and cussed me out.
To make her feel better, I offered to give her my hot dog and drink, but she didn't want them because the hot dog was already bitten and the soda already had soup (particles of food) in it from my eating the hot dog and backwashing into the soda a bit.

Whew! She was soooo upset with me. I couldn't understand it. I helped her out with advice on where she could go to get a hot dog and soda. And what do I get in return for offering such a nice gesture? She cusses me out.

Sheesh! doh
See Johnny,

I took a chance on a nice genu-wine single woman, and what happens? She cussed me out. blues
By the way Johnny,

Remember I told you about a lady who asked me to go over to her place for a dinner date, and and that she would shave the forest for me?

Well, I couldn't make that date because I was busy, but I'm still left wondering, What did she mean by Shaving The Forest? Is that like Mowing the lawn? Hmmm. confused

Guess I better look it up in the Birds and the Bees book.
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