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George Bush is a saint

George Bush is a saintGeorge Bush Is A Saint All Things Being Relative President George W. Bush was scheduled to visit the Methodist Church outside Washington as par...

britishcolumbian10613Oct 165 mins ago
Educated Isnt Synonymous With Intelligent

Educated Isn't Synonymous With Intelligent!!!?????????????....Experience taught me!...

lookn2share61510 hrs ago14 mins ago

sadit is so sad how humans judge us by our skin colours... Some people believe that most black humans on here are after scumming or visas to different...

hatelies3942 hrs ago32 mins ago
Shirt on or shirt off

Shirt on or shirt off ?What you girls really think of a guy that post bare chested picture as profile picture in the social media... you know the all muscle adonis belt type...

Kasih82983Oct 1450 mins ago
Whats Wrong with People

What's Wrong with People?Have you ever spared some time just to talk to someone, rushed home just to get to hear his/her voice before he/she goes to bed (let's say you are of...

Geline_1335336Oct 172 hrs ago


Track162203 hrs ago
Foolish idea

Foolish idea .One of my neighbors saw this beautiful girl and he wanted to marry her , but he was poor and living in a small wooden house . They became friends and...

Annleerose6286 hrs ago3 hrs ago
My walk between the humans

My walk between the humansI live in a small village. I need 5 minutes of walk to work. I even do not have my own car here. I use the company car only when I need, mostly for wo...

Swami87615 hrs ago3 hrs ago
Maybe Im worrying over nothing

Maybe I'm worrying over nothing....but what would you do if my story was yours? its a bit of a long one but i will try, keep it short. Coming up to the end of 2014 my poor mum died...

itchywitch98779Oct 165 hrs ago
Latest on Weinstein

Latest on Weinstein"Harvey Weinstein's former intern claims he exposed himself to her ...

lindsyjones1221419 hrs ago6 hrs ago

Nooooooo .I cannot take this . I am wide awake . I try to count the sheep but there are asleep as well ,and tomorrow is a holiday . I have to cook early a lot o...

Annleerose46106 hrs ago6 hrs ago

"A DIFFERENT BREED""Someone Writes A Blog About Killing Themselves...........And Its All A Big Joke To Some Of You.........It Just Goes To Show To The World...What Some...

namaron85469Oct 126 hrs ago
A journey

A journeyThere was a woman who won a contest to a an exotic island and she was so excited as she told all her friends and family and in her excitement she won...

Akeldama4017428Oct 166 hrs ago
Country music our choice

Country music our choiceYep post videos of any country song and any country artist you like......

Freedomofspeech91,265129Aug 266 hrs ago
Sex robots

Sex robotsWhen do you think state of the art sex robots will be on the market? Will they also be able to do cooking, cleaning and Ironing? Will they also bat...

Freedomofspeech960789Oct 126 hrs ago

"UNDERSTANDING MAN"..(69)Is it Of Reality?...Or Might It Be .... Within The Realm Of......... "Nothing Of The Sort?"...........Each One Of Us... Could... If...... They Really...

namaron2107 hrs ago
countdown to the company

countdown to the companytwo more days until my company arrives. i have done no cleaning. it's easier to tell them how horribly messy the house is. that way, they will be p...

freehand4659 hrs ago9 hrs ago

"IS THIS THE SAME PERSON?"At First?...I Didnt Even Give it ....A Second Thought...............I Mean...Did This Really Happen?....Could This Had Happened?.............Did One o...

namaron28038Oct 1610 hrs ago

WHAT IS UP WITH THISlately I have been getting a lot of views and likes from deleted or hidden profiles. Never have I had this in the last 5 years I have been here. H...

wenever1401815 hrs ago10 hrs ago
stringman1067Oct 1611 hrs ago
stringman19012 hrs ago
Jehovahs Witnesses Watch Tower Exposed

Jehovah's Witnesses Watch Tower ExposedJehovah's Witnesses Watch Tower Exposed...

NewYorkcitylove28-14 hrs ago
It Is Better To Look Back

It Is Better To Look BackIt Is Better To Look Back...

jarred119-14 hrs ago

Patience....not exactly a love fest of it on these introduction sites. The whole format both speeds things up enormously compared to the alternatives, and allows...

Aaltarboy20018 hrs ago

stupidityTrump is going to cut medical aid to the elderly - wants to save money. It is okay to spend 1 million to fly him and whomever on Air Force One t...

studecar32426Oct 1318 hrs ago
Dinner after birthday

Dinner after birthdayI don't know how to attach my favorite dinner image to this blog, it's the first time I post something public here, for a lonely day - after my birthd...

Little_sun86621 hrs ago19 hrs ago
dont tell me

don't tell meI got it figured out. Pass the trail, by the river left bank. 2.5 miles, passing the tree line pine. Hidden there, to be rescue later, after launch...

Duromojon23-20 hrs ago
Today You Are You That Is Truer Than True

Today You Are You That Is Truer Than True:Today You Are You That Is Truer Than True...

jarred118-20 hrs ago
old woman

old womanCowering old woman Sitting behind a screen That blocks any light But the artificial images That she imagines In her lonely little world Cackling...

freehand15411Oct 1620 hrs ago
No One Can Hurt Me

No One Can Hurt Me..No one..! You see, for some reasons I have stopped flying since about 10 days ago. I have been back to my beloved Uber to get to the office. Alth...

Kalpataru66521 hrs ago20 hrs ago
How Dare You

How Dare You..I am sure you all have heard this phrase: Women may be able to fake o*gasm, but men can fake whole relationships How dare you think that no wome...

Kalpataru145-Oct 1621 hrs ago
I Dont Ask For Much

I Don't Ask For MuchOnly to meet someone as messed up as I am and marry her...

Track161337Oct 1723 hrs ago

HE ANSWERS,I`m having a coffee ... what is it that makes us post a blog with a shitload of blah blah blah ? Is it a new trend ,lack of pets who`d listen...

Dedovix37023Oct 15Oct 17
Whats Your Idea Of Fun And Relaxation

Whats Your Idea Of Fun And Relaxation?Some bbq, wine, a big fat joint, and some music. How about you?...

Track16595Oct 16Oct 16
I hope everyone is safe now

I hope everyone is safe nowThe storm has passed, The real story tho is on our streets. Today between 11 am and 7 pm. I helped out the outreach program with Inner City Helping Ho...

1r1shmale571Oct 16Oct 16
Just Got Back From Cali

Just Got Back From Cali!!I needed to see my kids and grandkids so I took a week in California!!! It was fun and kinda sad at t times but everything went well. My visit in smal...

Ed1941737Oct 14Oct 16
I Think This Is My Year

I Think This Is My YearSo I had another date last was a boring date in an Irish pub but the seafoods and drinks were all worth dressing down We were the last cu...

Crazyheart3851173Oct 15Oct 16
Doing good for my God and my fellow man

Doing good, for my God and my fellow manI was raised with the Ten Commandments. I honor and love it. I was also raised to believe that doing good is socially and Godly beneficial for al...

lindsyjones2,56276Jun 21Oct 16
stringman735Oct 15Oct 16
Ignorance is the utter lack of self knowing

Ignorance is the utter lack of self-knowing"Ignorance exists even though one may have great knowledge, a good education, be sophisticated, have capacity in the exercise of which one achieves fa...

Swami12523Oct 16Oct 16
Peters and Pauls writings prove we ought to keep the dietary laws

Peter's and Paul's writings prove we ought to keep the dietary lawsPeter's and Paul's writings prove we ought to keep the dietary laws...

NewYorkcitylove24-Oct 16
Mystery Intrigue and a Miracle

Mystery, Intrigue and a MiracleFriday the 13th will be the 100th anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima's 6th and final appearance to the 3 children of Fatima, Portugal. Fatima, Portu...

seaworthy31436Oct 11Oct 16
Cosmicgirl68: "Finding Love..."(meet us in the forums)

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