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RE: Picky's contribution: I got married last night...

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing Soooooooooooo great to hear from you again!!!! hug Hope you're well bouquet

About Soulmates ...

(This is my contribution as requested by our Mother of all Witchy sisters Smoky hug )

So................ SOULMATES ....

I have read recently that it's all very well wishing for a soulmate to share ones life with, BUT.....not to expect "bliss" from there on as soulmates are put on our path for us to "learn our lessons" in order to grow further spiritually and to aid our development ...

What do you think? Have you experienced something like that? What was/is it like?

Foot note: Do you know why we all have a favourite pair of shoes?

Because we all need a SOLE Mate!!!! laugh

PS: Smoky please feel free to keep this thread going as I don't get on line as often nowadays ... bouquet

RE: Anyone got kids?

Hey Rockstar!!

For both my kids (now grown up) I used to use Homeopathic bio-chemic tissue remedies called "New Era" . they have different ones for different conditions and the teething ones are brilliant. They dissolve on contact with saliva and start acting immediately ... Was the only thing that worked for my kids ... Some of their other stuff is great too.

New Era Homeopathically Prepared Biochemic Remedies For Infants Teething Pains - Combination R tissue salts

If your child is already recieving treatment for teething pains, tell your doctor you are also taking this product.

calcium flouride, calcium phosphate, iron phosphate, magnesium phosphate, silicon dioxide, lactose

In UK it costs about £5 for quite a large container

Good luck
beer for you

teddybear for baby

RE: The surgery was a great success!!!


RE: "was that really me"

Hope this will help ...

Learning to "recognise" the difference between "anger" and "hurt" can help to express the appropriate emotion ...

When one feels hurt, crying is the appropriate reaction
When one has been wronged in other ways, expressing one's disappointment, frustration, asking for it to be rectified is the appropriate reaction

The trouble with emotions is that as children we often react to disappointment, frustration etc with tears because we can't express it in words, and sometimes as we grown up anger and hurt continue being fused as one... And as adults sometimes we react to emotional distress not as mature adults but "the little boy/little girl" in us takes over and we feel as "hopeless as we did back then)...

See if you can remember back to when you were a little girl and your feelings were hurt or something made you angry ... Have chat with "that little girl" and get her to express IN WORDS why/how she was so angry (but back then could only cry) ... Do this with a few "incidents" that happened back then and repeat the process ...
You might find this process will make you fell like crying as you revisit your past (and remember how it felt) but it's healthy crying and letting go ...

If all the above sounds confusing you might find it helpfull to get some books or do some internet searches and read stuff about "the inner child" and "emotional maturity/intelligence"

hug teddybear

RE: The surgery was a great success!!!

What great news Scottish!!!! applause yay

My Mum had her second eye done same day as you had your op!! Same for her, she will need a pair of reading glasses ... she was practically blind between extreme myopia and advance cataract (however it's spelled) in both eyes!! applause

Hope you don't mind me saying what I said to my Mum and that is to get yourself a REALLY GOOD (even if they're pricey!!) pair of protective (UV) sunglasses for when the sky is very bright ... cool

RE: If _______ Made a porn, it would be called ________.

<<<<<<<<<<<< If she made porn it would be called "De flowers & da bizz"

RE: A Tale of the "Other Woman" or "There's more than 2 sides to every story"

I have not read the thread you mention JB and I won't ...

Moving on from one's mistakes is SO important because guilt eats one up from the inside and so does "playing victime" ad infinitum ...

From what you explain it's all the more commendable that you have moved on and "grown" into a stronger more aware woman from ALL of the past experiences you mention ...

PS: A hug and a kiss and teddybear for every single time the memory of the feeling of the "physical rejection" pops into your mind bouquet

RE: Regarding the stories we read here, what do YOU think might have led to the breake-ups or divorces?

laugh I won't ever tell you my life story so far then!!!

RE: My America

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Couldn't be bothered to read the whole thread from start to find out what all the satire was about!!!! Your last sentence did make me laugh!!! laugh

RE: Room 101..........

rolling on the floor laughing In the case of TanKtic practise, surely it should be phrased "your hole or minD"?? laugh

RE: Story ! Using song titles only...................

moping We're right out of ganja leaves!!! But I know someone who might not!!! laugh

Trouble is it doesn't mix too good with low sugar level conditions (hypoglycemia) when smoked ... U reckon inhaling steam and drinking tea therefrom would have the same effect (passing out into comatose land of nod)?dunno

Taking note about the 2000mg of vit C !!! grin

RE: What Is More Important?

Unfortunately, you are probably right there!!! Wouldn't it be a beautiful image to hold on to, to think that people would pull their resources together and share and "exchange" goods for services etc ... daydream I know!! In spite of what I have seen and heard and read about human nature, I still beleive in "the GOOD of the people" bouquet

RE: What Is More Important?

All depends how the millions were achieved, what life "put on his/her path" alongside the millions ...

RE: What Is More Important?

Both time as we know it AND money are "man made" and an illusion ... Both can disappear or be worthless in the blink of an eye for different reasons ...

So live your life well and live today as you would want your tomorrow to be ... Whatever your values are, live them, in them with gusto and no regrets

RE: Why do so many women go for married men?

Totally agree!!

RE: Room 101..........

Tis ok Smoky!!! Rusty has now booked has now become a member of Antcus new TanKtric High Club and can't wait to feel the earth move ... will bring a whole new dimension to his life!!! laugh

Rusty if you're reading this I did not mis-spell "whole"!!! rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Ask anything ambarrassing you wanted 2 know about other people's culture...answers should b provided

Can be true in public places, it's like wiping your butt with tracing paper!!! (lived there for about 20 years!!! Discerning kids take their own loo paper to school!!!!) laugh

But at home ONLY if you buy very cheap, coarse and rough paper!!!

RE: Story ! Using song titles only...................

Come together - The Beattles

RE: Story ! Using song titles only...................

You are my Sunshine by Bing Crosby or Johnny Cash
Sunshine came softly through my window today by Donovan!!!!

You are the sunshine of my life - Stevie Wonder

Hey Kitty wave We both got some kind of flu'ey thingy that seems to come back every time we start feeling better!!! blues

RE: its it worth studying tantra sex or is there no time for it in the modern world?

rolling on the floor laughing Would it be called "the TanKtra High club" ?

RE: Story ! Using song titles only...................

What was it you wanted [Bob Dylan][/quote

All I Want Is You - U2

Hiya Smoky and Kitty!!! wave

RE: Simple Words We Miss Hearing Because We're Single.....

laugh Even my grandchildren are out of diapers (nappies for UK folk) now!!! So if I were to hear that sentence in my own home again ... they would either be code name for incontinence pads OR I'd have some serious questions to be asking someone!!!! rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Why do so many women go for married men?

I have experienced "being hit on" (no mistake possible as to intention) by one of my friends partners" never told her just made it very clear to him where to go ... He "hated me" afterwards and was fairly nasty to me (my friend could not understand why ...)

Also been "hit on" (again no mistake possible) by my (then) sister-in-law's partner ... told my husband who later told her but she didn't believe him ... doh

What I think I understand from other times of my patner/husband being "hit on" or myself or married friends of mine, is that may be it's not so much the challenge they are after but wanting a piece of what they thought "the relationship had" which they wanted for themselves ... not realising that once they would be "involved" with the person who wasn't free to start with, "THE GOOD they couls see/feel in the relationship" would have been destroyed by the very act of "helping them" to be unfaithful confused dunno

RE: Story ! Using song titles only...................

The last one to know - Reba Mc Entire

RE: A Nit Picking Topic


RE: After 10 years....

applause Great news Ship!!! And well done!!! And enjoy!!! yay

Am I allowed to say "told you so"? wink

bouquet for you and your Lady

RE: A Nit Picking Topic

Hi Rusty!! Sounds like you enjoyed it!!! Good for you!! I am rather pleased to say the little village I am at near Malaga doesn't seem to appeal to the "lager lout" type of person and all the Brits who are around are rather great people like artists, painters, mediums, shamans, writers, musicians etc... All pretty well integrated in the village ... It's great to live amongst them as well as the Spanish folk who have welcome me with open arms (they are rather impressed that I speak fluent Spanish although never lived here AND with similar accent to theirs as my parents are from the south and I was born just round the corner!!!)

Hope you are now feeling wayyyyyyyyyyyy better in your own skin cheers

RE: A Nit Picking Topic

Oh!YEah!! Nature grants many humans many valuable assets and insights ... However, from my observations of "human nature", mostly in the UK as an adult working in education, I have watched "the results" of what "a human can do to another" ... Unfortunately, it made no difference what "Nature had granted" some of the kids in the school I worked at, because they had also been granted with parents (or lack of them) who seem to make it their mission to "erode" all of it ...

RE: Story ! Using song titles only...................

Because I got high - Afroman smoking

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