Okay, the challenge is: decision, decision, decision

Being retired but don't have enough money to live on as originally planned is truly a challenge for me these days.

Okay, I can keep living in California, one of the most expensive county in the nation and keep working until I die, but close to my children and grand children whom I adore and love, or move to France, live modestly with a part time job or retire in the Philippines where I can live like a queen (no rent, water bills, and cheap way to live based on the dollar worth). Live back in Cali every summer and go to PI every winter. I am strong and healthy so the least of my worry is health care.

Right now I am tired of working full time just so I can continue traveling but if I stop working I would live very miserly and that is not an option that is favorable for me.

So what should I do? I guess the challenge goes on unresolved.frustrated

Do you guys have any challenges that are wrapped around your leg, it feels like you are dragging a ball of chains?

Anyways, I am just venting. I guess. Venting is cathartic isn't it?

Thanks for reading my blog.

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I think this is a challenge many retired people have these days. Or want to be retired but have to continue working in order to afford more than just basic living.

I've often thought of moving to Panama for the same reason, and there's a large population of ex-patriots there, (and many other countries similar). Mexico has a large population of ex-patriots for the same reason.

It's a tough decision to make, being far from family. I'm not ready to make that decision yet, but wish you all the best on this. There are many who have made the move and are more than happy with their decision.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this Lady. I am not that fuzzed with life's decisions. Been always easy to do that in my younger years but I guess it is a part of being old..lol...No I don't feel quite that old yet. Just that I can't reconcile what I like to do and what is best for me financially in the coming years. Made so many mistakes and somehow it is not easy to make those mistakes anymore. But life goes on.

Oh yes, I have so many friends who already live in Costa Rica, Puerto Rico and Mexico. They are happy I guess.wave
lindsy - when I was looking into moving to Panama, I did a lot of research, which I'm sure you're doing as well, to find the pros and cons of certain areas.

I found a site that was made by ex-patriots and their opinions and challenges of living out of their country of origin. It wasn't a 'sale' site, promoting everything good, it was an honest look at how people liked and/or disliked and integrated into their surroundings. If you can find such a site on where you want to live, you may find get some more insight and first hand knowledge. thumbs up
Thanks Lady, my choices are not in those countries, though, but Philippines is a very wise one, first because I was born there, so culture, food and eccentricities are not strange to me. Familiarity is a good thing.

Second, I can fly back and forth here to be with my children, should I opt for that. They each have their own house and would be more than glad to accommodate me although, I would rather not. My youngest daughter is single and so is my son and it wouldn't be a hassle to be with either of them.

I think I am leaning on giving more of my years to a full time work like 24 more months and see where it goes. But the Philippines is very inviting and financially good for me.

wave Ms Jones, do you think you will ever not want to travel?

You're still working full time, don't know how you do it...
24 months is another two years, which for you could seem very long and tiresome, hope you come to your decision sooner than later, I also hope retirement or semi retired will be your option more so than it being forced on you.... to your good health, long may it remain with you wine
Hi my friend Phyllis!

I went thru what you are going thru. I moved to Fl. for awhile. Then I would move back to WI. until the snow got to be to much. Then I would move somewhere warm again. Finally on one of my trips to Fl., I sat down and analyzed my situation and realized what was the most important to me. It was my children! So I moved back to WI. and occasionally fly to Fl. in the winter to see some family and friends! I became content with that! My son informed me that he and my daughters are taking me on a week cruise in December!

You take care now Jim they don't plan to dump you at sea uh oh

Only joking hug but I couldn't resist giggle


He did ask me if I knew how to swim! What do you think he meant by that?
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Hi LJ wave I took early retirement but still work one day for 4 hours, still want to keep my foot in the door. I have not regretted my decision am enjoying retirement. thumbs up
He did wow

If I were you Jim, I'd be a little worried uh oh

Grannies shouldn't be pushed of buses but still they are conversing


There is so much bad financial advice being doled out by "experts" and it's all geared to induce people to give a portion of it to the money managers.
My favorite is; Work your whole life and save your money in a bank savings acct and when you retire, start spending the money until t runs out or you drop dead, whichever comes first.
There's no law that says once you retire you can no longer earn any money. There are lots of perfectly legal ways to make money other than selling your time & labor.
Ms. Witch thanks for your input. No it is not an imposition for me to work at least 24 months more. It is partly to compensate those losses that I can't recover from being so careless. I just have to do what is best for me and my future and I believe a little bit more of commitment to work won't be that difficult.wine
I hear you Jim. In fact my children are factored in the challenges of this decision because I just can't see myself too far away from them.

I will not consider ever to be permanently away from them. Thanks my friend.
I took the same route AA. But then I had to go back after realizing that my lifestyle has been affected very badly.
Thanks for your opinion Ooby.
Psst seriously 3000 views about
Politics. rolling on the floor laughing you're doing
something right.wine
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing it is the trend my friend.cheering
Why not check living costs just across state borders and maybe still stay close with lowered living expenses. With the cost of realestate in Cali, you'd still come out ahead selling and relocating. Time consuming. Longer commutes for some things that might be convenient now.

No matter what, there are going to be trade offs. Which ones would be more useful and easier to maintain for the long term?
Wait,which border?!!

OREGON!!!! applause
Thanks Dragoneer, although in the inland part, at least two hour commute from the Bay Area, it is still a pretty good trade off. If I don't have to go to the City anymore on a daily basis but consider working in the local area, then, it will work. Part time work like three days a week and spend four days with my children and grand children. I think that is what I am going to do. Do a little bit of traveling in country.

I don';t see the problem. Go to You Tube and create some channels. Where a Nun's robe and make 300 - 500 5 minute videos of you reading Bible passages. Create a name for yourself. Sister El Jay perhaps? Upload the videos to one of your channels. Go to YouTube's Creator Studio and sign the agreement to let YouTube run ads in the background. Any viewing of 2.5 seconds of an ad on any video pays you a commission. The more subscribers that occur, the more views, the more commission you earn. It goes to your Paypal account. Yes, make one or two of those also. .

Now make 40 5 minute videos of you taking parts of a car apart. Upload those to your LJ Automotives channel. Now go to Creators Studio and e sign the ad money release.

Continue with other topics and channels. It is the easiest money imaginable. Once you have a 1,000 videos up with all of them earning money every month, forever (remember to set up a trust fund and an LLC so the income becomes an inheritable gift to whoever) go to the beach and sunbath, or go skiing, or something. YouTube will pay you.

Ken I love that idea. I might try it..laugh laugh

Can I hire you as my manager then?rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
You speak of going back home, there is the old saying that you "can't go back home'.
I tried that 20 some odd years ago and found that the saying is true. It had changed so much that it just was not "home" anymore. My memories were now just memories. Probably best to stay in Calif. just stay out of the CASINOS..
LJ my schedule is kind of full between mowing pastures, target shooting and singing Karaoke with drunk young women at a local club. However the method specified works. I have a half dozen YouTube channels and as you can see below, it works. Once you pass $50 in ad income on one of them, Google (the owner of YouTube) mails you a PIN so you can access your funds. Thereafter your money is deposited into your PayPal automatically. In this case for some reason I blocked your access to the PIN with an empty cigarette box, but trust me, there is a number underneath and every day 2 or 1,000x a day, someone sees 2 seconds of an ad on your videos and a cash register in YouTube land somewhere goes ka-ching. The old 15th century thing of working for a boss is so stupidly archaic, don't you think

It really doesn't matter if your channel is about how Jesus can be bribed on Judgment Day, the best perfumes, your skills as a dog walker, or how an electric light works. There are now billions of folks watching YouTube out of boredom every day, some even sleep with it on, and every one of them is a potential ad revenue generator to you.

Note also videos placed on YouTube a decade ago still get views and can still earn you money and will for as long as Google and it's descendants exist.

I saw an older production of Anthony Bourdian in The Philippines , you mentioned going there to retire,
- good idea - cheap living , plenty of foods , much to do in retirement. That program was very interesting in particular for retirees - go for it ! studecar professor
dont retire in okla.too many okies n muslims,lol.
Hi Lindsy, Just wondering how your love life figures into your plans.
M, thanks for asking, at the moment, love is on hold. lol like a faucet it can be turned on and off.

Ok, I haven't a clue how will that work but if it doesn't work out, maybe it wasn't meant to be?wave
Oldie, the truth is, I have a property there that belonged to my parents and I just refurbished the house although it is not quite finished yet but Baguio is a very desirable place to consider. I went to College there and taught for about 5 years before moving here.wave
Ken I am still mulling the idea but might try it. Very enticing.wave
Thanks Stude. It is very good for the dollar.
REb, it is true. I will keep that in mind.
Wen I am so sorry about missing your post. My apologies. I didn't mean to ignore it.

Well it looks like it is working good for you then?

I wasn't able to do that Wen even if we had planned it because of some financial poor decisions, both on investments and businesses.
Ms lindsyjones, go to Mr Stringman 's blog on the hilina slump.......it will cause you to get you and your family out of CA as quick as possible. The Hawaii situation is much more dire then when that video was cut a month ago.....
Thanks for your advice Sea but I will be dead by then. But I am planning on moving out because of the high cost of living.
Ms lindsyjones, unless your imminently planning on dying you should watch his video. This is a real time event happening now, in Hawaii......
A bit of THAT going about. LJ, no? But I used to spoil the ladies I'm with, as I still do my twin girls, even though I should know better. Now it's, ---Keep 'em pregnant, barefoot and in the kitchen. Not entirely so, but we should try to learn from our errors, no?
Sea thank you for your warning.
Aa, good idea.

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